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Worthy successor to the classic space strategy turn games with 3D galaxy map, turn-based 3D space battles and a load of new ideas.
3,270 backers pledged $90,925 to help bring this project to life.

$50.000 goal reached!

Posted by IdeaLcenter (Creator)


Thanks to all our supporters we have reached our initial funding goal!! This is a very happy moment for us, but we aren't celebrating just yet. Time for celebrations will come in December 2013. For now it will be 14 months of very hard work... and we are ready for it!

You have made it possible for us to create M.O.R.E.! Thank You!

As prommised, we reveal our last stretch goals. We are pretty sure that we won't reach them all in KickStarter, but we want to show you our direction in creating futures M.O.R.E. DLC's.

$150k - The Advanced space battle module means adding more options for our spacebattles. Such as targeting specific ship system (engines, shield generator, bridge etc). It also means that we create a separate module just to play space battles alone. You won't need to play whole 4x strategy. You will just pick technology age, and specify the number of battle pool points, to scale up the size of the battle. Then you will choose ships for your fleet from your previously created ship projects/prototypes... and then fight in turn-based 3d fight with your opponent. It will be something like Player Vs Player arena, similar to battles fought in "gratuitous space battles" or "total war rome"

$170k - We will create a great single player campaign and a tutorial based on short campaign. More cutscenes, more music, more graphics, interesting plot, galaxy heroes and you among them !

$200k - We will create advanced ground combat module, which will allow players to fight on a ground. More planetary options like guerrilla warfare, new buildings like ground shelters, defense lines, strongholds etc. There will be a new tactical battle screen to fight on it turn-based ground battles.

We want to inform you that as we reached $50.000, we will open PayPal payment option soon on our website (

And that's all for now. We are preparing .... Update no.8, so we are still very busy.
Until next time, and once more - Thank you for your Support! You are the best!
IdeaLcenter Team


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    1. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      We want to inform you that we will try to put our stretch goals into M.O.R.E. even if we don't reach $200.000. ... but without proper funding we simply can't promise this.

      @Godewijn - thank You for understanding our main goal and stretch goals.

    2. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      I still like the pledge goals. Yes, they are different, but that just shows you these people are really in it for themselves and their own ambition and want to make the game. EVERYTHING else besides that will have to be stretch. What other companies say: "Hey we want this and this and this in it or we won't make it." is not what these people do. They will make it. In fact, I feel they are more honest in terms of what is stretch than most other kickstarter projects. Yes, it may seem as though galactic menaces should be in anyway, but if you have to turn every penny twice before spending it you will see it is correctly a stretch goal.
      I for one would love for these guys to make the full 200K. Maybe they can call 200K "Full Funding", as it will be what other companies aim for at the start.
      Precisely the fact that these guys do not, makes me want to congratulate them.

    3. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      We've already done it. 6 new races, player house, languages support, mac&linux support, 3 new features. Not much if you compare this to us.. and they have almost $3.000.000 budget. We are doing even more. But it's not a place to discuss other projects.

      You can still write here or in our forum what you would like to see in our next stretch goals. You are welcome.

    4. alcaray on

      Not going to look at what I wanted you to see?

    5. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      @Alcaray - We've asked people in our forum about stretch goals. You can write there (or here if you want) what would you like to see in our next stretch goals.

    6. alcaray on

      Sorry to be a whiny barstid... but I don't think you guys have a handle on the stretch goal concept. The stretch goals need to be something to fire us gamers up. Things we are desperate to have in the game.

      If you don't know what I mean, take a look the "Project Eternity" stretch goals.

      If you still don't know what I mean, then why not ask us to tell you what things we would love to see in MORE?

    7. Tom Babiarz on

      Congrats on making your Goal!

    8. TanC on

      Now let's make that game!

    9. IdeaLcenter 2-time creator on

      @Bradley Stephenson - There will be tutorial in our game! Just we want to move forward beyond standard tutorials.... and create something like "tutorial mini campaign" - where you can learn how to play and it won't be boring.. even if you know how to play ;)

      @Adauli - We hope that our community will help us with this. There is many people who wants to help us about languages.

    10. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      Just realised that you whant to add support for 5 extra Languages for just 10k?! Do you have internal team members that will do this? If not I fear the money you get out of this 10k step (7k or maybe even less) won't be enought to pay for a good translation.

    11. Espio - Obsidian Order Lurker Bard on

      So, does that mean there won't be a tutorial in-game unless $170k is hit? :-\

    12. Archon on

      Ok , so that's $170K for SP campaign. Let's see how close we can get.

    13. Inquisitioner on

      200k should be a higher priority, hah.

    14. Missing avatar

      cordell melgaard on

      congrats guys. This will be a fun game and with 16 days to go I predict at least 80k

      The last 3 days are always the biggest surge

    15. Eric Mattson on

      Hoping for 80k...

    16. Evgueni Baldin on

      You could slightly prolong your campaign on Indigogo like Arakion project: and or return on kickstarter later for example after half a year.

    17. Missing avatar

      Cam on

      Congratulations! So happy to see this one get funded!

      I really hope you guys can hit the $60k and $70k goals, as they should make the game so much MORE (hur hur)! $80k would be very nice too, especially for the non-Windows users. As for the rest of the stretch goals, I've already pledged at $20, but I'd be more than happy to spend more in the future for DLC that adds stuff like advanced diplomacy, advanced combat, single player story/campaign, etc etc. The important thing is, this game is being made, and it's going to be great!

      So stoked for you guys! :D