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pledged of €20,000pledged of €20,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, June 17 2017 8:05 AM UTC +00:00
Last updated June 17, 2017

NEVA cycles - especially for women, exclusively for you!

No women likes to wear the same dress to a party. Why riding the same bicycle as other women do? NEVA cycles builds bicycle characters.

NEVA cycles - especially for women, exclusively for you!

No women likes to wear the same dress to a party. Why riding the same bicycle as other women do? NEVA cycles builds bicycle characters.

pledged of €20,000pledged of €20,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, June 17 2017 8:05 AM UTC +00:00
Last updated June 17, 2017

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.


Neva is not just a road bike for women. Neva is a road bike exclusively for you! A road bike that fits perfectly with who you are. In appearance. In terms of sizes. But above all in character. The way in which the bicycle behaves. Relative to the road, to the circumstances, the surroundings. And especially towards you.  

Our goal

With NEVA cycles, our aim is to create the perfect, custom made and exclusive road bike for women. 

The project

We started by the end of 2016 with the engineering of the first frames. In parallel we worked together with our marketing agent on the brand story, logo's etc. In March 2017 we did a pre-launch of NEVA cycles. In a beautiful theater we showed our story and got great respons from the press. Some weeks later the first prototype frames were finished. 

We are now fully focussing on the fine tuning of your high end models. We are also busy engineering a third road bike on entry level and a gravel bike. As we now have the first frames ready, we have started the promotion of NEVA cycles. After the Summer of 2017, previous professional rider Loes Gunnewijk will organize clinics for riders interested in NEVA.

With our exclusive frames we are ready to become a serious and exclusive player on the growing market of women's cycling.

The brand name: NEVA

NEVA is Spanish and means "girl from the snowy mountain top". It also carries "EVA", which is a short and strong female word. Therefore NEVA is the perfect name for our bikes.

The frames

So far we developed two carbon fiber prototypes: an aero frame and one more classic frame. Both frames are available with disc brakes and rim brakes, also with mechanical, electronic and wireless shifting. For both we have a frame now ready to hit the road, production ready.

We design and build every frame with the final bike in mind. We like clean bikes designed for a unique rider. Therefore there won't be any useless holes or cable routings on your frame. 

All carbon fiber NEVA frames are handmade by Italian craftsmen to ensure high quality and passion during the production process. As we engineer the bike ourselves, we make sure that all frames have a bike handling a woman expects.  

We have put a lot of effort in the tube shapes of the frames to make sure it looks awesome with the frame size of women. All frames are 100% painted to give it a fresh look and to be flexible with the colors your desire. We do not use stickers.


The bikes 

Limited AERO "Birth edition" - EUR 8.500,00

To celebrate the birth of NEVA cycles we launch a limited edition of the Aero model which is only available for this special price via Kickstarter. You will receive a NEVA cycles Aero "Birth edition" based on your own character, your own measurements and desired bike handling. 

  • NEVA cycles Aero frame
  • Handmade and custom made carbon fiber based on your bike fitting measurements.
  • Special "Birth edition"paint job, white with golden decorations
  • SRAM eTap group-set (disc- or rim brake)
  • ENVE Aero handlebars with "Birth edition" painting
  • Selle Italia SLR lady saddle
  • ZIPP 202 firecrest black edition wheel-set
  • Continental GP4000S2 25mm tires

Limited DISC "Birth edition" - EUR 6.750,00

If you prefer disc brakes! We also have this limited edition of the more classic looking DISC frame available, different configuration but also for a special price via Kickstarter. You will receive a NEVA cycles DISC "Birth edition" based on your own character, your own measurements and desired bike handling.


  • NEVA cycles DISC frame, handmade and custom made carbon fiber based on your bike fitting measurements.
  • Special "Birth edition"paint job, white with silver decorations
  • Campagnolo Chorus EPS group-set with TRP brakes
  • 3T handlebars with "Birth edition" painting
  • Selle Italia SLR lady saddle
  • Campagnolo Shamal black edition wheel-set
  • Continental GP4000S2 25mm tires

Limited prototype "Birth edition" - EUR 4.250,00

If the Aero and disc version are a little over budget, we have this special prototype "Birth edition" of our entry model for you. Special price and only for this price available via Kickstarter! 

  • NEVA cycles frame, handmade and custom made carbon fiber based on your bike fitting measurements.
  • Special "Birth edition"paint job, white with bronze decorations
  • Campagnolo Potenza 11SP group-set
  • 3T handlebars with "Birth edition" painting
  • Selle Italia SLR lady saddle
  • Campagnolo Zonda black edition wheel-set
  • Continental GP4000S2 25mm tires 

Impression of the bikes

Special price on Kickstarter

You can get your limited "Birth edition" for a special price to honor your support of NEVA cycles. Other group-sets and wheel-sets are available on request. We will make a maximum of 10 "Birth editions" which will all be numbered unique like these special sports cars.

There's more to come..

In the next phase we will design a third carbon fiber frame to give the riders enough options from a budget viewpoint. In addition, a gravel bike will follow. We like to use Kickstarter to raise funds to move on with the engineering of these new models. So the first two models are ready to build customer orders and for the third model we will need a few months to get it production ready as well.  

Branding and cycling kit

We know the importance of a strong brand and identity. This is why we are working on a full blow cycling kit already. Together with a premium apparel brand we are developing a high performance kit with all gear you need including caps, polo's etc. The design will be surrounded by basics with tasteful details like the designs of our frames. You can be one of the first owners of this cycling kit by supporting our brand. Take this opportunity to be front row in the peloton!

Impression of the NEVA jersey design
Impression of the NEVA jersey design


Since 2013 we gained experience on the exclusive cycling market with the import of premium brands like Baum cycles, Busyman, GOKISO wheels, Parlee cycles and Silca. Early 2016 we opened the doors of our own gallery on a historical square. Have a look on the website of our company Bureau Fidder to get an impression of our running business.

Bureau Fidder showroom in Kampen
Bureau Fidder showroom in Kampen

The team

We have a great team of professionals in cycling.

  • Arjan Fidder: Founder and Sales
  • Loes Gunnewijk: Ambassador and Clinics
  • Herman Goulooze: Engineering
  • Ellen Brunninkhuis: Public relations

Risks and challenges

NEVA cycles is launched from the fundament of Bureau Fidder, dedicated to exclusive cycling brands. This makes it possible to work together with existing partners and long term relationships.

The only risk you run is that you don't like the apparel design in the end or that the sizes of the clothing you have ordered don't fit. In that case you can return the items and you receive your money back like a normal webshop order.

For the limited "Birth edition" we have finalized the prototype already. This investment is made and partners to deliver the parts are all in place already.

Your risk is that we might deliver later as expected but this risk is minor because we are an operational company dealing with custom frames already.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

Funding period

- (30 days)

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