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A board game of paleontological and prehistoric prowess. Battle as dinosaurs and scientist-explorers across time and board space!
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Home Stretch! Intern/Paleo Art, Holiday Card, and The Future

Posted by Subtle Chuckle (Creator)

It's been quite the journey, but we are almost to the end of the road. Or perhaps to a turn in the road? Let's call it an on-ramp, to the oldest Freeway on the planet. Either way, here are a few final details before this campaign wraps up in a few hours. 

Intern and Paleo tier specifics

Exciting news for any Paleo or Intern level backers out there! In addition to being able to name the character, we are also allowing you a few reference images to base the character art around. Not only will your chosen name live on in the game, but the likeness of a person can as well! This is optional, so no pressure if you're colored pencil shy. The art, name, and short bio of each character will appear in the booklet, their visage will be on the cards used in the game, and a name will also be on the museum board. We want players to get to know their team, so that name and face will be in plain sight.

Holiday Card

Don't forget! If you supported us as a gift over the holidays, we'll send that lucky someone a cute holiday card to let them know what will be headed their way in the spring. The survey for that will go out as soon as the campaign closes.

Holiday Card Art Teaser
Holiday Card Art Teaser

Continued PayPal Pledges

The campaign closes in a few short hours, but we'll continue to take pledges during the next phase through PayPal. You can also purchase add-ons and extra copies this way. This will go live on our website (InAWorldGame) soon after the Kickstarter is done. All funding, during and after, the KS campaign will count toward our stretch goals! From this point forward, your purchase is no longer a pledge, but a pre-order since we met our core funding goal. 

Thank you all so far! It's truly been a pleasure to chat dinos with you all.


-The Dino Team

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      Congratulations on the successful Kickstarter, guys! I just happened to notice it during my break this morning and couldn't -not- pledge!