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Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Nick M about 3 hours ago

      More delays?????

      No ETA?

    2. Missing avatar

      Brianna A about 15 hours ago

      I want to thank Jerome for making sure we get a quality product, rather than rushing a substandard one.

      For those complaining about delivery dates and refunds, please read the terms and conditions of crowdfunding.

      This is in no way a store.
      This is in no way a purchase.

      This is backing a concept to help it become a finished product. You are an investor, not a buyer. If the product succeeds, you get a thank-you gift. If not, that is the risk of investing.

      Trying to make Jerome out as a bad person for sticking to these terms and conditions is uncalled for. Make sure your expectations are realistic.

    3. Ben Toscano about 16 hours ago

      Thanks for the update! Disappointed about delays but inevitable no doubt. Would still predict we’re at least some 6+ months away, which I am okay with, but I thinking some people on here expect tooling to occur overnight.

    4. Missing avatar

      Marcell Eybers about 17 hours ago

      So what is the delivery date?

    5. Sharif Bhuiyan about 18 hours ago

      Yea too much pessimism on this board. We are not shopping at best buy we are investing in a concept and delays are expected. Thanks for keeping us updated

    6. Gaal
      about 18 hours ago

      A delay is no problem, and frankly, it's expected. "Everything" is delayed on crowdfunding:)
      I guess it isn't easy to estimate everything about every little detail... Information is always key, i'm very pleased with their many and thorough updates.

      I wouldn't say that the holes are ugly. They're just bigger holes... If the sound is better, great!

    7. SFerator about 19 hours ago


      Also, the larger SPEAKER holes are incredibly ugly. The design of the clock played a major part in my decision to pledge. Extremely unhappy with the new look. Changes everything.

    8. Buck
      about 19 hours ago

      Great update Bonjour , better late than never me thinks

    9. SFerator about 19 hours ago

      Also, the larger design holes are incredibly ugly. The design of the clock played a major part in my decision to pledge. Extremely unhappy with the new look. Changes everything.

    10. SFerator about 20 hours ago

      For all the people that messaged me, I'll give you the bullet points.

      When I asked for a refund because I personally didn't think the delay was fair or what was advertised. The responses:

      •I was told by Jerome: "You are not shopping at Nest Buy". Calling me stupid for asking.

      •If you requested a refund IMMEDIATELY after the campaign ended, Jerome said you were ONLY given 50% of pledge. I find it hard to believe that people accepted this and/or that it's true.

      •You will NEVER get a refund because in Jerome's words: ALL the money has been spent.

      You'll get nowhere asking for help, answers and especially a refund. So don't even bother. They will be rude and not understanding of any circumstances. Hope this is easier to read/answers all questions.

      PS I am NOT shocked with the most recent update. If it's not one thing, it's another.

    11. Missing avatar

      Derek Brealey about 20 hours ago

      Bit disappointed with the design change for the speaker holes. Looked quite stylish originally, but the larger holes and less patterning looks cheaper and stands out more. Style was a big factor in my purchasing decision so hoping it looks decent on arrival.
      Delay isn't a huge deal otherwise, to be expected with kickstarter really.

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ross 2 days ago

      Hi Creator. Any chance of giving us even a rough idea of the latest delivery timings. I was hoping to get Bonjour to give as a gift at the start of October but could do with a heads up if I'm not going to get it in time. Thanks.

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcell Eybers 2 days ago

      Bonjour project, when are we getting the product???

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Austin 2 days ago


      Do you have any rough eta on when you will start shipping these?


    15. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 3 days ago

      Update 18

      Dear backers,

      Would you prefer a black or white BONJOUR? That’s the question?

      Nope the question is When? I think as it is a very technical product we have all been pretty patient. However, the lack of communication is pretty bad and I am beginning to wonder if this will happen.

    16. SFerator 3 days ago

      To Everyone,

      I emailed a few weeks back about how I was disappointed in the late delivery and lack of communication (it took three emails and one public comment to get a response). I was kind in my email and said that I was upset about the delay and didn't feel they held up their end of the bargain (in so many words) and that I wanted a refund. Bonjour (actually Jerome Schonfeld) was not having it and threw every reason in the book not to give me a refund. I don't know why but it really upset me. I mean, I'm one person and I'm sure people will be against me and that's fine but I felt that I was given a "delivery date" and they didn't deliver. I had/have every right to ask for a refund. He doesn't have to give it but I can ask. However, it was his responses to me that I felt compelled to write a public comment. Jerome could have been any more rude to me. These were his exact words when I asked for a refund: "You are not shopping at Best Buy." Calling me an idiot for even thinking I could return something and then he said he said he couldn't return the money because it's already spent. So yup, we are all screwed if this things goes belly up, we all get NOTHING. He offered 50% at this point. After so many emails, I think he was too annoyed with me. He said he'd be kind enough to offer me that. I of course said there was no way I would accept 50%, that was ridiculous. But here's the kicker- he said that even RIGHT AFTER the project was funded (days), he only granted people 50% refunds and that people were OK with that. I'm sorry but maybe now I can accept that by you're trying to tell me that a day after you were funded, someone asked for a refund and you gave them FIFTY PERCENT refund??? I find that hard to believe.

      I suppose I'm writing this because Jerome has not been nice and insulted me fully. Bonjour had the worst communication. The last update didn't even mention an estimated delivery date. It's really upsetting. It's also really upsetting to know that all the money has been spent AND yes, yes- I realize that's what we paid for. They need the money to make the product but since it feels like it's not happening, it makes you think. Anyway, I hope this finds someone else and they can understand my frustration. Thanks for reading all the way to the end :-)

    17. Paul Li 4 days ago

      Hi bonjour team, I did not receive a bonjour delivery address specification email link. thanks!

    18. Shailender Bhar 4 days ago

      As we are heading into September soon, I would like to know when am I getting my order? If this is really going to take long, I would like to consider a refund. Thanks

    19. Arturo Pérez Mulas 4 days ago

      Waiting for this month’s new update... with no info on shipping, I guess (end of Summer is coming!)

    20. Maksym Schipka 5 days ago

      I haven't received an email to choose my Bonjour and provide delivery details. What should I do?

      I also don't know how to send private messages...

    21. Missing avatar

      Jean 5 days ago

      I never get any email on survey?

    22. Me 5 days ago

      I should just buy the Amazon show. doubt if this thing will be shipped anytime soon. doubt this year

    23. Missing avatar

      Rose Najwa 5 days ago

      I've responded the email on delivery details in July & I have also asked for an estimated delivery time however I didn't received any response back. This is because I was moving house & now confirmed moving.

      Can you please advise where can I update the new delivery address?


    24. Missing avatar

      Jim Green 6 days ago

      It is interesting to see how the longer we wait for an announcement when they are going to deliver Bonjour the less interested we get. I was excited back in May now I couldn't care less. The communication is pretty awful.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason 6 days ago

      No email here either.

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrick lancaster 6 days ago

      I didn't get an email

    27. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator 6 days ago

      @felix wong,
      That's weird, we did answer to you but you seems not to have received our email. I resend you another one in MP in order to help you. Let me know if you still don't receive anything

    28. Missing avatar

      Felix Wong 7 days ago


      I've tried emailing but no response for a few days now - I cannot use the link from my email to choose my BONJOUR alarm clock and give you the shipping details!
      What can I do?
      thanks for your help!


    29. Missing avatar

      HALOCHE on August 16

      Bonjour bonjour ;)
      Quand prévoyez vous la livraison ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on August 16

      Hi @JonTClarke, @Minhok, @Alexander Horn, @Guilbert, @Kevin Hodgkiss, thanks for your messages and your support !
      Please check your email box, we just sent your private links again (don't forget to have a look to your spam)
      Have a great day !

    31. Me on August 16

      when is this thing going to be delivered

    32. Kevin Hodgkiss on August 15

      Have not received anything.

    33. Missing avatar

      guilbert on August 15

      Bonjour, je n' ai pas reçu le mail. J ai envoyé un mail privé hier... Sinon je le voudrais en blanc svp. Cdt,

    34. Missing avatar

      Yi Luo on August 15

      The link expired. I replied directly to your email, hope that's okay.

    35. Jevon Olson on August 15

      Also haven't received the link, I sent you guys a private message

    36. Missing avatar

      David Laforce on August 15

      Bonjour, après plusieurs recherche je n'ai trouver aucun courriel pour les couleurs... de mon côté je le voudrais en noir svp. Merci!

    37. Missing avatar

      Alexander Horn on August 15

      Can u send me the survey link as well...

    38. Missing avatar

      Minhok on August 15

      I havent received the link for the color choice could you resend please?

    39. Missing avatar

      JonTClarke on August 14

      I havent received the link for the color choice could you resend please?

    40. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on August 14

      Hi @Cameron Jones, @Jesse Liddington, @Jimmy Thai, @ Thomas Fries ! Please check your inbox (and your spam if necessary), we just sent your personal link again. Thanks to each of you for your support !

    41. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on August 14

      Bonjour @Fabre, @STEPHANE DELAND, @Florian Magnien, nous venons de vous renvoyer votre lien par email! Merci encore pour votre soutien, et bon choix de couleur ;)

    42. Thomas Fries on August 14

      Same here! No link for color choice.

    43. Jimmy Thai on August 13

      Hey Bonjour Team, can u send me the survey link as well, I dont find it. Thank you.

    44. Jesse Liddington on August 13

      I haven't received my link for colour choice, thank you in advance.

    45. Cameron Jones on August 13

      Haven't received my link

    46. Florian Magnien on August 12

      Bonjour je n'ai pas recu le mail non plus.

    47. Missing avatar

      STEPHANE DELAND on August 12

      Bonjour rien reçu comme lien pour confirmer

    48. Missing avatar

      Fabre on August 11


      Je n'ai pas reçu de mail non plus



    49. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on August 11

      @John Sekura, @Franco Coulibaly,
      Check your emails, I just sent you your link again. Don't forget to have a look at your spams if necessary ;)
      Thanks again for your support.

      @Ibrahi Siregar, thank you so much for your encouragements !

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