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A board game of paleontological and prehistoric prowess. Battle as dinosaurs and scientist-explorers across time and board space!
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Writing, puns, and subtle chuckles

Posted by Subtle Chuckle (Creator)

Howdy Dino Crew!

Game Humor

Since we only have a handful of cards with finalized art on them, we haven't had a chance to share the majority of the silly cards with you. Most of the event and explore cards have some sort of pun, visual joke, or dino related reference hopefully worth a subtle chuckle or two. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Local Event cards 

  • Walked into a tar pit. Someone should have tarped it. Death to Dino.
  • Small brain aneurysm (which is to scale). Death to Dino. Diplodocus sneezed. Whiplash. 
  • Death to Dino. Walked into a tar pit. Someone should have tarped it. Death to Dino.

Regional Event Cards

  • Island volcano erupts. Lava is soooo hot right now. Death to all Dinos on red spaces.
  • Drought. *Insert dry humor here.* Death to all Dinos on yellow spaces.
  • Had chili for lunch. Death to all Dinos three spaces behind.

Trap Cards

  • Distracted by the beauty of nature when... spike pit. Death to explorer.
  • Dropped compass down a pit, cried about it. Return to camp ashamed.
  • Man eating plants. You wave at him. He returns to his salad. 

What's that? Oh the man eating plants card? Well we have several Junk cards that are intended to clog up your camp, be used as trade fodder, or help you complete events on your Fame Card. This one in particular is meant to bring a moment of pause. It's a tad similar to one of our actual Trap cards: Man-eating plant. Its bite is worse than its bark. Death to explorer. The subtle change between a Man eating plants, and a Man-eating plant makes all the difference in the world. 

These are but a few of the cards we'll have in the game. We can't wait to have them in your hands so that you too might begrudgingly smirk at the silly puns and gags within. 

Want to Write a Card?

We're looking to open a few slots for you all to have a chance to create a card. Above, we listed Event, Trap, and Junks cards. We also have Artifact and Fossil (non-dino). 

While there are loads of cards in the game, we're only looking to open 5 slots for this tier. 

This tier would have us working together to craft the in-game card of your liking. Have a favorite non-dino fossil? Thought of a clever way to have a dino or explorer meet their end? How about an object that has no real value, but might just be silly enough to be a Junk Card? Feel free to message us first so that you know prior to pledging that your idea would be a great fit with the rest of the game. This tier includes a Fancy Pants copy too, by the way. 

Nearing Our Goal

Team, we are so very close to our goal. We just need that final push! If you don't mind, please help us share the project! The Jurassic World movie crew shared us on their Facebook page the other day. Amazing, but no matter how big or small, any amount of support means so very much to us. 



Other Great Projects!

At our campaign launch event, we met a smart designer from Austin, Tx. His name is Jonathon Ruland and he is making The Guardians: Explore. The Dino Crew here has played and personally backed Jonathon's awesome game. Turns are quick yet packed with strategy. The art is wonderful and the gameplay is a lot of fun. Check it out!

Click me!
Click me!

The Guardians: Explore is a drafting, deck refinement game. Players fight monsters, sometimes together, for trophies and the most wins!

-The Dino Team

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      George on

      Pick up ammonite, turns out to be dynamite. Malapropism causes anachrono-cataclysm. Death to all 100 foot in the direction of Sweden. Nobel death.