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A board game of paleontological and prehistoric prowess. Battle as dinosaurs and scientist-explorers across time and board space!
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Funded! Where we go from here, and Stretch Goals

Posted by Subtle Chuckle (Creator)

We've made it! 

Thank everyone so much. It means the world to our small team to be able to make this game for you. Thank you thank you thank you. 

We also have a few surprises in store to keep this train rolling along. Most importantly:

Stretch goals!

  • $30k - Original Funding
  • $35k - Ice Age Expansion
  • $40k - Fantasy Creatures Expansion
  • $45k+ ????

Ice Ice Baby
- Features 5 cool new creatures, 1 new event card
When the Meteor Strike is played using the Ice Age Expansion, a set of Ice Age fossil cards are placed on top of the herbivore and carnivore piles. These feature mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and other denizens of the era (five new beasts total). They can all be combined with the Dinosaur fossils you have already collected to make creatures like Wooly-cera-saurus or Tyran-go-tiger. 

Fantasy Land - Features 5 fantastic new creatures, 1 new event card
Similar to the Ice Age Expansion, when all life is wiped from the Dinosaur board with a Meteor strike a new form of life will inherit the island. In this case the fossils of Centaurs, Chimeras, Unicorns, and other fantastical beasts will be placed on the top of the fossil piles to be excavated. Anyone up for a game of Uni-dactyl darts? 

All reward tiers with a Retail Edition or Fancy Pants Edition will receive the stretch goals. 

This means backers at the $50 level and up will receive stretch goals for zero additional pledge dollars. Any expansions will ship separately from the game to keep from delaying production of the main product. Expect delivery of any expansions to be a few months after the game is completed.


-The Dino Team

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    1. Knightess, Keeper of the Codex Valoria on

      Wow! Those are some seriously cool SG expansions. And I like that they will ship later so that your success doesn't hinder your timelines! Very practical decision and one that I hope most of the backers appreciates! Besides, getting more packages in the mail randomly is soooo much fun.

    2. DE Burke on

      yayyyyyy! so coool

    3. Aussie Jess

      Yay!!! �� I'm ecstatic that you're funded. It's so exciting. I fell in love with this game from the first time I read about it. It's amazing that Jurassic world shared it on their page! Congratulations guys.
      Fingers crossed for the stretch goals... They seem fun.