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A seamless earphone that can be switched between dual-ear and single earphone.
A seamless earphone that can be switched between dual-ear and single earphone.
A seamless earphone that can be switched between dual-ear and single earphone.
115 backers pledged HK$ 163,369 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bill Cooper on

      Disappointed. My battery continues to under perform and the cover with the Borofone logo has become disconnected again. As much as I enjoyed using them, I have to chalk this up to one of the more disappointing interactions. No replies from the creators after I left a private message voicing my concerns.

    2. Bill Cooper on

      So I have been using them quite consistently since I received mine. A couple observations.
      1. The sound is great.
      2. No issues with connecting to any of my devices.
      3. Battery has only lasted 3-4 hours streaming music from Spotify.
      4. When fully charged and turned on, The "Voice" only has ever said "Battery at Medium". I'm not sure if there is an issue with my battery ( the cover of mine with the Borofone logo had snapped off during shipping so a small bit of glue and it snapped into place and has not come off since).

    3. Missing avatar

      Heather Souza

      My boyfriend gave me a Bluetooth for Christmas and then these show up today XD still can't wait to try them out!

    4. SK

      Received mine in Malaysia, Thanks !

    5. Missing avatar

      HUANG, TAI LIN on

      We already received 10 pcs BE10 headset. They are great products and we like it very much

    6. Band Kwok Creator on

      @Bill Cooper
      We are preparing for shipment now. We will send out the product this month.

    7. Bill Cooper on

      Has there been any mention about when shipping will start?

    8. Band Kwok Creator on

      @Bill Cooper
      Thanks for staying with us and supporting us. Your pledge is really important for us to meet the goal! Much appreciated!

    9. Bill Cooper on

      Congratulations!!! I wasn't sure the goal would be hit in time.

    10. Band Kwok Creator on

      @Jarence Wen
      Yes,you can choose different colors after this Kickstarter project sucessfully meet the goal. You will receive an email from us inquirying about the color selection and your delivery address.

    11. Band Kwok Creator on

      @Heather Souza
      HKD299 is the early bird price for Borofone BE10,and HKD379 is the normal price pledge for this Kickstarter project.

    12. Missing avatar

      Heather Souza

      What's the difference between the 299 and the 379 pledge?

    13. Jarence Wen on

      Thank you for clarification. My question is to u is, can I chose 2 different colours since I'm ordering a couple pledge.

    14. Band Kwok Creator on

      Dear Jarence,

      Thanks a lot for your support. The color could be chosen after the project succeeds. When the project successfully finished, we will send you a survey to inquire of your message, including the color of your choice, and your shipping address etc. Though the survey, you will be able to select the color and tell us your requirement.

      For the FAQ, we are so sorry for making some mistakes. There is no charging case for this product. The earphone could only be charged by the microUSB and power adapter.

      Thank you again for your support.

      Best Regards,

    15. Jarence Wen on

      In the FAQ, there is a question on the battery life. It said the charging case can last another 48 hrs. But I don't see any charging case in the packaging. Please don't tell me is the pouch because it definitely doesn't look like a charging case to me in all the pictures shown. Is there anyway to look at the charging case?

    16. Jarence Wen on

      I just backed this. I chosen the couple pledge. I want to know can I chose different colour? And this is the one which can be wired or standalone right?

    17. Band Kwok Creator on

      We are working very hard day and night to collect more pledges to meet our goal. Please kindly help us to share this link to more people to get more backers. Thank you very much!

    18. Bill Cooper on

      Not looking good for meeting the goal. :(

    19. Band Kwok Creator on

      Bill, thanks for your support and best wishes. With your help, we are closer to our goal to bring Borofone 2-in-1 wireless earphone to life.

    20. Bill Cooper on

      I noticed a couple reviews on YouTube today. The 2i watched seemed to speak positively. Hopefully the funding goal is achieved.

    21. Band Kwok Creator on

      Thanks for your question, penny.
      Yes, we are ready for mass production.

    22. penny on

      Is this product already in mass production?

    23. Missing avatar

      Woody on

      How to receive this product?

    24. Band Kwok Creator on

      Sparkxster +,Thank you for your valuable advice. We will study the feasibility of expanding the battery capacity, based on our current housing molding. We will get back to you asap. Thank you again for your support!

    25. Sparkxster +

      Could you increase battery life to 6-8hrs? As a stretch goal if possible?