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$721 pledged of $1,500 goal
$721 pledged of $1,500 goal

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We are KAPOW HOUSE. Yes, like Bauhaus, only...KAPOW! 

KARL CRONIN writes pop operas for voice and strings.   
NEIL FREESE creates art installations using tape, yarn, paper, fabric, wood and/or found objects. 

We are raising money to cover the costs for our Spring 2012 debut event (San Francisco, CA). This event will feature the world premiere of Karl Cronin's pop opera The Wild Men and an immersive installation by Neil Freese. 

Your support will help us secure the venue and provide small stipends for the guest musicians (look, your generosity is already multiplying). 

All backers will receive 2 tickets to the event, 1 limited edition letterpress art print created by Neil, and a stone from the Pacific Ocean. For those of you who can not make the event, we will be sure to provide you with a way to experience it (either by live streaming or DVD). 

Stay tuned for lots of fun updates from the KAPOW HOUSE atelier!


  • There are three primary origins. First, we wanted a name that honored the fact that we are interested in brining folks together from different disciplines to collaborate, hence the word house (like a fashion or design house). Second, KAPOW came from Neil's high-impact, vivid colors and geometric proclivities, which reminded us both of comic book text boxes (BAM, WHACK, KAPOW!). And third, we liked how KAPOW HOUSE lightly invokes Bauhaus, as Gropius' vision of an art collective/movement spanning the disciplines appeals to us.

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