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Worthy successor to the classic space strategy turn games with 3D galaxy map, turn-based 3D space battles and a load of new ideas.
3,270 backers pledged $90,925 to help bring this project to life.

M.O.R.E. - current status

Posted by IdeaLcenter (Creator)

Dear Backers,

It’s been a long time since our last contact with you, but it wasn’t without a serious reason. In June, despite a quite positive feedback which we’ve received from game industry companies at Digital Dragons, we’ve lost our investor and a big part of our team. Since then, production of our game is halted, and we’ve been trying to keep project “M.O.R.E.” alive. Unfortunately, after many talks and meetings, we didn’t manage to find in Central Europe a new investor who would be interested to invest in such big and niche game as “M.O.R.E”. It turns out that unfortunately there aren’t many fans of 4x space strategies among investors…

We know that you have plenty of questions - what happened? why? what next? There are no simple answers for any of those, but someday we will try to answer them all. For now, the most important thing is that we need to find a new investor to keep this project alive. We still believe in it, we still want to finish this game, as we still don’t see any 4x space strategy game which would make us addicted to it. So far, we’ve created a solid professional background - game code with networking, most of 2D and 3D graphic assets, VFX, animations, etc., and we’ve gained much experience. Now we need to make last step to finish this project with success.

To do it, we still need you – support of people who still wait for a game like this. Despite total investment of over $1 000 000 in M.O.R.E., we still need $500 000 and at least a year of work. Yes, creating a game is long and expensive task (especially a 4x TBS game), but we still believe that our project can finish profitably for all of us. Maybe among our backers are people who know any investor, business angel or other way that we’ll be able to create what we’ve always dreamt of? If so – please let us know. We really want to lead this project to a happy ending.



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    1. Missing avatar

      John Sponheimer 2 days ago

      So where are we now? its been a few months

    2. Missing avatar

      ChrisD 7 days ago

      Only solution : early access on Steam.
      I backed in 2012, its been years i dont expect much from this project, but early access is the only solution i want to see here.

    3. Lars H on

      This was obviuos long ago. But with your way of project management, you will burn the others 500k as well.

    4. Blue on

      Thanks for giving us an update. If you can't give us a game, give us the resources. Release the art and code and other digital resources, maybe even your design docs, to those who pledged. It's not what was promised, and it's years late. But it's at least something to help convince people that you were moving forward in good faith and head off at least some of the requests for refund that are int he Kickstarter T&C you agreed on in order to offer the game.

    5. Anders T.N

      Well it was pretty obvious this was a scam long ago even if it started out as a genuine project. As such I don't really think anyone expects a release here.

    6. boolybooly on

      TBH there is one thing I want to say, IMHO wiping the forum was misjudged, it offended all the people who were supportive enough to get involved and didnt impress your investor. If anything the old forum was a good sign to an investor because there has been lots of discussion and it showed the potential market. A community is free marketing. It was the wrong move to disregard backers contributions that way and may account for a hardening of attitudes I detect among the other comments.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      You still own your backers something. So, release what you have, so we can at least have some reinsurance that you were actually trying to make a game as advertised.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kibokin on

      The only fair thing you can still do is to release everything that was created for this project to the public, under an public-domain-equivalent license. All the audio, video, sourcecode, 3D-models, just everything. I doubt that anyone would pick it up to continoue it, but others could use some the stuff perhaps learn from it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gahrian on

      How about getting on the discord you set up and talk to us ?

    10. Missing avatar

      fakum12 on

      What's wore - if it's vaporware or a scam?

    11. Missing avatar


      $500K? Sure, let me just check down the back of the sofa - never know what amount of loose change I might find down there!

    12. Klingbeil on

      contact and sell your soul

    13. Derpy Starhead on

      "We know that you have plenty of questions"

      No... no we don't. Sorry, but nobody cares.
      I really am sorry, as I very much wanted this.

      I'd suggest just moving on from this, and learn from the experience.
      I don't think anyone is really mad anymore, we just don't care.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff K on

      This is just sad. You try to justify a 6+ month silence by saying you're out of money and need more. Ummm, you think maybe you should have told people right away?

      Release whatever pre alpha assets you have and maybe, just maybe, somebody will try to make an open source game with them. Either way the people here all helped pay for those assets and you should cough them up if you can't deliver the finished game.

    15. Joe Fitzgerald on

      I stopped being angry about this years ago and now it’s just sad. This is a scam and anyone too stupid or naive to understand that...well I don’t know what to say.

      The project is a full FIVE YEARS past its delivery date and has received more than 20 TIMES the amount of funding originally requested. Now you want at least another $500k?!?

      You should be ashamed.

    16. BJ Tomiko

      "Our planned budget is $50,000, and these funds will allow us to finish this project."

      You've burned through 20 times this amount and couldn't finish. Now you want ANOTHER 10 times this amount?! Come on. I know making video games isn't cheap, but you guys obviously had no idea what you were getting into. If you were off by a factor of 30 before, who's to say your guess of 500,000 M.O.R.E. isn't off by just as much again? You've lost all credibility, no one is going to take a chance on that. I know it's painful after so much work, and hey I do hope you somehow manage to see this through, but I certainly won't be holding my breath.

    17. Daniel Frantzen on

      As others have said, Steam Early Access seems to be a good option.

    18. Claude M. on

      In 5 years, you have released nothing else than a pre-alpha build, and you seriously expect to find an investor who is stupid enough to waste money on you? GTFO!

    19. Pétr on

      *Couple years later* hey give us more money *Couple years later* hey give us more money *couple years later* Still ran out, give us more money.

      I'd request a refund but by this point i'd expect nothing more than a pack of half chewed gum sent to me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tero Paananen

      You're not going to finish this game. Any investor to put money on this would be insane.

      Move on, learn from the mistakes and do better next time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Marko Barthel on

      I think I wasted my $70 on this project. I think it's really a shame after recieving $1M budget and a game release for $90k. And now the team need another $500k. That sounds really ridiculous! So I say no!

    22. boolybooly on

      Gamgoo leveraged $90k receipts to get $1m, spent it and failed to release MVP.

      That is such a shame. Glad you are still trying to complete but without more info its really hard to understand how that could happen. Might help to explain more, go transparent.

      Some people make good games in their garage for much less though so dont give up. Good luck. I hope you can find the money you need to make the game.

    23. Todd Zircher on

      Yeah, Early Access on Steam seems like the only viable option at this point.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alan Beall on


      Why don’t you just forget about this project, and move on with your life. I wasted $30 on this campaign, and others probably lost more. We knew a long time ago that our money was gone. Stop torturing yourself, and stop teasing us with your sad stories.

    25. Ben Graham on

      While i would love to see this developed, i do not hold much hope. To an investor this will simply seem like a bad proposition. As an investor invests to make money, they will not risk throwing good money after bad.

      Potentially a saving grace would be to put yourself out on EA. If it is as done as you say it is, it seems about ready for an EA release.

      Put a solid road-map together, a realistic road map, and release on EA.

    26. Mark Brenner on



    27. Missing avatar

      Salvo on

      I think Iceberg Interactive is publishing two upcoming space 4x games: Lord of Rigel and Pax Nova. They have already published a few more, so I supoose they do have an interest for this kind of games. You say, you have been working so long on the game and have created a solid background, so you should have no problem to show what you have achieved so far. I don't see why there should be a negative reaction by an interested publisher if there is indeed a solid basis to show. Good luck!

    28. Bernhard M. Wiedemann on

      I'd really like to see results open-sourced so that anyone can continue working on it.
      The Linux kernel got code worth several billion USD this way.
      Maybe you even find time to write about the valuable experiences you gained.

    29. Ash on

      "There aren't many fans of 4x space strategies among investors" - I'm not sure how justifiable this is. The past few years have been amazing for space 4X. The failing is your own, not the investors'; I spoke about this at length and one of your representatives even addressed the feedback ( There is still an opportunity for you to redeem this project, and more money isn't the only answer. It's up to you if you decide to even partially live up to your promises.

    30. Jarrod Bell on

      Hey remember how I kept telling you to stop talking about the project until it's done?

      This is exactly why. We are years past when this should have been finished and it's time to move on. The project isn't gonna get done, no one is going to invest, and eventually when you guys stop doing these pointless teases of updates that ultimately go nowhere every. Single. Time. It'll fade from existence and we can all forget about the money we flushed down the toilet on this early Kickstarter "success" that was anything but successful.

      Just stop already. All you're doing is pissing off people who have been angry at you for years thanks to your inability to deliver something.

      December 2013 was when I was supposed to receive my game. It's time to admit this vaporware and move on with your lives.

    31. Craig Plazony on

      Well, then I don't know what to tell you. I already forgot this existed since Stellaris and even another Orion game have come out since this project was funded many many years ago. I doubt you can make something better than what they put out at this point.

    32. zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on


      Your seriously asking us if we know anyone willing to give you bunch of losers , M.O.R.E. money. Id rather go to the toilet and flush it down the sewer,

    33. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      Lighthouse Interactive? Paradox? Slitherine/Matrix Games? Or did they all run away after seeing the troubled history of this project?