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Worthy successor to the classic space strategy turn games with 3D galaxy map, turn-based 3D space battles and a load of new ideas.
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SpaceShip Sizes & Designs

Posted by IdeaLcenter (Creator)


In this update we wanted to give you more about ships. Just check our video presentation, where you will find info about classes of starships in our game.

Also we've presented a few spaceships design, created only from 8 blocks. Thanks to your pledges, we've reached over $60,000 which will allow us to create 50 spaceship blocks for every race! Our ship blocks are premade objects that you can put together to make new ship designs. With these 8 blocks we managed to create totally different designs.. think what you will be able to create in our final game! We don't know other game which will allow you such freedom in creating and testing in fight your spaceships design!

Remember, if we reach $95,000, our space battles will have even more options (like aiming and firing weapons at desired parts of ships). Because of this rich variety, and a separate space battle module, M.O.R.E. will be also a great game for people who only wants to create ships and test them in turn-based space combats!

Also, we've run some performance tests, which can give you some point of view how M.O.R.E. will behave on random machines. We will update this section when we test our game on other machines.

Windows XP 64bit SP2
Intel Dual-Core E6300 2,80Ghz
Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
Ships no. (quality) /// Entire Battlefield FPS /// Max FPS
200 (high) /// 3 fps /// 6 fps
200 (medium) /// 5 fps /// 10 fps
200 (low) /// 19 fps /// 29 fps
400 (high) /// 1 fps /// 4 fps
400 (medium) /// 1 fps /// 10 fps
400 (low) /// 13 fps /// 20 fps
1600 (low) /// 3 fps /// 15 fps

Windows 7 64bit
Intel Core2 CPU 6420 2.13GHz
nVidia GeForce 8600 GTS 256MB
Ships no. (quality) /// Entire Battlefield FPS /// Max FPS
200 (high) /// 8 fps /// 11 fps
200 (medium) /// 37 fps /// 59 fps
200 (low) /// 59 fps /// 60+ fps
400 (high) /// 3 fps /// 8 fps
400 (medium) /// 14 fps /// 50 fps
400 (low) /// 60+ fps /// 60+ fps
1600 (low) /// 27 fps /// 60+ fps

Windows XP 64bit SP2
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2,40Ghz
Radeon HD 4850 1024MB
Ships no. (quality) /// Entire Battlefield /// FPS Max FPS
200 (high) /// 9 fps /// 15 fps
200 (medium) /// 42 fps /// 60+ fps
200 (low) /// 60+ fps /// 60+ fps
400 (high) /// 4 fps /// 9 fps
400 (medium) /// 17 fps /// 60+ fps
400 (low) /// 60+ fps /// 60+ fps
1600 (low) /// 31 fps /// 60+ fps

Most battles in M.O.R.E. will have battles with 200 or less spaceships. You will be able to play M.O.R.E. on low settings even on a standard Core2 computer with an integrated graphics card.

Finally we invite you to take a part in "Ask Me Anything" which will take place now at The Q&A will stay open until 4-5 CEST // 2-3 UTC // 9-10pm EST // 6-7pm PST

Thank you once more for reaching over $60,000. Now we are heading for $65,000 which means additional music and Linux & Mac support from day 1. And as always - please spread the word about M.O.R.E. not only to 4x fans but also to fans of spaceship battles.

Best Regards
IdeaLcenter Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thor on

      DeathStar is a good idea in theory, but somehow I see it as the End-Game weapon! (unstoppable..) StarWars was really not too accurate on this. Why? If kept the sizes in actual perspective and have all the technologies available to build a DeathStar aka DoomStar.. we could build a vessel with unlimited space for weapons.

      Something like:
      1) un-passable shields with 10x or more regeneration systems
      2) Thousands of strongest beam weapons (to fire each turn)
      3) unlimited powerplants to power it all
      4) Thousands of antimatter torpedos and missiles (to fire each turn)
      This thing would kill anything that came close!

      All what I am saying, if kept the perspective of sizes accurate, DoomStar would be undefeatable. Period!

    2. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      @Adauli, "Warp coils" is place where you can put your engine. It will be different through the game. At first it will be nuclear propulsion system.
      @walkir, Space stations will have different sizes. How big? We will see. I can't answer that question now.
      Deathstar/Doomstar... maybe ;)

    3. walkir -Obsidian Order ot Goat Kn. Cmdr. on

      Okay, how big will space stations be compared to that? Can we expect something like the Star Trek Spacedock in Earth orbit where several ships (...corvettes/frigates, destroyers at best, I guess) can be held?
      While you kept zooming to bigger and bigger ships (a corvette seems to be smaller that a Titan turret...), I kept expecting the Deathstar.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      So MORE will use a Warp system for FTL like Star Trek?

    5. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      0_0 well i just upped my backing

    6. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      @Christopher - No. You will receive gamekey which will be active on MAC & PC computers :)
      Every revard from $10 will allow you to run M.O.R.E. game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Higginbotham on

      So assuming you guys reach the 65K goal, will there be an pledge option for the Mac version of the game on kickstarter?

    8. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      No. We will support 32bit systems. 32bit XP and Vista are safe :)

    9. alcaray on

      Yeah, I'm on 32-bit Vista. Am I screwed?

    10. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Nice to see performance figures, though presumably they exclude optimisations that the final release would include. Could you please confirm whether M.O.R.E. would run under 32-bit systems also though? (32-bit XP holdout here, for several reasons).
      Secondly, would it be possible to include the option of replacing the models with 2D symbols (like GalCiv2 did when zoomed out fully) to allow for massive battles with even the lowest-spec chipsets? (while less attractive, this would better represent military battlefield displays - having a hotkey to switch between them should make it simple to use).

    11. Matthew Cason on

      HOLY CRAP. It's like those 'scale of the universe' YouTube videos that take you from the smallest microbe out to the stands of galaxies that exist at the supra-universal level. This is amazing. Jaw-droppingly amazing and incredible and ... wow. That's all I can say right now. Wow.