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Bicyle Astronomy is a project to bring sustainable stargazing to the people via a bicycle-propelled telescope.
Bicyle Astronomy is a project to bring sustainable stargazing to the people via a bicycle-propelled telescope.
145 backers pledged $5,872 to help bring this project to life.

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Final rewards are on their way

Thanks to all my backers for your support and patience. The last of the rewards are have been assembled and shipped, except for my Geneva-based backers...most of you will have your shirts, prints, journals, patches, and bookmarks delivered in person in the next week or so. 

The photo shows the dining room table at Bicycle Astronomy Mission Control, and all the goods laid out for organizing and packing. The final 16 rewards took about as much time to assemble as the previous 100 or so did! 

Still to come (but soon): the rewards page at, and updates on the Veloscope design/build project. Meanwhile, I'll be taking the wintery weather as a sign to start laying the groundwork for a strong series of Bicycle Astronomy events in the new year. If all goes according to plan, I'll start working with the local Boys and Girl's Club after school program, and I'm also looking into working with the local schools on evening programming designed to bring parents and their children to school together, which is a huge key in actually helping improve our schools (don't get me started on standardized testing). And of course, I'll be doing more impromptu Bicycle Astronomy around Geneva. Though now that it looks like we have real winter again, it might be a little sparse until the thaw. Not that I'm complaining...I prefer my winter wintry.

Again, please send me a pic of you and your Bicycle Astronomy reward...I'd love to post it on the Backers page on And for those of you who don't yet follow, check out



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Update Before The End of the World

I had really hoped to get the final batch of rewards out to hard-working Bicycle Astronomy backers, before the world ends tomorrow. Alas, the world won't be ending, and the rewards will just be a little later than even my adjusted ambitions imagined. Sorry. Not about the world not ending. There is much good work to be done. 

Anyway, finally, the priority mail mailers have arrived. I discovered that the postal service doesn't ship priority mail mailers by priority mail, as you might expect, but by pokey parcel post. But here they are, and over the next week Gabi, Zora, myself and even my Mom will be rolling shirts and posters, journals, patches and bookmarks, folding letters, sticking labels, and making a giant pyramid of boxes in the living room. 

I'll also be compiling the list of supporters on If you have a photo of yourself, or your dog, wearing a bicycle astronomy t-shirt, or an action shot of you sketching Jupiter in your field notes journal, or a cool shot of you and your bike and your bicycle astronomy patch in a place of honor on your Maverick bomber jacket, well, send it to me at and I will post it on the supporter page. 

In other news, Bicycle Astronomy has been in print recently. One of my backers, Jill Symonds, wrote an great little piece that is in the latest issue of Momemtummag, a cycling culture magazine out of Vancouver. Also, an essay about an early morning bike ride/viewing session was published in American Bicyclist, the magazine of the League of American Bicyclists. You can read the online pdf version here, page 16-17.  

In January I'll be doing some chilly outreach in the early evening, and once the rewards are out I can turn my creative energy to the Veloscope. Hope to have the bamboo ply cut and all the parts ready for assemblage. I'll be posting updates about the build on the bicycleastronomy blog. 

Thanks everyone, and I hope your holiday season is filled with clear nights, an opportunity to look up, and some peace.

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Rewards, more than half way there!

Dear backers, More than half of the rewards are out the door. Everything below the print levels, which means up to the t shirts, have been mailed, except for a few local ones that i still hope to deliver in person. The show prints are done, so technically everything is ready to go for the show print, earthrise and woolie levels. Right now i am waiting on an order of triangular priority mail boxes from usps, the only way i could think of to package up prints and t shirts and journals and bookmarks together. I hope to have them out in the next week or two, and I thank you for your patience. If you have been reading, you know i did an impromptu jupiter viewing in front of a pub in downtown Geneva about two weeks ago. Great event, you can read the write up on the blog. The Veloscope design has been finalized and the cnc laser cutter gup, Gary Villa of Smidgens Inc. in nearby Lima, NY, has ordered a 4x8 sheet of half inch bamboo ply. I haven't ever heard of a telescope made from bamboo before, and am excited to see how this material works. It should have excellent vibration absorbing characteristics, which means less jittery images at the eyepiece. I will update the blog with photos and words when Gary and I meet to do the cutting. So my winter free time looks a lot like sanding, drilling, gluing, finishing, and troubleshooting a new telescope design. Fun! If anyone has any experience in finishing bamboo, i would love to get advice. What do you finish it with? Urethane, shellac, etc? Any thing different I should note with bamboo vs. wood? Clear skies, Doug

Rewards are rolling...

Dear Backers,

Rewards are starting to ship. Today I mailed out the book marks, patches, journals and t-shirts.   Next week I should be able to get out the show prints, earthrise and woolies. If you receive your reward and something isn't right, it got mangled by the postal sorting machines, etc, please let me know and we'll make it right.

Thanks for your patience and support! 

In other news, I think we have a final autocad file for the veloscope...I'll be writing again soon with an update about that, as soon as I have a chat with the guy at the CNC laser cutting shop. 



Awards are closer...


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