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Signature Gentlemen Timepiece (Available in GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE) combines a bold design, a modern Swiss movement, and affordability.
Monsieur Watches are still available for pre-order! Visit our
Monsieur Watches are still available for pre-order! Visit our
71 backers pledged S$ 21,523 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Billy Doank on

      Thank you. I have collected mine today. Nice creation. I loveeee ittttt. Cheers

    2. Billy Doank on

      Any update on my shipping?

    3. Billy Doank on

      I have not receive it so far. Sighh

    4. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      I received the watch today !

    5. Billy Doank on

      Hi, i had responded your email pertaining the status. Btw i have not receive the watch and please update us something.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexis L-B on

      Could we have an update please about shipping status / An about your plans to solve this issue?
      How many backers on the 71 have received their watches? Is there specific countries affected?

      One option would be to send short questionnaire to all backers to find out if there is a common pattern (country / region of the world / common delivery services ...)!

    7. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      When I asked them earlier on instagram, they told me they didn't have tracking numbers....

    8. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      I need a tracking number too

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexis L-B on

      @monsieurfranceco, Thanks but i 'm checking my mailbox everyday. Haven't recieved anything yet! could you please provide a tracking number?

    10. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      I did receive mine and I am impressed thank you for a good product.. One thing though wished that the silicone rubber strap was with easy release like the leather one.

    11. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      Are there other people still waiting on theirs ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      @monsieurfranceco, I have been checking my mailbox everyday...

    13. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      @Sven Schirmer: thanks for the feedback :)

    14. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      @Billy Doank: please check if the watch has been delivered to your mailbox

    15. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      @Alexis L-B: do check your mailbox, it might be delivered there

    16. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      @Damien COROLLER: do check your mailbox, it might be delivered there

    17. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      Mine neither (Canada)

    18. Missing avatar

      Alexis L-B on

      I haven't received anything yet (Germany)

    19. Billy Doank on

      I have not received either.

    20. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Still waiting, why????

    21. Sven Schirmer

      Watch arrived today in Austria. Almost everything is fine. Packaging, contents.
      BUT the hand for the seconds is NOT aligning with the marks on the watch face. It’s a little bit off.
      Doesn’t bother me but I hope this is a valuable feedback for the QC guy...
      Happy new Year!

    22. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      I am still waiting on mine...

    23. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Anybody received your watch?

    24. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      Tracking number please

    25. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Hi, may I know where to find the tracking number?

    26. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      Guys 5 days to Christmas and we don't know if you shipped yet?

    27. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Any updates? It seems far behind the original plan.

    28. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      Hi based upon your last email the shipping is this week. Are you still on schedule?

    29. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      We are still waiting for an update regarding the product. Did you start assembly of the unit? Do you have a date on shipping?

    30. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      Hi @Chang & @Falah,

      We apologize for the late reply. We are currently in the midst of doing some final changes to the packaging and waiting on our manufacturer for shipment of the watches. We will be able to do an official update on KS once we have received the stage of completion from our manufacturer. Currently, the watches are being ready to be assembled and quality checked.


      Thank you!

      Team Monsieur

    31. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Any progress updates?

    32. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      Please update us on the progress

    33. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Any progress updates?

    34. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      Is it possible to have super luminova for the watch? It is handy in dark

    35. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      Thanks Brandon,

      For the watches, to select it, the reference is from the case Color (the one with orange dials is the silver watch, bronze and gold has bronze n gold dials respectively)

    36. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      Thank you Chad! Appreciate the support and we look forward to bring to your the watches before Christmas 2017

    37. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Hi, I noticed for the alliage silver series there's one with the orange dials and one without... How do I specify the one with the orange dials in my reward survey?

    38. Chad on

      Congrats on reaching your funding goal! Good on ya! Can't wait to see how things progress from here and the final product wrapped around my wrist. Looking forward to more projects from you in the future! Cheers!

    39. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      Hi all,

      After the campaign ends, you will be able to fill up information on

      - Color of watch
      - Shipping/ Mailing address
      - Additional Add-ons

      Team Monsieur

    40. Missing avatar

      David Tong on

      I don't remember being asked to choose the colour. How can I confirm on the colour I want ? I would like a silver please. Thank you.

    41. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      Our watches come with standard leather straps. After the campaign, you can opt to purchase other leather straps available. We will also include a silicone rubber strap for ALL backers as a complimentary upgrade

    42. Missing avatar

      Kun-Yeh Lin on

      Hi~After project end, can we choose the color of strap?
      Thank you!

    43. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      Hi fellow friends and backers!

      We excited to announce that we will add a FREE silicone strap for every watch backed! You can now stay active while wearing your Monsieur timepiece!

      LIVE #BOLD

      Team Monsieur

    44. Missing avatar

      Damien COROLLER on

      Hi ! Have you thought as well as a stretch to provide a white face and black or silver dial with the bronze plating ?

    45. Falah Al Sukaiti on

      Congratulations! I hope you can offer a rubber band for the watch as an add on or a stretch goal

    46. Alan Keith Simpson on

      Congratulations on hitting 100%! �

    47. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      @Guy Thank you for your support! The bronze used for our Alliage series is a bronze plating on 316L stainless steel.

    48. O Guy


      For bronze version, what type of bronze is used? Thanks

    49. monsieurfranceco Creator on

      @Chang thank you for your interest, the crown is engraved with Monsieur's M logo, as well as on the back case & the Italian leather band

    50. CHANG YI TSUNG on

      Do you consider to make this wath have an engraved crown rather than a flat one?

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