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A 2D isometric, turn-based Role-Playing Game with the depth and challenge of old-school classics and a modern, intuitive interface.
1,313 backers pledged $35,657 to help bring this project to life.

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Physical Editions



Let's talk a bit about the Physical Editions!

Before starting our crowdfunding campaign we were learning a lot from other projects and their authors. One of the most common advice was, "Avoid the physical rewards, their production and manufacture can be a nightmare!

And despite following all of the other advice which was very useful for us, we thought that physical editions for an old-school RPG with a wonderful map, bestiary book, and guide, was simply something mandatory. Even the team members dreamed of having a beautiful Lords of Xulima boxed edition in our hands. So yes, we included those rewards while we said, "Okay, no worries, we will deal with it in the future!"

And the future is now...

So... I don't have words to explain how difficult it has been dealing with all of this stuff. We have a big problem because of the number of units which is less than 400. Because of this we cannot contract a company to produce everything in mass, as the fixed costs are really big. Also 400 is too much for handling them on our own. And of course we want something really cool, not a cheap plastic box or a low quality printed bestiary book. We wanted something exclusive and unique for the backers.  

We had to search for other solutions. We spent lots of days searching for the best way to handle this. Finally, we made an agreement with another company that specializes in this stuff for producing and shipping the physical editions.

So everything is OK now?

No, it isn't. The problem with working with an external company is that everything gets delayed a lot with meetings, design tests, discussions.... and start again. We had prepared all the books for December but the production was delayed two months. After that, we have had to reformat the two books again with more than 200 pages...

And finally,

Everything seems to be right and we expect to start the production next week and the shipments in about ten days after that. We are very sorry about the delay. We have put a lot of effort in getting the best quality possible, so we really hope you like it. This is what includes:

  •  DVD Box: Flap format which contains the DRM-Free version of the Deluxe Edition of Lords of Xulima for MAC and PC. (with version 1.7). 
  • Printed Manual
  • Worldmap Poster: Full color and in a cool and big A2 format (420 × 594 mm or 16.5x 23.4inches) 
  • Printed Game Guide: Full color, +200 pages.
  • Printed Bestiary and Mythology book: Hard covers, full color, +200 pages.

Here you have some images of the designs:

As soon as we have more info we will post a new update,

See you soon!

Lords of Xulima - Available on Linux


Lords of Xulima is now available for Linux! 

To celebrate this new launch we have set a special discount of 25% off. The game should run well in all official distributions that launch the Steam Client. The GOG version will be available a bi later. Also, we have created a new section on the forum to give support to the Linux users.

What's next? The Workshop

We are working on some modding options for Lords of Xulima. The first one will be the ability to modify rule sets in the game (classes, skills, enemies, encounters, zones...). Players will be able to create their own rule set and share it with the community.

Would you like to try a super fast LoX without random encounters, but you can only cure the party with potions? Or where Wyverns are roaming Velegarn and Gaulen is now a Pyromancer? There are endless possibilities!

Physical Editions

Yes we know we are very delayed, apologies again for the delay! This week we will post a new specific update to talk about the physical editions.

New version 1.6 available

We have fixed some minor bugs/crashes and made some optimizations to improve speed and smoothness, especially when using OpenGL. You can see the full list of changes here.

See you soon!

Lords of Xulima - Available on


Finally, the DRM-free version of Lords of Xulima is available on You can visit the GOG store here. Please share it with your friends!

All the backers that prefer the GOG version over the Steam one, please send us an email to from your Kickstarter email address. We will send you a GOG key in a few days. 

Linux Version

We are starting the testing of the Linux version of Lords of Xulima. All that want to participate in the test process, please send us an email to We will use the Steam platform for the testing. And when finished, we will launch it on Steam and GOG at the same time.

Physical Rewards

Apologies to all the backer because of the long delay of the physical rewards. We have waited to have the GOG DRM-free version to include the same standalone installer in the DVDs. As all backers who purchased the physical editions already have a Steam Key, those backers will get both versions. We expect to start the production next week, and start the shipments in about 10 days. We will inform you with the progress.

And that's all for the moment, see you soon!

Game Guide Available: The Secrets of Xulima


Game Guide Available: The Secrets of Xulima


The game guide book, called "The Secrets of Xulima" is now included in the Steam Deluxe Edition. In the 200+ pages of this book you will find the Walkthrough, and the glossary of classes, skills and weapons. Backers who pledged for the Digital Guide will receive the guide by email.


Finally, Lords of Xulima has a manual that cover all the basic aspects of the gameplay and a reference to all the shortcut keys.You will have it in the game installation folder and also can download it directly from Steam here.

New languages in the works: Russian and Polish

Good news!One of our dreams is that players in all countries can experience this epic story in their native language, so we are proud to announce that two more languages are coming to Xulima: Russian and Polish. And... we expect to add Italian too some time later.

Mac OSX Players

In the name of the team, we would like to apologize to the players who suffered issues of the initial release version of Mac. We didn't realize that there were so many different computer configurations as in Windows. We have worked and continue working on addressing all the incompatibilities. The game now plays smoothly on our Mac Book Air, Pro and iMAC. We can even say that the best platform for playing LoX is a Mac Book Pro with retina display. The images are so beautiful that even the developers are amazed, take a look at this 4K screenshot.

Linux Version

The Linux port is progressing well, and we expect to have it before Christmas.

Physical Editions

We are now working on the production of the Physical Editions and if all goes well, we expect to have them ready in time before Christmas. Wait until you see the World Map Poster printed in A2 size!

Special thanks for the Veterans...

We would like to give special thanks to those veteran players who are helping new players in our forum. Thank you guys! And also we are glad that so many players that have never played the classics are now discovering and enjoying that wonderful feeling that surrounded those old-schools games. Bringing back that feeling was the main goal of this game.

And that's all for the moment.

See you soon!

Available Now in Steam!



Official Launch!

Finally here you have the full game with great new features! Don't think that we have finished here, as we will continue to support all the players, solving bugs, and even implementing new features as we have done during the Early Access phase.

The End of the Epic Journey of Gaulen

The final boss and the End is now unlocked. The dreadful and most powerful being in Xulima is waiting for you in the Temple of Valvet. Good luck guys!

 We have carefully crafted a 10 minute cinematic to show you the end of this odyssey. We really hope you like it, as we have put all our heart and passion into it. A deserved reward for all that have won this epic adventure of more than 100 hours.

Please, don't spoil the end to the new players, if you talk about it make clear that there is a spoiler inside. Thanks!

The final score will be uploaded to the Global Leaderboard, let's see who ranks the highest!  

Talisman of Golot

Our promised special artifact to reward our backers in Kickstarter is available now. It is available as an upgrade, or as a pack: The Talisman of Golot edition that includes the Game and the Talisman of Golot DLC. If you purchase it you can enjoy the artifact at any time. It is not necessary to start a new game, although it is highly recommended, as there is a new quest and achievement for getting the 50 spheres of energy that now are located in different hidden places of Xulima.

For more information visit the Talisman of Golot store page.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition DLC of Lords of Xulima includes the Bestiary & Mythology Book with more than 200 pages, the soundtrack with 15 original themes, the HD World map and exclusive wallpapers. The Mythology contains two parts, the pre-game and post-game parts. So if you haven't finished the game, don't read the second part! As for the artifact, it is available as an upgrade or sold as a the Deluxe Edition than includes Lords of Xulima, Special Digital Rewards and the Talisman of Golot.

For more information visit the Deluxe Edition store page.

The Lords of Xulima speak in German too

It has taken us much more time than we expected. Two translators have worked hard to get this great translation as good as the original one. Hope you like it!

Available for Macintosh  

The Lords of Xulima has arrived in Apple computers. Although there are some issues, we expect to solve this very soon, but the game is now fully playable. The first launch of the game after the installation can take one or two minutes so be patient. We have created a special Forum for Mac OSX users.

Coming Soon...  

  • Linux version, which is our priority now.
  • Full Game Guide that will be included in the Deluxe Edition for free.

For the Backers of Lords of Xulima

All of the backers that pledged for rewards that included the Talisman of Golot will get a new Steam key to activate the DLC. In the same way, all the backers that pledged for the Digital Book Bestiary & Mythology will have another Steam key to activate the Deluxe Edition. The rewards will be send this weekend. If someone does not receive it, please send us an email to

Physical Editions

Physical rewards will come a bit later, as we still have to finish the Linux version, prepare the Game Guide, and produce the goodies first. We will send you an email to confirm the shipping address.

Have you enjoyed Lords of Xulima?

 If so, and you would like to help us a bit, please share it with your friends, write reviews, and recommend it on social media. All help for promoting the game is more than welcome. ... and a big thank you!

Thanks to all the backers, pre-orders, beta players, and Early Access players for all of your fantastic support. Thank you very much in the name of the team of Numantian Games.

You are the best!  

See you soon!