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A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
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The new cover!
The new cover!


It has been a long time since our last update. We expected to release the Steam Early Access version of Lords of Xulima one month ago, but we delayed it because we had to have a new epic trailer that LoX deserves. We have put a lot of effort into it, as it lasts 2:40. All of the music was composed specifically for the trailer, thanks to our great composer Nicolas de Ferran, which was complimented with the superb voice work of Josef Gagnier as the narrator. 

The Steam Early Access version will be launched at the end of the next week. At that point, we will make another update to announce it. 

Finally Lords of Xulima will be available for all Backers & Pre-Orders! 

All backers and pre-orders will receive their own Steam key to activate the game next week! The early version included about 50-60% of the game (about 50 hours of gameplay time). In the next weeks we will unlock the rest of the content, and as promised, the new class "Divine Summoner" and the special artifact, the Talisman of Golot

The game is now more polished and balanced than ever. As this release is the actual game, all of your saved games will be compatible with the final version. We expect to have the final version ready and officially launched sometime between September and October of this year. 

 MAC Users

We have addressed all of the issues related with the MAC compatibility, and now Lords of Xulima is fully playable on MAC. Even so, it won't be available on Steam for some time, because we still have to create the installer and then implement the Steam integration.

Thanks again for your support! We are very happy to finally give you the opportunity to enjoy the project you have helped us to create.

Recommended Project: Jotun

If you enjoy wandering the roads of a mythical continent, battling titanic creatures and gathering artifacts, then here is another game from our friends we would like to let you know about: Jotun:  An Exploration game based on viking mythos. In Jotun, you take on the mantle of Thora, a warrior who met an untimely end and must journey through the purgatory to prove worthy of entering Valhalla before the Gods. The gameplay style looks to be a mix between The Legend of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus. Be sure to watch the video and pitch in, as this is a game we would love to see triumph through a few stretch goals! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Neo on August 7, 2014

      I hope the Linux version will be soon! :)

    2. Numantian Games Creator on August 2, 2014

      @SteveW: the official release will be simultaneous in the three platforms. The Early Access will be first for PC, then for Mac and finally Linux.

    3. madGamer on August 2, 2014

      @Numantian Games thanks :)

    4. Missing avatar

      SteveW on August 2, 2014

      I guess it's not a simultaneous release for Linux, OSX, and Windows; you specifically called out the OSX version as being delayed, but said nothing about Linux?

    5. Numantian Games Creator on August 2, 2014

      @Joshua. RSF: If all goes well on Monday we will publish the trailer and we will make a new update to share it with the backers :o)

    6. Numantian Games Creator on August 2, 2014

      @madGamer: No problem, when the GOG version is alive send us an email to get your DRM free copy.

    7. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on August 2, 2014

      Yeah this is great. Been playing the beta and loving it. Although I got a bit busy and had to stop playing for the past few weeks. So think I might kick off again when the official steam early access release occurs. :-)
      Also.. like Joshua, would love to see that new trailer... do we have to wait? :D
      BTW: That new cover art looks awesome!

    8. Joshua Johnson
      on August 1, 2014

      will we be bale to view the trailer early? or will it be released with the early access next week?

    9. madGamer on August 1, 2014

      Nice update! just one question if you use the beta steam key we could have the drm free game( GOG ) in final version?


    10. JackDandy on August 1, 2014

      Alright! Super glad to hear about this one.