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Super Daryl Deluxe is a 2D slapstick action-RPG for PC. Create your own combat system and save the world! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 13, 2014.

Super Daryl Deluxe is a 2D slapstick action-RPG for PC. Create your own combat system and save the world!

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DOWNLOAD THE DEMO HERE (Pre-alpha build, bugs may be present. PC Only, DirectX 10 and up):

UPDATE #1: Any pledge of $100 or more ('Transfer to Water Falls High' and up) will now include the "Join the team...kinda" tier reward of being a game tester.



Super Daryl Deluxe in the News:

"Welcome to school and make sure you brought your sense of humor." - Cliqist

Prepare for the latest in smack down action with Super Daryl Deluxe - Indie Retro News

Super Daryl Deluxe is a 2D side scrolling action RPG which features beautiful (and downright hilarious) hand drawn art. - Save Game Online

The game features dozens of interchangeable skills, unique art style, customizeable equipment, and more. - Shoost

The animations are very fluid, and the hand-drawn, artistic feel shines even during intense combat. - Finger Lakes Times

 Watch our trailer! And make sure to choose a song!


You play as Daryl Whitelaw, the new kid at a high school that has been secretly taken over by a group of evil scientists who use the school for researching brainwashing techniques through ridiculous means. Daryl will have to explore vast worlds that exist inside the school, worlds that are products of crazy experiments gone awry. He will travel through time, meet amazing/stupid/awful friends and villains, and fight monstrous foes while attempting to uncover the secrets of Water Falls High School. 

Don't stare too long
Don't stare too long

With the help of the Janitor and a princess locked deep in the heart of the school, he may just be able to stop the brainwashing schemes before it’s too late.

(left to right) neat-o concept art for The Princess, Daryl, and The Janitor
(left to right) neat-o concept art for The Princess, Daryl, and The Janitor


  • Dozens of flashy interchangeable skills to choose from! Fight obstacles with style! 
  • Groovy, timeless art that scholars will reference for decades! 
  • A hilarious/heartbreaking/brilliant story only rivaled by classics such as Ulysses and Lolita!
  • Customizeable equipment to create the Daryl you always wanted!
  • No music or sound! We simply can’t afford it! That's why we need you.


The Story

Years before our story begins, two very important men graduate from Water Falls High School. These men would go on to write the most powerful self-help books in history and influence the masses to become the best people that they could possibly be.

Unfortunately, a very stupid accident would give birth to evil, and the principles that drove one man to help society would go by the wayside in favor of world domination. Betrayal would lead to public rebellion and the downfall of the self-help empire, sending the authors into exile.

Decades proceeding the fiasco, nobody back at ho-hum Water Falls would suspect that a quiet overnight coup of the public school system and an "industry standard" renovation of the high school would suggest anything sinister. Things might have carried on quietly, if not for the mindless shenanigans of one unremarkable student

Meet Daryl Whitelaw, a new student at Water Falls who simply wants to make friends and fit in. Mr Robatto, the vice-principal of WFHS,introduces Daryl to students Paul Palte and Alan Orpter in hopes of them striking up a friendship. Desperate for friends, Daryl is quickly roped into their schemes and is given a mysterious self-help book that they stole from the principal's office, with the promise that it will make everyone like him. 

domo arigato Mr Robatto
domo arigato Mr Robatto

The catch? They ripped all of the pages out of it and will only give them up if Daryl helps them build up their reputation as the school's best Textbook Entrepreneurs.

What happens next will send Daryl between universes and time itself alongside surprising allies as he attempts to free the school from the threat that looms beneath them all. 

Paul and Alan: Textbook Entrepreneurs 
(Left to Right): Alan Orpter, Paul Palte
(Left to Right): Alan Orpter, Paul Palte

Paul and Alan are students at Water Falls High School and self-proclaimed Textbook Entrepreneurs. That is, they make a living off of stealing and reselling the school's textbooks for cold, hard lunch money.

Of at least they would, if Trenchcoat Kid didn't have the market on lockdown. That's why Paul and Alan are going to recruit you to find as many textbooks as you can around the school in return for pages of the self-help book they stole from the principal's office. It's said that these pages give the reader strange abilities and the skills to manipulate and control those around you.

Be careful with it though, it's been said that the Principal really wants that book back, and you wouldn't want to get detention or anything.

Dwarves & Druids: The Roleplaying Game of Water Falls High School

At Water Falls High School there exists a game so epic, so overwhelmingly cool, that only the most courageous and strong-willed students can call themselves players. That game is a live action role-playing game, and that game is called Dwarves and Druids.

The most popular kids in school
The most popular kids in school

Dwarves and Druids players are always very eager to force their way of life onto you and make you play their game, but fear not, for they will never let you leave without making sure you understand the rules. Each player is a master at his or her craft and would be more than happy to explain to you how to go about becoming not only the most powerful Dwarves and Druids player at Water Falls, but also the most popular student. You do want to be popular, don't you, Daryl?


Customizeable combat!

We've developed an intense and customizeable combat system that utilizes the dozens of abilities that Daryl can learn throughout the game. 

These abilities gain experience and level up as you use them, becoming more powerful and snazzier.

You can equip up to four at a time to develop and evolve your own style of combat, and switch them out at your Locker to adapt to any situation.

Just visit Paul and Alan to trade Textbooks for skills and start pulverizing your foes!

A huge amount of optional quests to complete!

Sure, Daryl has a lot of responsibility trying to save the school from a bunch of criminally insane masterminds, but that doesn't stop him from feeding the furnace workers trapped in the school's ventilation system or clearing the Vienna Theater of those annoying tuba-playing ghosts.

Complete quests for history's greatest leaders!
Complete quests for history's greatest leaders!

A lot of people have issues in high school, and Daryl is the people's man. And I'm sure they'll give you something nice for helping them, like their lunch money or a used band-aid or something.

Explore crazy worlds inside the school!

Interested in seeing how Joseph Stalin would react to Genghis Khan invading his land? Head on over to the History room!

Want to help settle the on-going feud between Oedipus and Julius Caesar?  Try out the Literature room!

Each abandoned classroom was transformed into a portal that takes you to a mash-up of history's greatest events and famous names, co-existing together in a way that is less then ideal. Daryl's adventures will lead him to these characters and, in order to figure out what is happening at WFHS, he will have to use his new abilities to settle their problems and set these worlds at ease.

Collect awesome equipment and customize Daryl!

As Daryl levels up he'll need equipment to suit his needs. Luckily there is a plethora of ways to obtain new swag, and only a few of them might kill him. Ever wanted to wield a handsaw and composer's wand while dressed like a scarecrow with a powdered wig

Well now you can
Well now you can

Keep tabs in Daryl's Notebook!

Daryl may not speak, but he does have a journal with a disembodied, sarcastic opinion of everything you do. 

A drawing in your inventory corresponds to what Daryl is wearing.
A drawing in your inventory corresponds to what Daryl is wearing.

Use your Notebook to access your inventory, read character biographies, see maps of the school, and read up on any quests or chapters you've completed. 

Climb the Social Ladder and gain passive abilities!

 Completing optional quests, challenges, and other tasks will increase your reputation around Water Falls High School. Getting enough reputation will result in a social rank increase with a new passive ability

You'll be popular in no time
You'll be popular in no time

Make Daryl not only the most popular kid in school, but the most powerful as well!

Join the Trenchcoat Kid's Market!

Buy whatever you need and sell all of your junk to the dozens of Trenchcoat Kid Employees around the school. 

Contraband stuff is best stuff
Contraband stuff is best stuff

Break into your peers' lockers!

Do you like free stuff? Good! It's just a single three digit code away. Find locker-combinations in your adventure and use them to open other student's lockers for free goodies.

And so much more!

We've only just begun development on Super Daryl Deluxe, and we have a lot in store. From students who transform into giant gorillas to fighting trolls with Napolean Bonaparte, this game is going to be a wild ride and we want everyone to be a part of it. 

We've decided to do something a little strange, but we think it will be a really fun and fascinating experience between us and the community surrounding Super Daryl Deluxe. 

Anyone who donates to become a tester, become a character, design an enemy, or become a Co-Producer or Producer gets access to an exclusive group that will remain in contact with the two of us throughout the development process and offer feedback on what we're doing


Any pledge of $100 or more ('Transfer to Water Falls High' and up) will now include the "Join the team...kinda" tier reward of being a game tester.

Super Daryl Deluxe began as a joke project that RIT students Gary Porter and Dan Plate thought would be funny to make in their free time. 

After spending what they thought was only one evening of creating a cohesive and immersive gameplay experience, Dan and Gary checked a clock and realized they had accidentally spent over two years making a game instead of living out the primes of their lives like the regular, young go-getters they are. Left with nothing else, Dan and Gary wish now to nurture and complete their love child into a full-fledged game that they believe people will genuinely enjoy playing.

Dan Plate

Dan is the sole artist, co-writer, and co-designer for Super Daryl Deluxe.

Dan has always had a passion for drawing stuff and making things look nice. Dan is elated to have the opportunity to work on something that doesn't revolve around retail

Gary Porter

Gary is the sole programmer, co-writer, and co-designer for Super Daryl Deluxe.

Gary had wanted to become a game designer for most of his childhood and was overjoyed to hear that he was accepted into the program at RIT. He told his friends that he would one day create a game based on the time they had in high school, and although Super Daryl Deluxe isn't directly based off of those times it surely takes a lot of influence from them.

Now Gary spends his time balancing his schoolwork, college life, and writing/developing content for Super Daryl Deluxe.

For the last two years we have been developing this game in our free time for nothing more than the experience of making a really really neat game. We are extremely proud of what we've accomplished, especially between being full time college students and having jobs, but we've come to a point where we need more help to fully realize what we envision Super Daryl Deluxe to be.

The biggest issue is the lack of sound and music. Together we are simply an artist and a programmer working together to create this experience, neither of us is capable of producing sound that we feel comfortable putting in the game (or anywhere). We've decided that we need to hire two people for music and sound, and with your help Kickstarter can help us do that.

The second reason is simply the expenses we will run into if we continue developing this to the end. Both of us are in our fourth year of college now and have only one year left. After that we'll need to start doing adult stuff like paying off our massive college debts and coming up with rent money. 

If we are successfully funded we can take time off before we graduate (and after if we need to) to completely focus on the development of this game without having to worry about finding money to support ourselves. We have proven that we can produce a lot of content in a short amount of time when we treat it as a full time job (A majority of the demo's content was produced over a month or so while we were on break), and nothing would make us happier than to be able to develop this game for you folks at an efficient rate.


We have determined that in order to create the game in its entirety we

would need roughly $5000 after Kickstarter and production fees. Once we figured this out we determined roughly how much we would need to ask for total to reach that goal. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $2000 or less will be used to pay for sound effects
  • $2000 or less will be used to pay for all music
  • $1000 (+ the remainder of Sound/Music costs) will be used so we can work on this full time after graduation (The only expenses we would have is monthly loan repayments)
  • $700 (8%-10%) will be taken by Amazon and Kickstarter
  • $1300 or less for production and shipping costs for the rewards

If the Kickstarter is successful there are a number of things we will do to make our way toward completing the game:

  • Dan will take time off from school to live with his parents and produce art for the game full time
  • We will hire a music guy and a sound guy to bring our game to life in a new way
  • We will release the demo to anyone who backed the game with $5 or more
  • T-Shirts will be ordered and shipped
  • We will begin contacting those who will become part of the "Fellowship of Daryl" and add them to Facebook Group
  • Once ready, we will begin designing enemies and NPCs with those who paid for it
  • We will continue working our hardest on producing a kick-ass and hilarious game that we can all enjoy!

We're really looking forward to being able to bring our vision to life. Throw a bit of love our way and tell your friends about us, and together we can all be a part of creating something amazing.

Risks and challenges

One of the biggest challenges so far has been learning everything we've needed to develop this project. Being students in college, we've had to teach ourselves a lot of the skills that have gone into creating Super Daryl Deluxe, and we're sure that there are more that we will need before we're done. However we're very confident in ourselves, and we think we've proven so far what we're capable of with very limited resources and time.

A challenge that Gary has to face coming up is moving the project from XNA to another framework. We have run into issues with XNA and wish to move to Monogame, to allow the game to run much better on computers that may not even run the XNA version at all. This will likely be a very short process, as he has already begun doing it, and it seems to be going along quite well.

Finally, an issue we've had in the past is our desire to add -too- much to the game. A year ago Super Daryl Deluxe had a handful of features no longer in the game because we deemed them unnecessary to the overall experience. Being relatively new to this process we're constantly coming up with new ideas that we would love to implement, if only to see if we could do it and how well we could accomplish it. We've toned down on this considerably since the issue came to light, and now we discuss every idea very thoroughly before considering the idea of adding it to the game.

Overall, we think we are in very good shape to finish this project in a great way.

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    Become an NPC in the game! A characterized version of you will appear somewhere in the game with hilarious dialogue. Your NPC will also have a Biography Page in the "Character Biographies" section of Daryl's Notebook.

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    You will become a character that is important to the story in one way or another. This character will be designed after you and have an anagram of your name. You will receive the original signed copy of the concept art for your character, and have the title of "Co-Producer" in the credits. This tier includes the "THE DELUXE PACK" rewards.

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    You get the title of "Producer" in the credits, and you become a major antagonist in the game. You get to work closely with us to design this character. You will receive the signed original copy of the concept art for your character. This tier includes the "THE DELUXE PACK" rewards and an exclusive "Producer" T-Shirt. You will remain in the loop on the development process and be our new best friend.

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