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A board game of paleontological and prehistoric prowess. Battle as dinosaurs and scientist-explorers across time and board space!
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Art Update: Those noble Paleontologists

Posted by Subtle Chuckle (Creator)

Here's the first look at a bit of character art. 

These are two of the Paleontologists in the game. Each team has three paleos, as well as three interns, and all of them will have individual names and identities. We wanted to make the pieces unique, so that when an intern stumbles upon a spike pit in the jungle, that there is a stronger sense of loss tied to the poor little worker bee.

We have dubbed these two Warner A. Marsh, and Evelyn Edwards, but if you'd like to name one of the majestic science machines (read: Paleontologists), you can. All Paleo Tier backers can dub a Paleontologist anything they would like. While I love Evelyn and Warner, there are probably better dino hunter names out there. Perhaps Ivan Digget, Sarah Tops, or Diane O. Sorell? Maybe Pat A. Playindirt, or Stephona D'nobone? B. Brown for you history buffs? What about Peter O'Dactyle? It's up to you.

- The Dino Team

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