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Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
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    1. David Lusskin 1 day ago

      I am sure that when it arrives, I can open it up take out the vacuum tubes inside and use it as a waste receptacle for my puppies excess digested food. At least it will serve some function.

    2. Kamesh Vishram 2 days ago

      Anyone post a link where we can check our order details. Iv lost email to the link

    3. Missing avatar

      Fredric Tai 2 days ago

      My pledge number is in the #47XX range, how long do I have to wait for my unit?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan Deep 3 days ago

      Why do you purchase a product on Kickstarter if you have no patience.
      I’m glad that the team is working on a getting us a perfect product.
      A update may help ease the concern of the backers.
      Can’t wait for the delivery.

    5. Missing avatar

      Blake Van Marter 3 days ago

      While many complain about the extended period of time this has taken, we need to remember that funding projects like this allow not just producers of the technology, but others to ascertain ideas to further the development of items such as this. I am more than happy to wait for a product that has been perfected in a project of passion for these developers. If you want a quick buy, go to amazon for amass produced product that will not satisfy you for more than a few days.

      Great job to the Bonjour team and know people out there still support you.

    6. Christopher Morgan 4 days ago

      I agree with many comments here about multiple delays. A few can be justified, beyond this becomes rude and insulting toward people’s patience; especially when it comes to technology. By the time I receive mine I will be able to see on eBay under Retro item.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tyler Nutt 5 days ago

      To be honest, if a refund is possible I want it. Technology moves too fast to invest in a tech based Kickstarter. I’ve learned my lesson..

    8. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Hope the first 3000 units can be shipped out by beginning of May (though the last update mentioned that this will happen in late Apr). Please do not delay anymore ... don't make a creation become an overdue technology.

    9. Keith Buchanan 6 days ago

      I can’t believe they are not
      Giving refunds until after production. It’s like giving the developers an interest free loan for two years. Refunds should have been giving on demand #nomorekickstarter

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 7 days ago

      So basically the birthday present for last year will also miss this year

    11. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator 7 days ago

      Hi everyone,

      I hope you're doing well.

      1/ Regarding all questions about changing your delivery information, you can still do it by next Monday directly by using the link you were sent a few months ago to choose your BONJOUR color. We will close then the personal access to this next week as we need to transmit delivery information to our logistic partner. If you don't find the link, please send me an email to with your new delivery information (name + complete address + phone number).

      Please note that we will deliver only the first batch of BONJOUR (3000 units) by the beginning of May. Don't worry about the rest of production and delivery will take place soon and we let you know soon who is concerned by the 1rst batch and what is the planning for the others.

      2/ Regarding refund demands, we will treat this next week all the demands you addressed us on this comment section. If you have any question about it, please contact us on

      Thank you in advance.
      Have a great weekend.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stephen Coleman 7 days ago

      Looking forward to using bonjour when I get it....this summer hopefully?!?

    13. Missing avatar

      Saar Dagan on April 12

      Refund people the money already, if you have a real product that you trust this shouldn't be an issue...

    14. Missing avatar

      Royal Toy
      on April 11

      Thanks for the most recent update.

    15. Juan Carlos Rodriguez on April 11

      When is the delivery expected?

    16. Missing avatar

      nathan ehlers on April 10

      Anyway to change shipping address?

    17. Christophe Brun on April 8

      Hi Rebecca,

      Sound quality is ok. Sound is clear and sharp, the speaker can be quite loud. The only drawback is a lack of bass.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Cotten on April 7


      I just read your last Update. From what I gathered the Hardware seems to have had no issues, but I would still be interested to hear some feedback from the testers especially on the sound quality of the speakers.

      Also, since most Issues seemed to be software related, can we expect these to improve over time also with this first version of bonjour?

      Best, Rebecca

    19. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Bhosale on April 5

      Want to change delivery address.. How to do it?

    20. David Lusskin on April 4

      If I wanted to buy obsolete technology, I would find an apple newton!

    21. Missing avatar

      Ronny Laredo on April 4

      I don’t I understand why there is so much hate. I rather Bonjour take their time and deliver on a product that actually works. I was a backer of Zolo+ total wireless ear buds and they were a disaster and stoped working after 4 months. To those who are requesting a full refund....good luck you won’t get it. has been spent on development and production.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Renfro on April 2

      When you no longer recognize the developers due to age, you know its been a long time.

    23. Dave on April 2

      I'm Backer 2,688
      I want a refund. Hear from you soon.

    24. Leeds on March 28

      I am over Bonjour, Kickstarter just doesn't work sometimes. Be nice to have a refund.

    25. Keith Buchanan on March 28

      Backers Remorse @ David. I totally understand and I personally will never back a Kickstarter. The wait is just too long. That being said I think this device is different than Echo as it seems to speak naturally which is really important for me

    26. Missing avatar

      David Ruhlemann on March 28

      What do I do if I don't want this thing anymore. It's been almost a year since the delivery date, and I just saw an ad for the Echo Spot, which at a quick glance looks like it might do the same as this or more, and for $20 over my pledge, I could have by this Saturday. I'm not trying to be rude, but it just seems like this thing will be ancient by the time we actually get them. Also this:
      Can I cancel my perk? What is your refund policy?

      By backing BONJOUR on this page, you will benefit from Kickstarter policy regarding perks cancelation and refund policy:
      is not helpful at all, as it just states the cancel/refund is handled by you and not kickstarter.

    27. Missing avatar

      James C
      on March 24

      I've tried to be patient with this one. Seemed so cool when you posted it. lol @ beta testing now. I suspect humans will have cybernetic connections with all this functionality by the time you actually ship to most of us.

    28. TheDigitalProfessor
      on March 24

      Wow my bad, @Jay Fla I misread I thought you had been chosen.

      I know you are a backer for different projects, I see you all over the place, lol...

      And yes, I believe you would have done a superb job.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ben Rodge on March 23

      Hi, how can I update my mailing address?

    30. Keith Buchanan on March 23

      Great Job Guys! Great Updates, I hope you will consider different versions of bonjor. Like a Bonjour DOT and a Bonjour for the Car. Way to go!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jiri Svejcar on March 23

      Hi, I backed a few campaigns here and on IndieGogo and this campaign is by far the best in planning, clarity and comms. You are developing a complex product and manage to keep me excited - great job, really looking forward to receiving the final products (yes, I ordered two) :)

    32. Christophe Brun on March 23

      Great update. But now that I see real pictures of the white version ... ahhh It looks damn good, slightly better than my black unit :).
      No regret though !

    33. Jay Fla on March 23

      @Brian, thanks for the transparency on beta testing and great job on testing this product. Am sure the feedback you provide will go a long way to making this product even better than what it is today.

      @Creator, thank you for the recent update. While it does not outline a plan for addressing the items found during beta testing it does show that progress is being made and the project is certainly moving in the right direction.

    34. Jay Fla on March 23

      @Rafael, I would love to be a beta tester and from my comments am I sure you can tell that I will give my honest opinions of the product and more importantly ways in which it can be improved to be on par or better than amazon spot. Unfortunately I was not informed of being selected. Where did you see that I am a beta tester ?

    35. TheDigitalProfessor
      on March 23

      My fellow Backer @Jay Fla so happy that you are one of the beta testers.

      I know we will get a great product in the end, very excited for you Jay.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mr David J Banks on March 23

      I'd forgotten I'd bought this, it's been so long. Still, starting beta testing. I assume it'll be at least another six months until the release candidate, another few months then to the RTM?

    37. Missing avatar

      Brian on March 23

      @Jay Fla - I have also received (just) my Beta unit. Some issues with FedEx, so out of control of Bonjour team who posted on time! So this does very much exist. I have it here with me now and will begin testing once I get home from work.

    38. Felix Z on March 22

      Why hasn't there been an update oder even a message in the commentary section within the last 3 weeks? Whats the current stage? At some point patience runs out if you don't give more reasons for it not to.

    39. Jay Fla on March 22

      @Jim, you are wrong. Since day one they communicated well and answered questions promptly. It’s when campaign ending and our money was transferred to their account is when the communication dropped off. Disgusting and shame on you creators !!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jim Green on March 22

      Actually, in this project, it is a novelty to get any updates. I still hope this product will be good but the communication has been awful since day one

    41. Ashley Temple on March 22

      Damed if you do and damed if you dont! Im reading your updates Christophe and its good to read that you have something and it seems to be working. Of course I want more from the development team, but I also want them to work on the product, so please keep updating us. From experience, people tend to only write if they have something negative to say, its good to read you're having a positive experience with the beta! Thanks

    42. Christophe Brun on March 22

      The only reason I’m sharing info with you is because I have been experiencing other campaigns where there was no updates at all whatsoever. And I remember how I was craving for pieces of informations of any kind. So I understand the feeling you have.
      However, it’s been a week that I had the chance to receive a unit and so I started to bring some positiveness here by sharing what I’m able to ... but look what I got in return, only suspicion and negativeness...
      Are you sure this is the best way to receive more frequent updates ? Ask yourself..

    43. Jay Fla on March 21

      Part of me wants this to succeed but another part says let these morons fail.

      How could I trust them to be listening to my family in the bedroom if they can’t be transparent about what is going on.

      What the hell was I thinking when I supported these clowns. Will likely use the device as paper weight or run the risk of having them secretly recording and spying on me in bedroom.

      Trust is very important when such device is going to be used. And you have not earned my trust !!!

    44. Jay Fla on March 21

      Anyone besides Christophe that are part of beta testing ? Or is Christophe the one and only here ? I have seen other campaigns do beta testing and it was much more open and transparent to all. This campaign does not smell right... if you know what I mean...

    45. David Lusskin on March 21

      Echo spot does virtually everything this is supposed to do and you can buy it now for the same price. It is not vaporware or wishful thinking ware. By the way, I speak English not French.

    46. Mahendra Muralidhar on March 21

      The team have stopped updating and no response to my messages. I hope their product is not like their customer service “non responsive”.

    47. Christophe Brun on March 21

      On the first phase, we are only 50 who received the device (it was announce in the last update).
      And no .. I’m not an employee:

    48. Jay Fla on March 21

      Has anyone besides Christophe received a beta unit ? Seems odd that only one person is on here stating anything about beta phase. Employee possibly ;)

      While I understand the premise behind nda, I suspect it won’t be broken if you just come on here and say u have one. Surely there is more than one of the 200 who can say something...

    49. Christophe Brun on March 20

      First, it speaks in French ... because the world is not only made of American or English. Secondly, you can ask to be wake up with some condition (if the weather is good, or until you won’t have time to go to work, it will tell you). Then, there is a screen ..because an alarm clock need to show you the time. There is a USB port to charge your devices. There is a temperature/humidity sensor. Sound is a lot better than a dot ( I also have one).

    50. Missing avatar

      Fredric Tai on March 20

      While waiting for my Bonjour, I got myself an echo Dot, now using it to control my a/c with Sensibo and my security camera with Arlo (geofencing). My echo dot also serve as my alarm and play my music with Spotify and TuneIn before my sleep and start my day with preset news and traffic info of my route to work. Meanwhile my Bonjour is still under beta testing.... it suppose to be a surprise present for my girl.... Oh well, keeping my finger crossed that I will get it before May.
      Btw, can some of the beta testers, share some unique features of Bonjour since you guys already have the unit?

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