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A Palo Alto based film about loyalty, beer, tennis & love written and produced by the award winning team of Hart Eddy and Tanuj Chopra.
A Palo Alto based film about loyalty, beer, tennis & love written and produced by the award winning team of Hart Eddy and Tanuj Chopra.
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Spring Update, Nature Boy

Greetings and happy spring to you all.

We wanted to send out a quick update about the status of Nature Boy to those of you who helped make the film a reality. We are in a deep stage of editing the film.  While we've cut about 2 complete drafts of the project, we are still working the cut over as we don't feel like we've found a version we are happy with yet. Considerations at this stage are sound and music - particularly Voice Over.

There's a saying in the film industry:  There's the film you write, the film you shoot and the film you edit.  Right now we are focusing on all the natural reworking that comes with this stage and it feels like a bit of a rewrite at times.  Some new themes were uncovered that we are teasing out and we are playing with the structure.

One of the exciting things about this project is that we generated a lot of "b-roll" footage -- footage that gives us options with the story.  We find that the scenes that don't work can be replaced by b-roll that does. Music will definitely carry the day with this film.  I'm excited about some possible collaborations -- but the film is craving a sound and a score.

There is no timeline set right now - we hope to have a cut we like by the start of next festival season -- the most important thing is that we are 100 percent happy with the cut versus rushing to submit unfinished work as programmers don't have the ability to decipher rough drafts -- so our focus is to be complete and then evaluate our festival options. Thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for further announcements about the film.

Tanuj Chopra, Hart Eddy, Josh Bettinger

Chops Films

We are excited to announce...

That we have wrapped filming! After an amazing/arduous/satisfying month of August that saw us shooting almost every single day, we are pleased to report back to all of you that we are in the beginning stages of editing the picture.

We don't have anything ready to show you just yet in the way of images, but we promise to keep you posted about the post-production process, and anything else we think you all would be interested in.

And really, we'd like to thank you all one more time from the realest places in our hearts for supporting us on this journey, and for pledging your support for this film. We literally couldn't have made it without you. THANK YOU! And do stay tuned for further updates! We promise that this isn't the last!

The Chops Films Team

Nature Boy: August 1st

Hello again everyone,

After roughly a week on the set we are happy to report that the film is starting to take shape, and the footage we're getting looks great. Another big thank you goes to all of you who were able to show your support by pledging money to the project. As stated before, your belief in us is humbling, and makes the scope of the film even greater. Attached are two more film stills from the past week. Take a look! And, as always, we'll keep you posted with any updates from the set.

Thanks again!

Chops Films 

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