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Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Buddy Newsom about 14 hours ago

      I'll wait for a great product but just keep us posted

    2. Me about 23 hours ago

      can I request a refund please?

    3. Petri Karjalainen 2 days ago

      Will you have IFTTT integration ?

      I am currently using IFTTT to connect my Google Home device to my home automation for voice controllinh lights, tv,
      heating and everything.

      Would be cool to do the same with Bonjour !!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jarett Cory 2 days ago

      I appreciate your commitment, but honestly I think you've been doing a very good job with updates. Please don't feel the need to walk on pins and needles just to please the few voices vs working to make bonjour the best it can be.

    5. Jerome Collaborator 2 days ago

      @David: Indeed good news for HomeKit as it won't require an authentication chip anymore. But the question remains on the use-cases. HomeKit was designed to you can use your iPhone/iPad as a super-remote for smart home devices (thermostat, locks, lights, blinders) but not to allow another device such as Bonjour to easily control those devices.

    6. Jerome Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Naomi Napier @Pablo Guzman @Jose Maria Blanco Sanchez @Thaman @James @Joanna Saw

      As explained in our May newsletter, we are a little late. We are thus targeting the end of Summer. We want to be sure you experience a great Bonjour everyday!

      Color choice and delivery address confirmation shall happen in a survey sent out in July.

    7. Jerome Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Jennifer OReilly: as indicated we are targeting a delivery end of Summer. Please check the updates tab to access to the most recent updates.

    8. Jerome Collaborator 2 days ago

      To all @backers.

      As you may have guessed, all our team has been extremely busy developing Bonjour.
      The DFM phase (Design for Manufacturing) has been very intense, with numerous back and forth with our factory to solve some complex technical challenges.

      Good news is that we are happy and confident with the results: PCB layout review shall be completed next week (for the techies here, it's not a simple PCB but a 8 layers one), software development is on target, molding is on its way (this is crucial for our delivery schedule), etc.

      Yet I must admit that, as I've been personally in charge of the manufacturing and thus right in the "eye of the storm", I have not dedicated enough time to our backers' community.

      And if I've kept replying quickly to all emails and MP, I have not replied to your questions on this thread for a while.

      I am very sorry for that and owe every of you an apology.

      This community is extremely important for us. We need your inputs, ideas, critics and feedbacks so Bonjour becomes what you want it to be.

      So we promise to be more active on this thread. Thus I will work jointly with Clotilde, who has been involved on Bonjour for more than a year, to reply quicker to your questions.


    9. Me 3 days ago

      almost every campaign and creator is like that though. unfortunately

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 3 days ago

      I would imagine that you are too busy "doing" to answer the comments but it would be good if you could at least update the list of compatible devices on the FAQs. I have just bought an Arlo security system and the last comment on that was way back in November. It is fairly obvious how often you answered when you were looking for backers and how it dropped off once you managed to get enough.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jennifer OReilly 4 days ago

      How is everything coming along? Is there an expected ship date?

    12. Missing avatar

      Naomi Napier 6 days ago

      Hello, we ordered 2 clocks. My address is different from the address we gave when we purchased them in Nov. Who do I need to inform of this address change?

    13. Missing avatar

      David 7 days ago

      HomeKit will be more open in iOS 11 in September, without requiring an authenticated chip.
      It just requires a software modification now.
      Will you guys support it? Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang
      on June 15

      Correction... with echo there are a number of wake words you can change it to, from the link…"Alexa”, “Amazon”, “Echo”, and the recently added “Computer”. "

      I'm hoping with Bonjour that it would be a relatively simple firmware upgrade to add the functionality of being able to change the trigger word... Please make it so… Engage. :-)

    15. Me on June 14

      what? I better check. last I know my echo only respond to 3 words. Alexa. dot. or amazon

    16. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang
      on June 14

      @BONJOUR Team
      Not sure if this was asked already, but can I change the trigger words "OK Bonjour" to something else if I wanted? I read recently that with the Amazon echo, one could do that and change the trigger word to anything the person wanted, it's a few levels deep into their set up menu but it's possible.

      For example, for the Trekkies out there, they could change the trigger word to "COMPUTER" if they wanted to. I think this would be a valuable feature for Bonjour. It seems like a lot of companies are trying to personize AI and their smart speakers by having you address them with exotic human names (like Siri, Alexa or Cortana) or in ways that we would address people (like saying Bonjour), but it doesn't feel right to me. I think Star Trek got it right… when you're addressing an AI, using the trigger word "COMPUTER" feels totally natural and appropriate, since you're really talking to a machine with a disembodied intelligence. Now if you were addressing a fully realistic looking humanoid robot, that would be different and it might be more appropriate to give it a human-like name.

      I read your FAQ so I understand that your trigger word is "embedded and processed into BONJOUR locally," so you may have to add some functionality to make this happen, but I beg you to really consider this, as it would be a very valuable feature … it would, for example, make Bonjour more attractive to a wider range of customers. The reason I say this is because after awhile, I think a lot of people will eventually tire of the phrase "OK, BONJOUR" just out of personal preference or there may be many who don't like the word to begin with (it has nothing to do with not speaking French, just some may just not like it)

      For example, I have this semi-smart alarm clock "MOSHI"
      I've had it for a while, and personally I'm tired of using it because of the phrase I have to use to trigger it, which is "Hello Moshi". I know this may sound like a trivial point, but really over time it really is something that is very irritating. Anyways I think I've made my point and being allowed to change the trigger word would add another level of personalization to your great product, so please try to integrate it if you can, I think in the long run you'll be happy you did.

    17. Keith Buchanan on June 13

      @Andy I agree with you somewhat regarding pressuring the developers. I am no expert but I think when you play in the space and take people's money (Be It Investors or Crowd Funding) a wee bit of pressure is to be expected. I would imagine the conversation at other tech companies is no different when deadlines are missed . The difference is, these discussions are public.@ Andrew B. Guillot When it comes to AI, Bonjour is not an "either or". It's an "In addition to". My recommendation stay away from Google Home, Amazon is light years Ahead of them and they will be playing catch up for the next few years. Pick yourself up a $39.00 Alexa DOT while we wait patiently (and not so patiently) for Bonjour release. It is being advertised on IGG with an August Delivery Date. Here's hoping that we will receive an updated delivery date soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Adrian on June 13

      Same as what most poeple are thinking, great features on Bonjour but i likely won't use them all. If i knew it would take this long i would've just gone with google clock.

    19. Stephan on June 13

      if google home could be used as an alarm clock , i would have agreed with you.
      I backed this project because i wanted an alarm clock that can play spotify and indicates the room temperature.
      For my self, i don't see a use for all the other things that they added too this clock, i am a bit concerned though if am able to use this device without using my voice and just pressing some buttons on it. I'm not a big fan of things that are voiced controlled.

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew B. Guillot on June 12

      Waiting for Bonjour to come out has me thinking if I should have just bought the Google at home thing...

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Thomas Lennon on June 12

      Alright i was gone from the comments for a few monthes so that i can wait and see if anything changed, theres no update on how we are doing being on track wise. I would love to know what is going on what stagr of devilopment are we on?

    22. Mike Jeffery on June 12

      it appears that communication has dwindled somewhat... the updates are always very informative and well structured, but the lack of communication between them seems to be a slight issue. been over 3 weeks since any comment has been answered. even though alot of the questions being asked are answered in the updates and some backers either just dont understand or dont care to read through them, i believe, as a company its still your duty to put some minds at ease, even if its not with the answer they are looking for.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sanne Molenaar on June 9

      Can I connect Bonjour to my samsung health app? I would really like that.

    24. Yannik Gregoire on June 8

      Je ne me plaint pas pour le délais. Je prends mon mal en patience. Mais de grâce ne nous faites pas faux bon. Nous vous avons soutenu depuis le début, svp faites de même jusqu'à la fin. Merci

    25. Tracy Boyette
      on June 7

      I'm not complaining about anything but can I just get a refund, if possible?

    26. SFerator on June 7

      @Jerome Schonfeld, Hello? I'm still waiting to hear back from you... I would love to be contacted. Thanks.

    27. Missing avatar

      Pablo Guzman on June 6

      Okay it's June 2017 ? I'm waiting for my tracking number �

    28. Jose Maria Blanco Sanchez on June 4

      What about a shipment date??

    29. Missing avatar

      Thaman on June 4

      Can you please tell me how to update my address? I just moved so my address is different than the one I initially filled in

    30. Missing avatar

      David on June 2

      I have another idea - this is really for anyone who a fan of Sleep Number beds ;-) Since the Sleep Number IQ is an app that's wirelessly synced to a smart bed, I think it'd be kind of cool if Bonjour can work with data from the Sleep Number app which does an excellent job track sleep and then help the user optimize the best time to wake up with a smart alarm?

    31. SFerator on May 31

      @Jerome Schonfeld, no I did not receive any emails. Only after I left my second comment did I hear from anyone. Still waiting for a resolution- thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jim Green on May 26

      I don't think too many people were complaining, they just wanted some clarity on what the expected schedule was. None of the previous updates gave any indication although it was quite clear that there was going to be a delay. I still think two months is not going to be long enough to iron out the issues and I for one would rather get something that works as advertised. Or hopefully better.

    33. Missing avatar

      James on May 25

      Hi team. Will you be reaching out to backers to ensure the details of address etc are still valid.

      I just moved and wondering best way of updating my details with you.

    34. Jerome Collaborator on May 23

      @erika: please check back your emails (including spam folder). I confirm we did reply to all your messages or emails.

    35. SFerator on May 23

      Hi, still waiting...

    36. SFerator on May 22

      Hello Bonjour, I hate making a comment like this but I have no other recourse. I've attempted to email/message (and now comment) you, to no avail. After three weeks, three emails and two Kickstarter messages- not a peep. It would be wonderful to get a response. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    37. Andy on May 21

      Wow. People are surprised that there is a delay with a new product. I'd recommend they check out reality once in a while and stop pressuring the developers to send out an unfinished product that won't live up to their expectations. Yet another thing they could then harp about. Seriously people, the original expected delivery date hasn't even approached yet. There are projects that haven't delivered two years later, and are only now sending out betas for testing. Relax.

      More importantly, I was wondering if the bonjour will also tie in the new alexa show capabilities? I'm fairly certain this is open to developers as well. It would be a shame not to incorporate that function.

    38. Missing avatar

      BOILARD on May 19

      Hi team Bonjour. I hope everything is ok for you. In my case, i tested the biometric app. It was very good but i found out a problem. The last time I wanted to test the app, it didn't recognize my voice because I was been watching something on the tv. I hope Bonjour will recognize my voice even if I am watching something where there is some noise in the same place... Good luck for your following steps

    39. Missing avatar

      Joanna Saw on May 17

      Hey guys, I have honestly forgotten (it's been that long) if they've asked us for our shipping addresses yet. Have they? As I may need to change mine. Much thanks in advance!

    40. Praneet Ahlawadi
      on May 16

      Well spotted @shrink. My mistake (err.. my self correcting phone)

    41. Missing avatar

      Stephen Coleman on May 16

      Seriously I understand that delays can happen but this BETTER NOT turn into another znaps or iPhone spectre case I've already been screwed over by kick-me-in-the-balls-starter twice now....three strikes , your out!

    42. Shrink
      on May 16

      Take your time...get it right.

      Not all Superbakers are as grammatically or spelling(ly) challenged, nor as troubled by a delay with an item as complex as this one.

    43. Missing avatar

      Amstutz on May 16

      Das ist kein shop das ist ein projekt du bestellst also etwas was es noch nicht gibt nur gedult und die updates sind super gibt es nur selten bei kickstarter.

    44. Kevene L. Harris
      on May 16

      You know that you're going to have a two month delay but at the same time your vague and don't know the exact date when you're going to start shipping: this is not reassuring at all! Me being a super backer here on Kickstarter I've seen these type of update on how things spiraled out of control and then theirs a delay and another delay and another delay.

    45. Cameron Jones on May 16

      iOS app? I'm a iPhone user

    46. Praneet Ahlawadi
      on May 16

      @creator: world will move on if you delay deliveries!! There will be someone somewhere thinking better so deliver sooner. Hardware is no brainier these days!!

    47. GijsBraakhuis on May 13

      I find it rather amusing... Bonjour always gives updates on the 15th.

      So... the 15th we will probably hear more on the shipping. Tadaaa...

    48. Missing avatar

      Claudia Krijger-mullin on May 12

      @every single person complaining
      Please keep in mind that this is a kickstarter project and not an order from an online store. You basically just helped an company get the funds to start-up. With every start-up there are going to be glitches and un for seen problems that come up and delay. Please stop complaining and just be a little patient. There is no need for an constant update...just wait!

    49. Scott Squillace on May 11

      It would be nice to know when this is shipping

    50. Me on May 10

      so now tell me. why would bonjour be better then the alexa echo show?

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