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Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
Your alarm clock is now a personal assistant. By learning about your agenda and hobbies, Bonjour helps make the most of each day.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Cristina Popescu just now

      I have requested a refund twice already. they refused the first time and proposed some fees in the second. i want my full money back after a year or the product at least by the end of february as last promised

    2. Missing avatar

      Brad Schwartz about 7 hours ago

      Guys, remember - it's just a clock. You have time. :)

    3. Shaun Shrimpton about 14 hours ago

      Like fellow backers - an update would be awesome, i backed this product because I believed in your vision and product; I understand there are delays, but at least have the respect and decency to provide regular updates to the people that funded your idea.

    4. Praneet Ahlawadi
      about 20 hours ago

      Amazon Echo Spot is out and Bonjour is doomed!!

    5. Jean 1 day ago

      Bonjour, it's time to wake up ;P

    6. Wynne Boliek 1 day ago

      While some people may be ok with just letting the money go, as a teacher on a tight budget I am not one of those people. I either need a product or I need my money back. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can understand a delay of a few months, but we are going on a year and and that last time we had an update was over a month ago. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

    7. Missing avatar

      Saar Dagan 1 day ago

      Andrew is 100% correct, I don't think any of the backers here would ever fund another project by this team.

      Every month I enter this campaign just for sad giggles.
      no real timeline, looks like bogus updates..

      I can't wait for this overly priced paper weight.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hopp 1 day ago

      This is starting to remind me of the Fidget Cube disaster where it was plagued with numerous delays, radio silence and more than a few very unhappy backers. By the time they actually started shipping rewards, they managed to piss off and alienate a vast majority of their backers and the market was already filled with competitor products with similar or better features and at a lower price point.

      If this project finished on schedule, or even 1-2 months behind, I guarantee very few would be having the cold feet or buyers remorse as I am sensing now from the comments.

      @Clotilde Mathieu - If possible, would I be able to get a refund for this project? I've already sent a message via Kickstarter but haven't received a response yet. I really do appreciate the innovation and the creativeness of the product. However, based on more than doubling the time frame of this project (and still no definitive end in sight), I really would rather get a refund and move on instead of stressing out and being swept up in another backer mob-like uprising.

    9. Mark Fabian-Lovely 2 days ago

      What a waste of money this Kickstarter has been! well overdue and Amazon Spot coming in 6 days... No updates for a while and no sign of a product!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Fiaux Claude 2 days ago

      Bonjour d'Aix en Provence à Bonjour !
      6 mois de retard par rapport à la date initiale de livraison, cela commence à faire long !
      Les produits de Google, Amazon et bientôt Apple sont ou arrivent sur le marché, il serait bon que le vôtre le soit rapidement.
      J'espère que vous irez au terme de vos engagements et que nous disposerons bientôt de ce produit et qu'il sera à la hauteur de nos attentes.
      Espérant disposer de vos nouvelles "positives" très prochainement.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dubois 2 days ago

      Bonjour de Lyon, ou en êtes-vous? L’aurons nous un jour? Qu’est ce qui bloque à dates. Bonne journée

    12. Curt Ehrhart 2 days ago

      You know there is no money back on a pledge? Kickstarter will point to the terms of service saying, “too bad so sad”.

    13. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      It's now time for a real schedule, finally, after a lot of patience, words, etc. When do you ship?

    14. Missing avatar

      Denis Falardeau 2 days ago

      Bonjour, j'aimerais bien avoir des nouvelles svp. J'ai maintenant chez moi Google home, suis ennuyé de ne pas avoir de vos nouvelles.

      Je souhaite ne pas perdre ma mise $$. J'espère que que OK Bonjour sera à la hauteur versus Google home. Désolé de la pression. Merci de donner une mise à jour !

    15. Sharif Bhuiyan 2 days ago

      Question is why would you guys want a camera in your bedroom?

    16. Missing avatar

      Husain Al-Haboubi 2 days ago

      Waited well over a year for this device. Really not worth the wait plus the technology has become old. Other companies already perfected this tech and shipped their products. Heard of Amazon Echo? I no longer need your device and would like a refund.

    17. Curt Ehrhart 3 days ago

      Yeah, this is looking like another Kickstarter campaign that ran off with my money.

    18. Ingo Siebeck 3 days ago

      So, the planned delivery date was in June... 6 months ago... amazon is on track with a cheaper and perhaps better product. NOW is really a good point of time to bring an update AND a delivery date for all the person, who belives in you and your product. We all stand out in the rain, no really exact information from you. So, take the chance and restore the believe in you and your product. With the echo spot by amazon on the market, now you are kicked to the second place... if there is more time for wating, you will see the last place, which will be a shame!

    19. Didi Rothacker 3 days ago

      Dear Team Bonjour,
      with the European release date of the "Echo Spot" set to 24th January, now would be the right time to tell us the final schedule.

    20. Missing avatar

      Derk 3 days ago

      Dear team Bonjour,
      It seems to be time for an update with proper expectation management, to calm down your backers. Hope to receive that soon.

    21. Jay Fla 3 days ago

      Seems lately Kickstarter is where criminals go to make easy money. Introduce a product and show some intent to deliver and you are home free to keep money without disclosing or updating backers. Hats of to creators of bonjour for creating such a slick campaign that fooled us all into believing something is going to ever be delivered. Really smart guys but suppose not smart enough to bring a real product to market.

    22. Jack Livermore 3 days ago

      Hi Bonjour, I (as long with a lot of people) have been patiently waiting for this device for well over a year now and frankly I personally have lost patience. Sorry, I really do appreciate these things take time but I've now come to a point where I don't think it'll be worth the wait so I'd like a full refund. How do I go about getting this organised?

    23. Jelle Bens 4 days ago

      An update maybe... I thought it was shipping in januari...

    24. Missing avatar

      Thorsten 4 days ago

      Hello Bonjour Team,
      In the meantime, Amazon has silently and with today's date introduced the ECHO spot (a really nice copy of Bonjour with a bigger display). How do you react to this?

    25. Missing avatar

      Johannes Ehrlich 4 days ago

      How can we get our money back?

    26. Missing avatar

      R.Henrotte 4 days ago

      I don't remind having received the survey.
      Could you send it, please.
      Another update on the project would be appreciated as well as delivery date.
      Thanks in advance.

    27. Missing avatar

      Steve Austin 4 days ago

      Any updates please?

      The last update you gave you said you would be shipping the first 200 by now, as i was one of the first 200 backers should i expect my Bonjour any day now?

    28. Missing avatar

      Dave Fielding 5 days ago

      Expected shipping June 17, last update 8 Dec 17, ominously quiet. Experienced the same radio silence from Toasteroid another Kickstarter fail. If it’s all gone down the pan could you at least make up an excuse and say all the money has gone and the product will never see the light of day.

    29. Ibrahim Siregar 5 days ago

      @Clotilde Mathieu: I have checked your e-mail and made sure that the shipping address is correct. Thank you for your e-mail! Appreciate your prompt response.

      Maybe to add, I hope that the updates with regards to the ETA of the delivery will be available soon. Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Andy Pierce 5 days ago

      Quit to jibba jabba people, if you need to just consider this product a retro clock.

    31. Jay Fla 5 days ago

      This campaign is crazy. Is this a tech company or a bunch of clowns. With the rapid speed at which tech changes coming out with a product last and trailing the pack is a sure way to go out of business. You may be better suited in building a product for another industry where innovation moves at a snails crawl.....

    32. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      We're all waiting for something final and concrete. Slowly it's enough with patience...when is shipping planned?

    33. Missing avatar

      chris 6 days ago

      Hi there. I haven’t received a survey. Will I be getting one soon and can we please get an update on possible timing. Thank you

    34. Christophe Le Quellec on January 12

      La sélection des testeurs n'étant pas encore faite cela signifie pour les autres un nouveau report des livraisons 😣

    35. Missing avatar

      Sylvain A. on January 12

      Clotilde Mathieu
      Merci pour votre réponse rapide et votre suivi (rares sont les projets K auxquels j'ai participé et qui ont une bonne communication :)).
      Concernant votre réponse, j'espère bien pour vous que vous n'allez pas fermer d'ici 6 mois, 1 an ou plus mais d'une part, personne ne peut prévoir l'avenir et d'autre part ce n'était pas la question, merci de ne pas botter le sujet en touche, les phrases "fuyantes" ne sont pas très appréciables :).
      Je vous remercie pour avoir transmis mes inquiétudes (et apparemment celles d'autres personnes) à vos fondateurs et j'espère une réponse rapide et précise :).
      Je vous souhaite bon courage et une longue vie ;).

      Thanks a lot for your quick answer and your really good com (the K projects with a good communication are quite rare).
      Concerning your response, I really hope for all of you that the company won't close, but firstly : this wasn't really the topic, secondly I would thank you to not put the question on the side, fleeing phrase aren't cool :).
      I Thank you very much to have transmitted my worries (and apparently other people ones) to your founders, I truly hope to have a quick, satisfying and precise answer to this questions.
      I wish you good luck ! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on January 12

      @Sylvain A.  @Martin Schönbichler @Fab Lrrb @Jakub 
      Très bonne année à vous également.
      Effectivement, la vie d’une start up est pleine de rebondissements et je dois vous avouer que (et je suis très personnellement concernée) nous n’allons pas mettre la clé sous la porte dans 6 mois… je transmets néanmoins vos suggestions à nos fondateurs.
      Bien à vous et longue vie à nous ;)

      Indeed startup span life can be full of surprises. I have to admit (as I’m pretty personally concerned), there is no sign showing we would shut down in 6 months or so… nevertheless I forward your suggestions to our founders.
      Cheers to you… and us!

    37. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on January 12

      @Andy Pierce @James C
      We won’t postpone delivery for new features but will make OTA updates ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on January 12

      @arene frederic @Ibrahim Siregar @Paul Brennan @Aurelien Vialet 
      We’re just waiting for a few information about the pre-production run tests in order to publish a new update!

    39. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on January 12

      @Ibrahim Siregar
      Regarding your address change, I sent you an email with your personal link. Please check your mail and spam box and let me know if you don't receive it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Clotilde Mathieu Collaborator on January 12

      Merci pour votre candidature, je vous confirme que nous l’avons bien reçue.
      Nous avons fait une présélection et nous sommes en train de finaliser la liste finale, je vous tiens au courant !

    41. Aurelien Vialet on January 12

      Bonjour bonjour, avez vous des infos à nous donner sur l'avancement du projet ?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jakub on January 11

      Any news on delivery of that project?

    43. Ibrahim Siregar on January 11

      Agree with @Sylvain A. Merci Beaucoup! Would like to hear this response as well from Holi team.

    44. Fab Lrrb on January 11

      Merci Sylvain À.

    45. Martin Schönbichler on January 10

      Totally agree with Sylvain!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      James C
      on January 10

      Agree with Andy

    47. Missing avatar

      Sylvain A. on January 10

      Tout d'abord, une bonne année et mes meilleurs voeux !
      Je suis désolé, mais je vais vous poser une question démoralisante et je m'en excuse par avance. Je suis à peu près sur que votre produit va avoir besoin d'une connexion serveur "permanente" pour fonctionner. Mais... Si votre société ferme (Je ne vous le souhaite vraiment pas), nous aurons un joli presse papier assez cher. Pourriez/Envisagez vous que le réveil puisse fonctionner sans vos serveurs? (Peut être en publiant une partie de vos codes en license non commerciale, ou au moins en publiant l'API pour s'y connecter?). Je demande ça car malheureusement, un objet connecté est souvent lié à la santé et la volonté de l'entreprise qui le commercialise... Et il y a plein d'exemples ou au lieu d'avoir une belle vitrine technologique, on se retrouve au bout de 6 mois, 1an, 2 ans, etc. avec un morceau de plastique/métal/électronique inutile. un exemple concret pour moi : J'ai supporté Sense de Hello il y a quelque temps... Qui a fermé il y a 6 mois, et dont le PDG est resté sourd quand à la publication des codes (qui de toutes façons sont maintenant inutiles pour sa société...).
      Je suis désolé pour cette question facheuse mais ça me préocuppe,
      Merci par avance,
      Je vous souhaite bon courage pour la finalisation des premières unités !
      I will ask a bad question and I'm sorry for this. Like most of connected devices, I'm pretty sure that there will be a kind of "permanent" kink with your servers. But... If your company goes down (I trully hope not, I'm pretty sure your work is amazing), we will have a beautifull, heavy "presse papier". Could you please be sure that we can use our alarm clock without your servers (Maybe open-sourcing part of the codes, at least the API to connect to it).
      I'm asking this because, I backed Sense from hello couple years ago, and since 6 months, the company has shut down... And I now have a beautifull useless ball instead of an intelligent clock.
      Thank you,

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Brennan on January 10

      What’s the update on testers? And progress?

    49. arene frederic on January 10

      A quand des dates de livraison ?

    50. Ibrahim Siregar on January 9

      Dear @Clotilde Mathieu @Holi Bonjour Team @Creator

      I suggest to make a new update on the on-going production batch. And the estimation of delivery of the product. How's the current state of the certification?

      Anyway, am i still possible to change my address? I think I wrote my old address since I had assumed that Bonjour will arrive before i move. Can you send me again to my e-mail (, Appreciate your further response. Thank you.

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