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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 3 2018
Lazy Squire GamesBy Lazy Squire Games
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Lazy Squire GamesBy Lazy Squire Games
First created
pledged of $5,000pledged of $5,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 3 2018


Partition is a 2-player campaign tournament system consisting of three card games all based on popular eSports gaming genres: FPS, MOBA and CCG. Each game can be played without even owning the other games, offering a familiar experience to their online counterparts, but with cards. When combined together with the Partition core box, the games form the Partition Grand Tournament, a three-match contest to decide once and for all who can build the best team of Gamers and lead them to victory! Without further ado, we’ll let Echover, the host of the Partition Grand Tournament, explain the individual games.

Ladies and gentleman, we are here live in San Diego, California for the Partition Grand Tournament! Here grudges will be settled, objectives will be taken and digital cards will be shuffled with both vigor and determination. We’ll start our coverage today with a brief introduction to each game before finishing with an overview of the grand tournament itself.


The dreaded Terrorists have struck a heavy blow to the Strike Team in Partition’s First Person Shooter, Incursion Point: Zero! Zero Base has fallen, and a nuclear missile is now in play. The Strike Team must fight through their own base to secure the missile before the evil Terrorists escape and all hope is lost. But the Terrorists have had time to prepare. Around every familiar corner of Zero Base awaits the deadly machinations of these international villains.

Incursion Point: Zero (IP: Zero) is Partition’s FPS-inspired game. One player controls the Strike Team, as they enter Zero Base and attempt to find the nuclear missile. The other player controls the Terrorists, hiding their Soldiers and other resources and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Short on time? Check out our brief overview video for Incursion Point: Zero!

Unfiltered Gamer Reviews Incursion Point: Zero.

The mechanics surrounding the map are what really sets Incursion Point: Zero apart. Players build the map together, drawing a hand of Locations and then taking turns placing them to form the battlefield they will soon fight on. Locations have advantages and disadvantages depending on your faction and some have restrictions on where they can be placed. The result is two competing strategies meeting head on, and ensuring no two maps are the same.

After the map is built, the Terrorist player places an Incursion card below each Location, including their four Soldiers and the nuclear missile. The Strike Team must search Location by Location for the missile all the while dealing with traps and other surprises from the Terrorist player. Will the Terrorist player keep their Soldiers hidden, waiting to ambush the enemy Soldiers when they arrive? Or will they flip over their Sniper or Spec Ops and bring the fight to the Strike Team?

We’ve created a Print and Play (PnP) version of Incursion Point: Zero for you to try out the game. It has all the cards, the rulebook and tokens, ready for printing, cutting and playing! The PnP can be found HERE.

Incursion Point: Zero is stress in a box. If you are on offense, of course. The C-4 is out there. The C-4 is real.

We’ve also added all of the current art and other assets for Incursion Point: Zero on Tabletopia! You are just a few quick steps away from gaming bliss right HERE.

King Damorac abandoned his men and fled with his retainers to the edge of the known world. His army survived and now their quest for vengeance has signaled the Eventide of Heroes. The beliefs of both sides are immovable, and only the total destruction of one faction’s stronghold will end the conflict. The valiant Heroes of the Dawnless City must defend their home by destroying the Tulionic army. The resolute Heroes of the Last Garrison must cut a bloody path to the seat of King Damorac and end his miserable life. Armies will clash and towers will fall, for the Eventide is upon us, and in this MOBA no Hero is safe.

Eventide of Heroes (EoH) is Partition’s MOBA-inspired game. Each player fields a team of five unique Heroes, one from each Class. Your goal is to destroy enough of your opponent's towers to clear a path to their fortress so you may obliterate it. You accomplish this by using a combination of strategy and brute force, outwitting your opponent and striking where they are weakest.

Only have a couple of minutes? Check out our brief overview video for Eventide of Heroes!

Unfiltered Gamer Reviews Eventide of Heroes.

Eventide of Heroes focuses heavily on the fog of war aspect of MOBAs. You never quite know for sure where your opponent’s Heroes are as they are placed in the Lanes facedown. Individual Heroes can have a huge impact on their Lane (and in some cases, other Lanes as well), so planning is key. You need to consider how your Heroes will interact with their Lanes, while trying to counter whatever strategy your opponent is employing.

You can’t win every Lane, so your goal should be to stall your opponent in 1-2 Lanes while you deliver a decisive blow in another Lane. Heroes also engage in combat once the dust settles, and their victories in the current round can take a heavy toll on your opponent's ability to defend their towers in the next round.

We’ve created a Print and Play (PnP) version of Eventide of Heroes for you to try out the game. It has all the cards, the rulebook and tokens, ready for printing, cutting and playing! The PnP can be found HERE.

Eventide of Heroes comes with everything you need to bring a MOBA to your kitchen table.

We’ve also added all of the current art and other assets for Eventide of Heroes on Tabletopia! You are just a few quick steps away from gaming bliss right HERE.

The starships of the diabolical Overseer and the scoundrel Star-Bounder are docked with one another and a full melee has broken out between their respective crews. Slaying the opposing Captain will surely cement victory, but that is easier said than done when there is an army of grotesque monstrosities or surly pirates standing between you and your goal. So, rally your crew and prepare to be boarded, it’s a good day to die in the CCG Deckhand!

Deckhand is Partition’s CCG-inspired game. Each player controls a Captain and their crew on the cramped 3 x 3 quarters of two docked starships. You must kill your opponent’s Captain, while protecting your own, marshaling the unique strengths and abilities of the colorful characters that make up your Crew.

Have to catch a shuttle in a few? Check out our brief overview video for Deckhand!

 Unfiltered Gamer Reviews Deckhand.

Deckhand is designed to be a quick game, losing or paring down some of the constraining mechanics of more traditional CCGs in favor of fast-paced, strategic combat. Resource management is light; you always have the same amount of Corryte to spend each round (unless you go first) and both Captains have different forms of card draw for when your hand is looking a little light. What is limited is space on the board. There are only nine compartments to place and move Crew and two of them are always occupied by the Captains.

That’s right, in Deckhand your Captains are in the thick of the action! They can move and attack (though not each other, that would be uncivilized) and generally cause problems for their opponent. Though each Captain is powerful in their own way, it’s important to remember they must be kept safe. Lose your Captain, and your Crew will surely fold.

We’ve created a Print and Play (PnP) version of Deckhand for you to try out the game. It has all the cards, the rulebook and tokens, ready for printing, cutting and playing! The PnP can be found HERE.

Deckhand is full of sci-fi goodness. It's also full of cards, tokens and dice.

We’ve also added all of the current art and other assets for Deckhand on Tabletopia! You are just a few quick steps away from gaming bliss right HERE.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the Partition Grand Tournament is about to begin! Only the best and most versatile of eSports teams will succeed, only the team with grit and determination will win it all. Ridiculous cash prizes! Epic gaming action! All here and more at the Partition Grand Tournament!

Partition takes the above three Partition games and transforms them into an exciting tournament experience. You’ll start from scratch, building your humble eSports team from a pair of Gamers and a fistful of cash, into the tournament-dominating enterprise you know it can be. You and your opponent will play all three Partition games in order (Deckhand -> Incursion Point: Zero -> Eventide of Heroes), earning cash prizes and basking in (or overcoming) varied events on your path to ultimate victory.

Partition assigns importance to individual matches, making them part of a larger campaign. You have to plan ahead, making sure you have enough Gamers to even compete in the next match, all the while trying to form the most versatile team you can for the challenges ahead. The Event deck is full of boons and banes to your cash flow as well as possibly having a profound effect on the efficacy of your Gamers. The whole experience is full of zany characters, endless strategies and most of all, fun!

Check out UnfilteredGamer's Review and general overview of the Partition Grand Tournament! Separate videos for IP: Zero, EoH and Deckhand can be found in those games' sections.

And here are two videos covering the full Partition experience! The first one is by Cardboard Rhino:

And the other by The Kwarenteen: 


We’ve created a Print and Play (PnP) version of Partition for you to try out the game. It has all the cards, the rulebook and tokens, ready for printing, cutting and playing! Don’t forget to print out the PnPs for the other three games before playing! The PnP can be found HERE.

What would a Kickstarter campaign be without Stretch Goals? A Kickstarter campaign without Stretch Goals, of course! Ours isn’t one of those campaigns. One without Stretch Goals, that is. Look, we have Stretch Goals, okay? Once we meet our modest funding goal, we’ll offer exciting new cards to customize your decks, adding new strategies and Avatars for you and your Gamers.


What good is a game if you never receive it? We’ve enlisted the Star-Bounder and her starship to deliver your gaming goods direct to your doorstep. If that doesn’t work, we’ll rely on more traditional delivery services.

  • All LAN Party pledges have free worldwide delivery! 
  • Shipping for Grand Tournament pledges will be charged automatically at checkout. Prices per region are listed on the picture below.

If you add more than one game to your pledge, additional shipping charges will occur. Any additional shipping costs related to multiple copies can be paid after the campaign ends.

The Partition Grand Tournament is brought to you by Lazy Squire Games. Lazy Squire Games, we did not come up with a tagline before we sponsored this tournament.

Lazy Squire Games has a small history of providing strong support to other companies for their Kickstarter endeavors, including the Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures and Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers campaigns.

Games are our passion and we’re looking to make a name for ourselves by creating our own games as well. Partition represents but the first volley in what we hope will be many interesting and fun card and board games players will want to return to again and again.




Every successful Kickstarter campaign needs a plan to get its "thing" to you, the backer, and it's better to have that plan before the campaign even launches. Below is ours.

  • Finalizing Phase (2 Months): All three Partition games are complete, but that doesn't mean we're ready to ship. We'll use feedback from backers to make the game better than ever (and some extra balance testing with some fresh faces never hurt any game). There's also some updates we'd like to make (the Minion Rush card looks a bit dated at this point) and anything that will make any or all of the games more fun (Event card skill checks? It's go time!).
  • Production Phase (2 Months): Once Partition is ready to print, we have to, you know, print. This includes custom dice molds, prepress files and giant machines so awesome, they would make Gutenberg blush.
  • Fulfillment Phase (1 Month): We're a small company, so just getting boxes to people is going to be a campaign by itself. We've kept our pledges simple to start to facilitate quicker fulfillment, but if this thing takes off we want to make sure we have enough time to pack all those extra goodies and send them your way.
  • Unforeseen Delays (1 Month): We've worked for and backed a fair number of campaigns and its foolish to think everything is going to go smoothly. With Kickstarter you hope for the best, but expect delays. That's not really a quote. The Mel Brooks one is better.

Risks and challenges

Placing your hard-earned cash with an essentially no-name company is always a risk, but we’ve done our best to ensure there’s little for your to worry about when it comes to this campaign. As you can see from the complete “What’s in the Box” images, all of our art and text is complete for each game. We’ve also made great strides in completing Stretch Goal content, so if our campaign takes off our schedule will not go off the rails.

Shipping is perhaps the greatest concern, but it should be ours, not yours. We've had firsthand experience with shipping, observing how companies we worked with deliver their own games, and we are confident we will be able to avoid any pitfalls.

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