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Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
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    1. Lee-david Watson 4 days ago

      I move house in 4 weeks what should i do about my address. When should it arrive? Thanks

    2. Sharif Bhuiyan 6 days ago

      Awesome update team! Lets hope other Kickstarter projects follow suit

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hopp 7 days ago

      That was a great update! Highly impressed with the thoughtfulness that was put into letting us know what is going on. The production progress chart is a really good visual to get a high level summary of where you are. I really like that approach as it does not put any specific dates/milestones in there. Based on the certainty that there is always going to be shifts in focus and tweaks/improvements needed, not focusing on specific dates (at this stage of the process) is much more realistic and is a good idea overall to give us transparency without necessarily setting everyone up for disappointment later if those dates are missed (ahemm Fidget Cube haha). I'm extremely confident that you will do what is in the best interest of the customer and in a timeline that is feasible to deliver a great product!

    4. Tim Sullivan on March 17

      The 3/16-China tour update should be the benchmark for all crowdfunding projects. Too often I see complaints due to not hitting the projected ship dates. These projects are not buying an item online, it is an investment of the manufacturing of the item (mostly). Your timeline and breakdown is pure joy to see and share the time and effort to make this item. Ill take quality over speed any day. Keep pressing forward, I have full confidence when ever Bonjour arrives, it will be a centerpiece of technology in my place. Thank you - ITC TJS

    5. Missing avatar

      Amstutz on March 17

      Thanks a lot this is the biggest update ive ever seen. Good Work

    6. Missing avatar

      GijsBraakhuis on March 16

      What I found coolest is the picture of an actual "Bonjour" in it.

      Looks like the team had a good grip on everything and will deliver a solid product! Congratulations guys!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Williams on March 16

      Update 12. And that ladies is gentlemen is how you do an update. I only wish some of the other projects I had backed were as thorough as Bonjour.

    8. Missing avatar

      GijsBraakhuis on March 16

      Yesterday was the 15th... I'm hoping for an Update! (I'm so excited for this product... I just cant wait!)

    9. Missing avatar

      Gonzalo Barja Becker on March 15

      Hello Jerome, I have seen the question few times but no answer yet. Could you please let us know how is it going to be sent to not be taxed in our countries? In my case I live in Spain and in other Kickstarter projects that I have participated, they were not sent as purchase to not pay extra taxes (I pledged 2 bonjours!!)

      Thanks for your help! Willing to have my two Bonjours at home!

    10. Graham Tubbs on March 15

      I agree with Daniel - if you could do that it would be very helpful

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lockyer on March 15

      @bonjour @jerome I will need the item to be listed as a gift, and a low value cost, as I might be taxed for the import otherwise.

    12. Missing avatar

      LEE KIEN HENG on March 5

      Hi Jerome,
      I plan to get my smart home system call Broadlink,is this broadlink work well with bonjour??


    13. Jerome Collaborator on February 28

      @Jim Green: We will share a fully updated schedule and info on development and manufacturing of Bonjour in our next update (March 15th).

    14. Jerome Collaborator on February 28

      @Jayashankara Kantharaja: As BLINK now offers IFTTT compatibility, integration with Bonjour should be possible.

    15. Jerome Collaborator on February 28

      @Santiago Rivera Mateos: please check back our campaign page: we won't ship Bonjour this month ;-)

    16. Jerome Collaborator on February 28

      @rootzy: oui. Mais merci de le rappeler. N'hésiter par à le noter dans votre réponse au questionnaire "smart home" (voir la rubrique actualités) !

    17. Jerome Collaborator on February 28

      @LEE KIEN HENG: yes, you will need August connector for Bonjour to work with August 1st gen products.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jim Green on February 27

      So do we have an updated schedule for delivery?

    19. Santiago Rivera Mateos on February 23


      Could you please provide the tracking number?

      Santiago Rivera

    20. Missing avatar

      Jayashankara Kantharaja
      on February 19

      Is Bonjour supports BLINK/BLINK XT security camera?

    21. rootzy on February 19


      Avez vous pensé à Withings et Myfox, histoire de travailler avec les français ? :)

    22. Missing avatar

      LEE KIEN HENG on February 18

      Hi Jerome,
      I am using August 1st gen smart lock, do i need to buy the august connector in order to communicate with BONJOUR ?

    23. Missing avatar

      BenBo on February 17

      Bonsoir bonjour!
      Très bonne idée votre questionnaire pour orienter vos développements ! ;-)
      De mon côté, même si j'y ai répondu, j'en rajoute une couche en insistant sur la compatibilité avec le système HEOS de Denon. Me réveiller avec ma musique préférée diffusée dans la chambre en semaine, et dans tout l'appartement le week-end (exemple de recette), ce serait top!!
      Hâte d'avoir mon Bonjour :-D

    24. Fab Lrrb on February 17

      @jerome: éprouvez vous des problèmes pour publier l'update mensuel ?

    25. Jerome Collaborator on February 14

      @Cédric: Ce sera LCD. Comme je l'anticipais, il sera impossible de trouver un AMOLED en 2017 auprès de fournisseurs de premier rang. L'ensemble de la production est déjà réservée pour les géants de la téléphonie jusqu'à mi 2018 ! Reste alors, les fournisseurs secondaires et les risques associés en terme tant de qualité.... que de coûts (puisqu'ils savent être en position de force).

    26. M. Weers on February 14

      Great news!
      Looking forward to the future updates and can't wait to use Bonjour!

    27. Missing avatar

      Aleks on February 13

      Will this smart alarm clock work offline ? or any of its features work offline ?

    28. Cédric on February 13

      Du coup vous avez choisi les écrans OLED ou non?

    29. Jerome Collaborator on February 13

      @Giovanni @GijsBraakhuis @Rudy Van Nuffelen
      As indicated we're going to publish a monthly update every 15th of the month. So stay tuned ;-)

      On the hardware side, getting Kickstarter funds (see below) late slightly impacted our initial schedule. But anyhow it's always better not to start moldings right before Chinese New Year holidays. But impact on delivery planning shall remain limited.
      I'm personally going to China at the end of the week to see how things are moving on and update our schedule.

      On the software side, we're on-track with the plan.

    30. Jerome Collaborator on February 13

      @M. Weers
      Yes, we (finally!) received the funds from Kickstarter middle of January.
      It took nearly a month and a half to get them. It has slightly impacted our tooling planning.
      But it's a blessing in disguise as it has allowed us to refine some choices in terms of hardware engineering. Impact on general manufacturing planning shall remain limited.
      Indeed, CES show wasn't only a great occasion to show Bonjour to the public but a perfect moment to meet with key component vendors and frozen some of our choices.

    31. Rudy Van Nuffelen on February 12

      @Jerome, it has been a moth since you gave an update, what is going on ? What is the news and status ?

    32. Missing avatar

      GijsBraakhuis on February 11

      Hello Creator,

      Your expected delivery date is in about 4 months and I am so excited! Can you give us an update how it is going?

      Thanks :-)!

    33. Missing avatar

      CHAUVEL on February 10

      Bonjour Jérome,
      mon anglais étant un peu limité, j'ai compris qu'il fallait changer de pays concernant votre logistique d'approvisionnement et de fabrication. Le problème est-il réglé et pouvez vous me préciser si les délais de livraison devront être revus ?

    34. Giovanni on February 3

      @jerome can you do a general update for al backers on the progress of Bonjour?

    35. Zachary Alcamo on February 2

      Hey Jerome,

      Any chance of Stringify or Wink integration?

    36. M. Weers on February 1

      Hi Jerome,

      Any updates on the financial stuff, did you get the funds from Kickstarter?

      Any updates on the processing/production and is the ETA of Bonjour still in May/June?

      Can't wait to use Bonjour :-)

    37. Jerome Collaborator on January 30

      @Mike Jeffery: Honeywell smart thermostats have their own IFTTT channel so there should be no issue integrating them.

    38. Jerome Collaborator on January 30

      @Andy: I won't discuss politics here ;-) and I don't know if Trump's proposal is right or wrong.
      But I am confident it won't happen immediately for that type of products.
      As of today, there's (unfortunately?) no alternative to China/Taiwan for the manufacturing of consumer electronics. I am not only talking about prices (obviously lower) in Asia but of the efficiency of the ecosystem of companies required to build a complex product like Bonjour (plastic injection / mold makers / LCD screen suppliers / metal work / component providers, etc).

      It may appear as a non sense to send raw wood to China so it's processed there and then sent back in panels to be sold at HomeDepot/Lowes stores. And this could quite easily and quickly be relocated in the US.
      But re-locating the Consumer Electronics supply chain in the US is way more tricky and may take years.

    39. Jerome Collaborator on January 30

      @Seth Chavel: The survey re. to delivery confirmation / color choice shall be sent out in April.
      A survey re. additional features / wish list shall be sent out end of February.

    40. Mike Jeffery on January 29

      I'm sorry, I can't recall if this question has been asked or answered yet, but will this work with the honeywell smart thermostats? Particularly model rth9580wf01 thanks!

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy on January 27

      @Creator - Do you take into account Trump's recent proposals to increase import tax? Will this influence the delivery date?

    42. Missing avatar

      Seth Chavel on January 26


      I was wondering when the survey's will be sent out.


    43. Jerome Collaborator on January 26

      @Karn Johri: If you grant Bonjour access to your calendar and if, like you mentioned, this calendar is well detailed (=precise address), then Bonjour can indeed tell you when to leave after checking the traffic.

    44. Jerome Collaborator on January 26

      @Ben Tompsett: As long as you camera offers the option to view its stream in a browser with an IP address, we could display it in Bonjour. But Bonjour won't support all features (such as start recording, rotate, etc.)

    45. Jerome Collaborator on January 26

      @David: HomeKit was a largely discussed subject during our campaign.
      Below is a copy of our answer on December 2nd
      We are very familiar with Apple. We are an official MFi licensee and we've already built several "Made for iPhone" products. We sold them products too in the past.
      And we love Apple products too!

      The question to keep in mind is what Apple is trying to do with HomeKit.
      To quote Apple: "HomeKit is a framework for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user’s home with an iOS device."
      So HomeKit is only about making iOS devices the central controllers (the remote) of other connected devices.
      Those accessories are what we call "actuators". The actual list of supported devices is restricted to the following ones: Door locks, Fans, Garage door openers, Lights, Outlets and Thermostats. Period.
      Then below is the official list of what HomeKit can do with those accessories:
      - Light Brightness
      - Current door state
      - Current temperature
      - Lock state
      - Power state
      - Rotation speed / Rotation direction
      - Target door state / Target state
      - Target temperature
      And that's it!
      Apple has been great at creating a huge buzz around HomeKit but the content is very weak.
      Bonjour isn't any of those accessories (Bonjour is also a controller) and none of HomeKit actions make any sense for Bonjour.
      Should HomeKit evolve or become a standard, we would love to be part of this eco-system

    46. Jerome Collaborator on January 26

      @Roelof Kooyman: No Bonjour doesn't embed a Z-Wave controller. But we plan offering integration with some of them so you can use your Bonjour to send instructions to your Z-Wave controller on your local network. Note that those features will not be available in Bonjour OS 1.0 as we first need to focus on the core services of Bonjour.

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