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A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
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New Reward! and Previous Updates Recap IV


$30 - Special Limited Bestiary Edition!

We have created a new reward specially for people who wants the Bestiary & Mythology book, that includes the digital version, the game guide, the HD map and the digital edition of Lords of Xulima. 

They are limited so don't lose the chance to have our masterpiece!

Do you have a lock pick handy?

For newcomers, here you have one interesting article about one of the most common elements in the RPG genre:

A classic moment in RPGs is when you find a locked door or chest. Each game has its own system for locks, some rely on skills and others use mini-games.

In Lord of Xulima there is a lock pick skill. It's available to the thief and explorer classes. Since Gaulen, the main character, is an explorer, you will always have the ability to develop this skill, though it may be better to have a thief so that Gaulen can develop other skills.

If you don't have the key, or you can use one of these three tactics to open a lock:


Open the lock by playing the lock pick mini-game. The difficulty depends on the level of your lock pick skill and the complexity of the lock.

To successfully pick a lock, the player must find the correct path between two sides of a grid. The size of the grid depends on the difficulty of the lock. The player always knows how many more cells they must traverse to win and can use this knowledge to deduce the correct path.

There are blocks on the board that reduce the number of choices needed to find the correct path. The higher your lock pick skill, the more blocks there will be on the board.

Choosing incorrectly causes a new block to appear and there’s a chance that a lock pick will break. A higher lock pick skill will lower the chance of the lock pick breaking. If you run out of lock picks, then you’ll have to try to find another way to open the lock.


This is the classic method, similar to a pen and paper game. The chance of success depends on the difficulty of the lock and the skill of the characters. Each time you fail to pick the lock, one of your lock picks breaks. You can try as many times as you like as long as you have lock picks .

Brute force

Have you ever asked, why can’t I just break the lock? In Lords of Xulima, you can. However, it can be very difficult. The amount of time it can take to break a lock will depend on the strength of your party members and the difficulty of the lock. Time, of course, is precious since you only have a limited amount of food reserves. Losing 8 hours in a dungeon, trying to break a lock can be a very bad idea. That said, if you have a group of soldiers and barbarians with no lock picks, force may be a good way to get through .

Which method do you prefer?

As one of our testers said “Every time I run into a chest, I hope it’s locked so that I can play the lock pick mini-game…”.


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    1. Numantian Games Creator on November 14, 2013

      @EndreX; Thank you for updating your contribution. The $30 rewards is being very popular!
      Apart from the trap and locks mini-games, ther are a lot of riddles in Lords of Xulima, for example, the mystic towers of sorcery that protects the divine artifacts are full of them. Even the different plots has some touches of adventure games. But, don't worry, they are all coherent with the story, the game auto record notes so you can read them again in the journal.
      And anyway, if you want to go fast, get the Game Guide which contains all the secrets :o)

    2. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on November 14, 2013

      Cool! I already updated to the 30$ tier! :D
      I don't know if you will have riddles (except lock picking), but I would advise to give the possibility to skip them. Just writing because I already met some which took many time, got me angry and I had to check on the internet for a solution. So it would be nice at least give a cheat-code to avoid this. Only for the people without patience... ;-)
      This lock picking nice!

    3. Rolan Storm on November 14, 2013

      Good. Mini-games always add spice to experience and if they present a little challenge it is even better, especially when alternate ways of solving problem is present. I always preferred to win mini-game rather then try automatic resolution - exactly because of chances. :)

    4. NG on November 13, 2013

      @Jeremy Once we have enough original themes to add a worthy Soundtrack to the list, we will do so in a heartbeat. At this time, we will need to reach the "Enchanted Isles of Varak Talak" stretch goal to provide our talented composer with everything he will need for that.

    5. Missing avatar

      J on November 13, 2013

      Any chance of adding a soundtrack reward tier? So far I've only heard the one from the main screen but it sounds pretty good.

    6. Numantian Games Creator on November 13, 2013

      @Talon & @Darklord: Thanks! It is a classical topic in the RPGs but it is always interesting :o)

    7. Numantian Games Creator on November 13, 2013

      @Kahuna: Surely you will choose the three methods, for very easy locks you will use the automatic mode, for average and difficult locks the manual mode, and for the hardest locks or when you have not more keys you will use the brute force.Just from the beginning you will find very hard locks... (perhaps you should find the key...)

    8. Darklord on November 13, 2013

      Awesome, glad we wont have to wait to long for this.

    9. Kahuna Kevin on November 13, 2013

      Also different lock types would be nice to mix things up, vs just the standard gear lock you're showing here.

    10. Kahuna Kevin on November 13, 2013

      I like Oblivion/Skyrim's approach. At a certain level you are guaranteed to automatically pick some locks. Others can be picked, others still are completely out of you skill level. At this point it would be nice to attempt brute force as a last resort, something both those games lack.

    11. Numantian Games Creator on November 13, 2013

      @Nathan: Yes, of course, it includes the Talisman, it is the same reward as the $35 but cheaper. We want that all people can have the chance to get the book because it is our best work. We have put a lot of love in it, and contains the original mythology of Xulima written some years ago, and that it was the origin of this game. Soon we will publish an update telling about the origins of Lords of Xulima.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathan L. on November 13, 2013

      Does this offer also include the Talisman? I'm assuming that the $30 tier is the same as the $35, but just $5 cheaper?