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A nano-brewery and specialty coffee shop in downtown Tucson, AZ.
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Hey Hey Hey!

Posted by mike gura (Creator)

Dear friends,

Tucson is an amazing community. 

I went down to Dragoon brewery and had a great rap session with Eric and Tristan. Those guys were incredibly encouraging and offered any help they could in getting Public off the ground. We talked licensing, craft beer, and collaboration brews! If you have not tried Dragoon beer get down to your local bar and do it. I have traditionally not been a huge fan of rye beers,but their Ryelander has blown my mind. Really tasty.

I attended an industry in-service at Native Seeds Search organized by the Santa Cruz Valley Heriatge Alliance on a couple of grains they are trying to (re)introduce to the culinary world. I love crafting with local ingredients so this was a real treat. I was humbled in the presence of culinary hitters: Janos Wilder,  Don Guerra of Barrio Bread, Marco Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco, Gary Paul Nabhan, and a roomful of other  incredibly creative and passionate people. The topic was Sonoran White Wheat and Chapalote corn. Here is an excerpt on these cereal grains from the Native Seeds website:

"Chapalote flint corn and White Sonora wheat have reputations for drought tolerance, yield stability and excellent nutritional qualities, and have deep cultural ties to the desert borderlands. They are the oldest varieties of their species to reach the Arizona deserts as farmed crops, Chapalote arriving roughly 4,200 years ago and White Sonora arriving with Spanish missionaries in the late 17th century. Both crops suffered declines in cultivation as water- and fertilizer-responsive varieties took precedence in irrigated agriculture in the Southwest. They became commercially unavailable in Arizona and adjacent areas of Mexico by 1975, though Native Seeds/SEARCH has maintained both Chapalote and White Sonora in its seed bank and has continued to make them available to growers in the Southwest. Interestingly, two of the project sites (Avalon Organic Gardens and Tubac Presidio State Historic Park) may be on the very ground where Jesuit Father Eusebio Francisco Kino first introduced White Sonora wheat to Arizona, and the Community Food Bank's two farms are within a few miles of where the oldest Chapalote-like maize was found in the U.S."

I am fired up to use these grains to make some tasty beer :)

Updates on the nuts and bolts of the project:

Beau reports that health department approval should be coming this week. That means we can start building out. That is very exciting. 

I will be completing my liquor manager class this week. Not so exciting, but one more box to check.

Fun stuff:
Glasses are in! They look incredible. The American pint glasses have the logo printed on the outside AND laser etched in the bottom of the glass. The etching not only looks cool, but has a purpose. It provides a nucleation site for bubble formation, so a head is maintained for the duration of your beer. Look for your glasses in the mail soon.

T-shirts should be ready in the next couple of days. They look awesome!

That's about it for now. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.



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    1. Debbie on

      Hi Guys! How you doing? any update on your shop?? Still rooting for you!!

    2. B.J. Segel on

      Found my glass sitting on my front porch. Wow! Personal service. Too bad I wasn't home to greet whoever delivered it.

    3. Sara Hammond on

      Time for another update!

    4. William Dunbar on

      Thanks for the update and sounds like things are coming together: woot hoot!

    5. Jonathan Wactor on

      This is great to know. Can't wait to see the place when its up and running!