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A 1-4 player board game with solo/cooperative and PvP game modes, beautiful miniatures and thrilling gameplay.
A 1-4 player board game with solo/cooperative and PvP game modes, beautiful miniatures and thrilling gameplay.
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Manufacturing Begins and Other Important Items

Posted by Lazy Squire Games (Creator)

Hello, Folks!

Exciting things are happening in the Wilds today, so let’s jump right in.

Manufacturing Has Begun!

Archon Studio has begun producing the first set of miniatures for the base game (miniatures are produced a few minis at a time, so quality assurance folks only have to remember what a handful of the sculpts are supposed to look like). We’re very excited and can’t wait to show you photos of bunches of lots of minis. 

New Sculpts

We have four new sculpts to show you, including one from the Shadow of the Silvestrem expansion that wasn’t finished when we ran the campaign.

We have Ocades and his wicked-cool rifle:

From the Stretch Goals side of things, we have the gladiator Sythe: 

 The creepy Wildswood Widow: 

 And finally, our fan-created Seeker, Lestia: 

Balance Changes

Our diligent testers have reported back and it looks like their introduction to the Wilds was a little more soul-crushing than it should be. We’ve taken their feedback and nerfed a handful of Creatures, especially in Threat 1, so the Seekers have a better chance at success during the early game. 

First up is the Daemonretch (new on the right):

We removed the Boiling Blood Skill from Threat 1. Bleed is a very powerful status effect, especially in the first few hunts when the Seekers don’t have the tools to mitigate it, so we’re limiting its early-game prevalence. We also lowered Expel’s activation roll to 2 Dice. We want summons to have a powerful impact on the fight, so rather than lowering the Daemonspawn’s damage we’re making them a little less likely to be spawned.

We also nerfed the Wildsflower a tad (new on the right):

 The Wildsflower is difficult to balance as it is meant to be a Creature that picks a target and doesn’t let up until that target is dead. This makes it a high priority kill (the highest, in most situations), but it also allows the Seekers to manipulate its A.I. into wasting activations. That said, it is performing its job a little too well, so we’ve lowered its range on two of its Instinct cards and made its insta-kill potential require the unfortunate Seeker have less Health than before. 

Finally, the Wildswood Sentinel (new on the right):

Another summoner Creature (with Bleed potential, no less), the Wildswood Sentinel has always been one of the more dangerous Creatures of the Wilds. We removed the Wildswood Skirmishers Bleed effects from Threat 1 & 2, but gave them Base Damage to compensate. This will also solve the issue of the Skirmishers having little chance of doing anything against a target with Bleed, so a bit of a nerf and a buff at the same time.

We’ve certainly been lax in communication with the testing group (holidays and other nonsense interfering), but we are listening and we’re going to be more active moving forward. We’ll have all of the changes added to the PnP (likely just an extra PDF for right now) next week.

Card Updates:

Finally, here are some of the changes we promised regarding cards. We’ve made the minimum font size for cards 11, you can see the difference here (new on the right):

 We’ve also increased the size of the Arena mode equipment cards (new on the right): 


We should be just about caught up on emails, messages and whatever else you folks have sent us (not counting the aforementioned involvement in the Tester group). If you sent us something last year and we didn’t respond, you can safely assume we missed it, so feel free to reach out to us again.

Phew, that’s it for now. See you in the Wilds! 

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    1. Paul VR on

      @LSG Things are looking great! Have you thought about a way to easily save the campaign? That would be so good to reduce setup time... (I don't know if this has been adressed earlier or not I was just wondering)

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Piasecki on

      Glad to see some early game damage nerfs, with only so much healing available early on it was difficult to recover enough to even consider doing threat 2s on purpose

    3. Waut Dooghe

      Happy to see the game is being playtested and adjusted accordingly

    4. Missing avatar

      Rodney A on

      Mini's look great, especially the fan-created one. I will definitely be looking to include the xpac on top of my core game when the pledge manage comes out.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Newman

      I just hope things dont get over-nerfed due to some testers just not being good at the game, as a game being too easy gets boring real quick for me.

    6. Paul Cartwright

      Those sculpts do look awesome, and the changes sound good, great to see the time is being taken to balance the game. Sounding amazing.

    7. Paweł Stróżyk on

      These look awesome, also, Heya @Freddy XD

    8. Joshua C. Chadd on

      Those minis look AWESOME! Also so glad to hear there are changes coming, this game is going to be soooooo epic! Can't wait for more updates!!!

    9. Freddy

      I really like how those sculpts turned out! Looking forward to the opportunity to try this game myself.