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Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jim Green about 2 hours ago

      But they are so funny

    2. Missing avatar

      Saar Dagan about 15 hours ago

      Hate this company.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Carey about 15 hours ago

      Ordered this because its shipping date was close to my birthday... last year. Looks like it'll be missing it again this year. Maybe next year?

    4. Missing avatar

      JLC about 19 hours ago

      @Daniel I think it will definitely be announced in some future update. 😂

    5. Daniel Bloom
      1 day ago

      Is there a definitive shipping date yet?

    6. Kerdh 1 day ago

      If Holi bankrupts, Bonjour will be a nice piece of junk, stuck in 201x, with no more update.
      That will never happen to Amazon Echo Spot.
      Think about that.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jules MAEGHT 1 day ago

      may be easier to call them to have an update : +33 9 52 70 05 75 ?

    8. Mike Stone 1 day ago

      @Christophe Brun -I’m curious, since you’re a beta tester, they came out and said they found a bug in the OTA update system after you guys already had your devices. That leads me to believe that your unit wasn’t able to receive any updates during the beta test and they should be sending you a brand new (fixed) unit as well. I assume they’ve communicated that to you, can you confirm?

    9. Missing avatar

      Anthony K. Guzman 1 day ago

      I am a day one backer but I'm starting to lose hope (Years later). I hold out confidence that I will one day see the Bonjour. But I wonder will I care when it arrives. The Amazon spot does everything the Bonjour does and more at a similar price point. How much longer must we wait? As the lead developer for a software company myself, I can tell you that if any team delivered (or failed to deliver) a project -- a year past its deadline, the team and the project manager would be fired. I'm not calling for anyone's head here. I'm just pointing out that this is not normal in software development. Steve Jobs would turn over in his grave at the very notion.

    10. Jay Fla 2 days ago

      If Holi spent as much time developing a good product as they do writing elaborate updates and building snazzy websites, they would have a great product to offer the world.

      But the reality is they spent most of the budget on marketing / forums support and not much was allocated for talented development staff. So what we have here is simply a product of misdirected funds and frankly money squandering.

      Hope we will see something but not holding my breath since you don’t need to look far to see how they have historically overpromised and under delivered.

    11. Missing avatar

      Parseh Bakirtzian 2 days ago

      When will our Bonjour clocks ship? Estimated delivery date was a year ago! At this point, should we just buy the Amazon Echo Spot? No one cares about the updates...Stop wasting everyone’s time and patience and just tell us when we can realistically expect to receive the product we backed almost 2 years ago!

    12. Missing avatar

      Evgenij Linjow 3 days ago

      a bit funny..
      Bonjour, a french Company.
      Wait...look at the project page, Los Angeles?
      Let’s have a look on indiegogo..who startet the campaign?
      Chris Olenik. Who is Chris Olenik? He is from LA.
      He is working for a agency
      So did they get a part of „our“ money?
      Did they manage this campaign?
      Are they (not) answering our mails?

      Agency 2.0 is a „Crowdfunding PR Marketing Agency„

    13. Keith Buchanan 4 days ago

      When will Bonjour Ship

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Jay-Leafloor 4 days ago

      Is there a plan to integrate the IOS health app or the iwatch fitness into bonjour for those who don’t use Fitbit ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Stephen Coleman 5 days ago

      If it’s released will it come with a smart key to wind it up, since it won’t have any smart features....or maybe even a smart pendulum, or a smart cuckoo bird to chirp on the hour?!?!

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew H 5 days ago

      At this point, the whole project just irritates me.

      In their current team photo lineup I was expecting to see a picture of a full time graphic artist whose sole responsibility is to launder the backer funding and fabricate the delusional schedules, road maps of features & updates. Based on the current 3rd party connections they've shared with us... it would also seem they must have bought the "every app available icon pack" and just added all those to the original campaign marketing to lure us all in but then forgot which ones they advertised and are now trying to come up with a last minute solution.... which I also fully believe will be their app that will just open a browser window and serve up a link to that service's website.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ronny Laredo 6 days ago

      You can’t fault them on not providing updates. I’ve backed other projects that would literally have very very few updates with little info. That being said, it’s very disappointing that some of the smart features that would make Bonjour a real smart clock (Like an Alexa Spot) will be missing once it’s shipped. What happened to IFTTT, Fitbit, AirPlay? So when will you ship Bonjour? Will you be honorable and guarantee future updates that will provide the above mentioned capabilities? You raised almost 2million$$$$ please don’t disappoint us....

    18. Mac Jones
      6 days ago

      Garbage update. The only thing backers want to know at this point is when expected shipment is and they managed to talk about everything but that. Over a year late and no mention of when they plan to actually send out units. When it finally arrives I can put it in the shelf between my first generation iPad and CD player.

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin Hamilton 6 days ago

      @ Jim Green

      I have to agree with you. Although updates have been fairly regular I think the politest way to address the content of said updates is dishonest.

      To lead the backers to believe they were immanently about to start dispatching the final product only to turn round and say we haven't completed the Bonjour and we are unable to make the product we originally pitched is unbelievably misleading.

      I still think when completed this could be useful piece of technology but the campaign has evidently been poorly handled.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 6 days ago

      @Dave, l also wondered if Bonjour would let me sleep in on a work day because it was raining. Maybe some day we will find out!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 6 days ago

      @Christophe, you know I was still quite excited, though disappointed in the delays, until they came out with the pushbutton email and then the one where they haven't actually implemented (yet) the compatibility I wanted this for.
      Given the amount of times they have indicated near readiness to ship when they have clearly known they were not. It does indicate dishonesty rather than translation issues.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jiri Svejcar 7 days ago

      I have a simplifying suggestion: when you start developing "German and Deutsch compatibility", do only one of these two languages, it will work out well, I promise :) On a more serious note, I have ordered two alarm clocks and wonder how they will work in one room - will there be any interference with the voice biometry in question? Thank you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Fielding 7 days ago

      Q2. When do you expect to receive your Bonjour
      A. Never
      B. When hell freezes over
      C. This year (2018 for clarity)
      D. Before Halloween 2018

    24. Missing avatar

      Dave Fielding 7 days ago

      I would like to conduct a poll on behalf of Bonjour.
      Q1. Will the feature that wakes me up only if it’s sunny be:
      A. Helpful
      B. Get me sacked from my job
      C. Absolutely useless
      D. Disabled on Day 1

    25. Kerdh 7 days ago

      @Vanni: I'm sure Holi can give you 50 cents for closing the case if u want :ninja:

      @Christophe Brun: the faith and the trust in a crowdfunding project is at his top in the beginning. It's only, ONLY from the project's team if these values increase... or not. Not from the backers. Not from the weathers. Not from kids in kindergarten.
      From the team.

      Like we say in French, "on récolte ce que l'on sème". These reactions since what... March? April? are not from kids. From backers who feel cheated because the team lied/lie to them.

      They lost the trust and the faith of many backers and it's not the fault of them... ;)

    26. Vanni 7 days ago

      @james yes only 25% refunds
      @christophe as experienced backer, engineer and entrepeneur myself i see the following:

      * They do communicate but with smoke and mirrors
      * They are a year late
      * Their timeline and communications are confusing at least
      * They keep postponing the shipping timeframe , every time a new reason
      * They says that it is hard communicating to backers, I only see 2500 commens here. I get over 150 emails a day myself so communication is part of the game
      * all stretchgoals are not yet started and they were already asking for extra money, this does not give comfort that everything will be implemented
      *They are running out of money and still fly to China with 2 people

      In any team or organisation you know what the above would mean : find another job.

      Still hoping they can give 80% of my money back or deliver something that works as advertised.

      My 50 cent

    27. Missing avatar

      Per Arne Bakken 7 days ago

      I fully support your point of view. So far I have not added any comment about this project, just followed everything from the sideline. And I must admit that I have seldom seen that many negative comments and inputs about something they self-agreed (freely) to support. Is this some kind of kindergarten? How old are you guys weeping about this project, crying for your money, harassing those people working their asses off to get this project finalized? Comparing this project with Amazone and Google? Are you crazy or just stupid? How many manhours do you think Google and Amazone have spent to get their "similar" products (as you say they are) to the market?
      Yes, this team could have been more transparent and informative, but, hey, have you ever been part of a development project yourself? A complex project like this? I have, and you never know what will happen during a project. It is completely impossible to say for sure when a product this complex can be finished! Something completely unexpected can show up whenever you don't expect it forcing you to make a lot of changes. If you have unlimited resources you can reduce the development time, but, honestly, do you think that a team of eight persons have unlimited resources?
      To the team: Thanks a lot for your commitment and the updates! I think you have done a really great job. I will look forward to your next update and I really hope that you will succeed! You have done a tremendous job so far and I fully support you!

    28. Christophe Brun 7 days ago

      At the contrary, I would love to see ppl here who are excited about the fact that you will receive a device that only a few will have. You won’t be another “amazon” “google” user and you have the chance here to discover a new product that is not everywhere on internet and help the development of it from scratch. It’s a win-win situation, what do you think ? The development team only want to success over those big companies. They need your support as you need theirs.
      What I can say is that the device I have currently in hands is very promising and working pretty fine with the current installed features (alarm, temperature, weather, music, radio, commute time, connected light control) with the best voice diction I have experienced so far (in French). Better than amazon, google and Siri so far.
      So please, stop acting as kids and support each other instead of trying to destroy every single bit of hope there is in that small team.

    29. Christophe Brun 7 days ago

      There is no truth kept from you guys, I swear, it’s only some ppl here constantly trying to say they have all proofs that this is a scam. But this is not. From my point of view, and if u read updates carefully (the only truth here), you will understand that the delivery is going to start and that they are giving you the choice to activate or not the biometry. Other than that, they gave a clear status update on every aspect of the development from software, hardwares, etc ! All is clear and transparent to me by only reading the updates. And to be honest w u, my communication w the team was only about issues, not timeline. The only updates I have regarding the timeline is by reading the updates, like everyone else.
      Regarding the missing features, I agree that this is not 100% perfect when it will come out. But again, just stop acting like kids. I’m using in parallel an Alexa system that has just been released in France (I was using it since 2y in English). And a loooot of features are missing in that french version but nobody seem to complain about that (why ?).

    30. Crispin
      7 days ago

      I agree with most of what you say, however you are overlooking a couple of things. Yes, we all accepted the terms and risk by backing this (and other) projects, but remember that the campaigners did as well. And that means they have obligations of honesty, transparency and fulfilling their commitments. I think you must admit that these obligations have largely not been met so far, and that fulfilling them could have been done no matter how hard the campaigners have been working.

      You appear to want to help defuse the current heated situation, and if so then can I suggest you use your beta tester communication channels and ask Holi to update us all with current planned delivery timetable, ETA on when IFTTT will be implemented, current plan for Airplay/Airplay 2, whether Wemo integration and all the other commitments made on the original campaign page have been met in the shipping firmware, plus confirmation of the direction to be taken around biometry.

      People become angry when truth is kept from them and when expectations are not met, and unless Holi steps up and begins behaving like a reliable and trustworthy campaigner then people have every right to complain here.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 7 days ago

      You would be the kid that did get your toy then!
      Some are over the top for sure but everytime they post something another part of the truth comes out. Yes they are trying and no doubt under some stress but there have been some very misleading statements which has completely undermined the confidence of the backers

    32. Christophe Brun on

      I have done 16 Kickstarters, some w success, some with fails and no refund, some with refund. But as long as i accepted to pledge for a project, i accepted the rules, period. So please everyone, stop acting like kids who cry because they didn’t get the toy they were expected. You knew the rules from day one.
      Moreover, this project is NOT a fail. There is constant communication and as a beta tester, I promise that this device exits and is working pretty well !
      But it’s really tiring reading all of you screaming for scam, being “insulting” to a team who is working hard to get the best out of this project.
      So please everyone, grow up .. seriously !

    33. Missing avatar

      Saar Dagan on

      @Christophe Brun,
      good for you, you are such a big man, such an adult.
      I haven't seen any kickstarter campaign so poorly managed and obviously the other backers as well. so keep acting like a douche..

    34. Christophe Brun on

      Is there any adult I can discuss with here ? I only read kids complaining and pretending they discover Kickstarter’s system.
      Thanks for the help.

    35. Missing avatar

      Saar Dagan on

      LOL!!! not only they don't refund, another main advertised featue - IFTTT is not implemented.
      They fly to china for another "business trip" which basically mean more money waste for nothing.
      I'm not afraid to say it these company are a bunch of lying thieves.
      It doesn't matter if this is a kickstarter campaign or regular retail, this is a fraud and I hope the backers here will file a class action law suit.

    36. Missing avatar

      James C

      Vanni, they're down to 25% now? Ridiculous! 50% was bad enough, and they wouldn't even actually follow-up on that when I requested. Scammers!

    37. Missing avatar

      Isabella on

      In 2016 I contacted you RE:AirPlay and was assured Bonjour was airplay compatible. Now I find out you haven’t even started? I’m really not understanding what you’ve been doing the past 2 years and where all our money has gone.

      Also saying you answer all emails is a lie, I have emailed MULTIPLE times over the past month and every email has been ignored.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jim Green on

      Given that their website says shipping in June and also connects via IFTTT. It is either imminent or they are just lying again

    39. Missing avatar

      Jim Green on

      Yes, so far it is incapable of connecting with any of my other smart devices. I didn't think you could disappoint me more, but you did. And I bought two!

    40. Missing avatar

      Evgenij Linjow on

      Pressing buttons, No AirPlay, no ffit, nothing about the Apple Watch, no German

      So, why I bought that?!

      German was the „First“ Language, like English and French

    41. Vanni on

      @petesellers They offer only 25% refund. The rest they need for their flight and expenses to go to China. Do the math: 2 guys flying to China from France and back and stay there for 5 days. Easily burns 4000€. Instead of shipping a few clocks with fedex to france to inspect them.

    42. Pete Sellers on

      So are they offering returns at this point?

    43. Arent on

      Wow, IFTTT (If This Then That) not implemented??? Again a main feature that was advertised all over the campaign page and in your campaign video's for almost two years now! What a disappointment... again!

      This nice looking smart clock with artificial intelligence becomes dumber and dumber with every campaign update in the last two or three weeks, just days before the actual shipping.

      I doubt this clock still deserves the title 'smart'. According to the June 15 campaign update (#22), the clock is limited to operating Philips Hue lights, Nest thermostat/camera/smoke detector and it will be able to play music from Deezer and Spotify. I suppose it will be able to sound an alarm too. And hopefully every now and then it will listen too your voice. That's it, not so smart! For many years my phone can do more than that, without artificial intelligence.

      IFTTT would make this clock at least a little bit smarter. But no, it's not in there! Such disappointment. Why do you give us all these disappointments in the last few days before the actual shipping. Transparacy means that you tell us these things right away when you have doubts about the implementation. Not last minute. This is so badly managed!

      Well, at least the clock looks nice ;)

    44. Arent on

      @JW, the June 12 update (#21) answers most of your questions.

    45. Missing avatar

      JW on

      Nice updates lately (lengthy), but I haven't seen anywhere that addressed the two main questions people care about (the ONLY 2 I care about):

      1) When are you going to ship this out and when can we expect to receive it? A date or time frame (not soon or shortly).

      2) What was the decision on what we're going to receive? Are we getting a clock that will awake via key word (similar to Alexa) while you work on the biometrics or do we have to push a button like a regular clock to talk with it? AND will we get the clock NOW (or ETA) with the biometrics to come down the road when completed?

      Now that the over-the-air update issue has been resolved, there should be no reason we can't get the item NOW after a year of delays while you work on "perfecting" the biometrics.

    46. Missing avatar

      James C

      lol they're flying to China in 10-12 days (they don't even know when they're going?)... translation: New excuse for delays coming soon.

      Every "update" they post just leaves me more and more pissed.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ian Kwechansky on


      We're all sick of hearing about your updates with little this-and-thats. SEND THE PRODUCT. Enable OTA updates - just get it moving.

      You have clearly angered near all of your backers and need to stop sending out 30 something updates and just get the bloody products out.

      You are able to have a class action lawsuit from backers over your inability to deliver what we paid for.


    48. SFerator on

      Also, I’ve noticed your work area and computers and whatnot are incredibly nice and current. Is that where our money went? A space for you play around with our money? It clearly states in the UA that you have to let backers know EXACTLY where OUR money was spent. Penny for penny. When will you do this?

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