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A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
1,313 backers pledged $35,657 to help bring this project to life.

Great news! 2nd Goal Reached & Videogame legend Brian Fargo supports Lords of Xulima!


Yes! We are proud to announce that the founding father of many important games for us (Bard’s tale, Wasteland, Planescape: Torment & too many others to list!), Brian Fargo, has supported Lords of Xulima by pledging here and mentioning us on Twitter. On behalf on our entire community (including us!).

Thank you very much Brian! Best wishes from the team!

New Goal Reached: The Divine Summoner 

We made it! Again!

Lords of Xulima will have a new special class for you, the Divine Summoner, who will bring a lot of new possibilities to the gameplay. With him by your side, the Heralds of the Gods will fight with you in the coming battles.

What’s next?

$25K - A Special Surprise on the road… 

Surely some of you have noticed on the Goals Map that a mysterious surprise is waiting at 25K, by now. But we are not revealing anything until our protagonist gets there, so you can consider it a random encounter :o) What kind of enemies lies ahead? Help us discover it! 

Next goal $30K - The Enchanted Isles of Varas Talak


The Varas Talak Archipelago: 7 mystical islands connected by a nightmarish sea, which you must brave onboard a ship. Who knows what lurks below the ocean? This new region is protected by an ancient, hidden power. Discovering its secrets will be vital to the success of your adventure 

And more original, epic themes for the Lords of Xulima soundtrack! Did you like Nicolas De Ferran’s composition? We did too! That’s why we’d love to have more! 

And then? Help us decide the $40K goal!

Let us know which of these ideas you are most excited about:

  • A new Region, filled with lore: the Secret Garden of Nameria. Legends say that the most guarded secret of the Lords of Xulima, the destiny awaiting all of mankind, is hidden within. It is guarded by the Heralds of Alnaet, the most lethal creations of the Gods, who far surpass even the Titans in strength. Only the most powerful and high level parties can dare step in this sacred land. In the world of games, it would be considered an “Endgame” area. Can any mortal dare challenge this vestige of the Gods and unveil their most precious secret?
  • New themes for the soundtrack, created by our talented composer Nicolas de Ferran.
  • Full language translations in time for the game release: French and German.
  • Another special class to innovate your gameplay: The Monk Warrior. This disciplined warrior doesn’t rely on weapons and has lots of unique techniques in combat.
  • New Gameplay feature: An added game, within the game (such as battle cards), to play against the NPCs…

And lastly, a shout-out from our team!


Canada-based Snowed In Studios is looking to deliver a Minecraft-style 2D Action-RPG, for those weekends where you've had enough of shoveling snow and would rather get creative. Build your ships, save the whales and blast the baddies Contra-style. That's right!  

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    1. Tovarah - Weresheeptiger of Sin [DOoD] on

      I'd prefer the new region too, though the Monk would be an interesting second option for me.

    2. NG on

      @Everybody Nameria is popular, but I'm amazed at how much love the Monk class is getting. We also received a few mails and mentions that put the other 3 options fairly close to each other. Taking notes, fire at will :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      I'd prefer the new region; failing that, the Monk class.

    4. Entropy - Graywalkers supernatural RPG

      My vote is for the new Monk class!

    5. Tom

      My preference is the Secret Garden of Nameria closely followed by the Monk Warrior.

    6. Jan Egil Bjune

      I, for one wouldn't mind the Monk Warrior as first pick (as you can use him from the start), with the New Region as a close second :-)

    7. Disposable hero on

      Hi ! I vote for a new region, follow by the multi translation and the mini game (I'm very nostalgic of the [ridiculous] card game in Heroes of might and magic :p )
      But In fact all these goals are cool ^^

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      "A new Region" should be the 40k goal as it's the most new content.

    9. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      It's gotta be the Secret Garden of Nameria.

    10. Missing avatar

      SXF on

      I'm torn between the monk warrior and the high-level content.

    11. madGamer on

      my vote is for the new region and New Gameplay feature

    12. Missing avatar

      BBkick4 on

      Of those options, definitely new region. More money on art and, especially, story and dialogue almost always pay off handsomely as well!

    13. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Gratz on hitting another goal! Asvfor the 40k goal, I vote for the new region. End game content is neat:).

    14. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      At 40K I'd like the new region most of all, second would be the gameplay feature, third the new class.

    15. Dominik W. on

      I realy like, what I read and see about your game. I would vote for additional languages (german). For text intensive games many people probably more enjoy the game in native language.

    16. NG on

      Loving all this participation guys, keep sharing your thoughts :) We're listening!
      @EndreX We'd love to connect this Kickstarter to Facebook directly, but Kickstarter doesn't allow us to do that since the "Project Creator" is our studio, Numantian Games. If we registered the project under a person instead, we could've done it. But never fear, we're very active on Facebook as well :) Feel free to take 2 minutes to visit us and drop some Comments/Likes!
      Our friend updating social medias will really appreciate it, I'm sure. Plus, all these little things quickly add up and really help us build up our community =)

    17. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      New region! The more hours we get to spend in your world the better!

    18. ElGigolo on

      Yep like most here I'd also like the new region at 40k, second favourite the extended soundtrack :D

    19. Darlene Turner on

      I'd like to see either the new region or the Monk class

    20. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      I vote new Region, I'm a sucker for content.
      Second choice would be languages, as it may bring in a wider audience.
      Third would be the music of course ^^

    21. Kenny

      I vote "New Region"

    22. Stefan Brauner on

      Lovely kind of progress.

      I'd prefer the Monk class followed by the region and lastly the enhanced soundtrack.

      May there be many stretch goals to follow!

    23. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Go on Facebook, Guys, that would help a lot!! :-D

    24. Liahim on

      +1 for the New Region at 40k.

    25. Missing avatar

      Paul Chauvet on

      I love extra classes and extra music but my vote has to go to the extra region as well.

    26. Korg on

      congrats :D
      My vote goes to the new region!

    27. Chet on

      I see you've managed to get a minor RPG Deity, (Brian Fargo) to bless this project.

      Things just keep looking better and better.

    28. Kordanor on

      Voting for the New Region (maybe together with an additional soundtrack?)
      And also because I feel obliged to do so, I additionaly vote for a German translation. Not because I'd play it in German, but because I am sure that lots of Roleplaying Fans would love to.

      I vote against a Card game. Why? Because it takes to much development time if you want to make it well. Fallout New Vegas had a nice card game. But it was of no use because the AI wasn't able to play competitively.

    29. Missing avatar


      I vote for the New Region at 40k.

    30. Darklord on

      Awesome, really hope we hit 30K+! :-D