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For the past ten years-or-so, I've wanted to make a shoegaze album. This is something special that I want to do myself, w/out a band.
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Three songs tracked

Hey guys, thanks again for backing the project. I just wanted to give you a progress report.

I've been getting together w/ Knol, the producer, and I'm happy to say we have three songs pretty much done and I keep coming up with new ideas all the time. I'm really enjoying how the songs are turning out. Each one has a bit of its own life and there are different influences coming through. The tones, layers, and mixes will make it all cohesive, but there are traces of new wave and hardcore punk in the dna of some of the songs. For example, sometimes there will be blistering, furious white noise guitar moments reminiscent of '80s hardcore, but then the vocals will be hushed and synth drones will sweep in. 

I picked the right producer. Knol is very familiar with all my influences and knows how to tie them together in a way that makes sense. I'm excited for you to hear the end results!

Cheers - Tommy