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By Nathan Stevens
$50.00 pledged of $110 goal

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    1. Nathan Stevens Creator on October 19

      @Kris Mackie
      For Tech Levels we had planned to do a little bid of everything! Take for example, the Primancy. They have a alot of missile and rail weapons! They would be a near realistic modern. On the other side there is the Krox, super looters and scavengers! The "smartkrox" can weld together a ship and strap guns to it, so a lot like mad max in space! Some krox even understand the vastness of space so have a rudimenty understanding of targeting systems. The ironpack wants to make everything believable in exciting way. If you prefer a future type of species, I heard they are drafting up a few ideas for the Fabricant ships, these guys are the technology buffs! Expect a range from hard sci-fi to fantasy.
      As for gravity, most ships are going to follow the standard artificial gravity deck design, a few will be designed with centeral gravity like a sphere.
      Combat for Flotilla is be between capital ships, like battle fleet gothic but squadrons of fighters and bombers are also very important. The expection is that a handful of bombers dropping tactical nukes into a starship engine might cause some serious damage. So expect a combination of both, like in Star Wars armada. We will be posting a small play through soon! Stay tuned for that! Do you have any other questions?

    2. Kris Mackie on October 19

      Going to start asking lots of questions

      Q. What sort of tech level are we looking at here

      Retro Futuristic - old 50's Buck Rodgers, Dan Dare etc. Rocketships, death rays
      Realistic near modern - Expanse, Halo, Battlestar Galactic with mass driver weapon, missles etc.
      Futuristic - Babylon 5, Star Trek with Lasers, Phasers, Photon Torpedos etc
      Fantasy - Andromeda, Star Wars

      Q. Gravitational Technology, seems pretty trivial but......impacts hugely on ship design. Thrust, Spin or Technological?

      Q. What will the combat be like. Early star trek, capital ships duking it out, Battlestar Galactica, mainly fighter based actions or Babylon 5, a little bit of both?