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Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
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October update

Posted by Gamesbymo (Creator)
Hi everyone,  

Sorry for the long silence but I've been reaching a new level of busy lately and taking time off from all these important tasks is a hard thing to do. I wished I had more to show but unfortunately that will be for the next update which should be some time in December.    

Quick update on the project:  

Raphael joined as an intern earlier this year, I decided to hire him and he's been working with us ever since. He has been helping us with improving the enemies and bosses using our in house AI editor system. He has also been testing, doing some art. He's been a big help.  

Luis is still helping out doing some awesome art. He's working on a few set pieces and landmarks to make the world more exciting and easier to navigate.  

Seb is busier than ever fixing bugs and polishing some important features. Thanks to him the game runs @ 60fps on a 5 years old laptop (2.2ghz cpu with a basic ATI video card). He's working hard to make sure it stays this way.

Me? I just came back from Tulsa where I met some amazing people and devs. I am currently working on some important paperwork, making videos for Basiscape and looking through demo reels and resume for potential new hires: an in house tester/integrator and a programmer for console ports. But my main task until December is to polish the levels: game objects placement, balancing combat and platforming, pacing the experience.  Huge task, but it's the most fun I had for a while the whole project besides the initial brainstorming and prototyping).

We will probably not have much time to polish the bosses and mini games for the beta but we'll let you know in detail what to expect in the beta so that you guys can contribute suggestions and ideas if you desire.

On the art side, the polishing will come later once the public beta is out. I also want to update my website, it's getting old and falling apart,  I also have to finish writing and cleaning all the strings (texts) in the game and send this out to translation. I need to clone myself...

Our focus is still on getting a decent Beta in December so that we can roll it out to you guys soon after. Sorry for the late update but understand that from now on I am in full concentration mode and will not be in the mood for happy giddy monthly updates until I am able to scream beta at the top of my lungs. I also have a release date in mind that I am still sure we can hit but that will be for the next update.

Talk to you in December!

yours truly, Mo


on to the next area!
on to the next area!


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    1. Kenny

      @DancingGolem - Agree 100%

    2. drmandarin

      @DancingGolem Was my comment directed to you? Did I say it was "play time"? Did I say that it should leave anybody exactly where they started or worse off? You're jumping on a bandwagon of your own creation.

      The reason there has been no profit in this is precisely because there has already been a 4-year dev undertaking with still no end in sight. The funds raised have been squandered through poor management and oversight, which still continues - or at least there is no tangible evidence of improvement. The longer that undertaking continues the less profitable it becomes.
      All that aside, the sarcasm evident in this latest update was entirely unnecessary. We are owed regular progress updates, not only as and when the creator happens to be in the mood, and if there isn't something to report monthly at this late stage then something is going very seriously wrong. It is nobody else's responsibility but our own to request due accountability.

    3. DancingGolem on

      Oh, and if you're wondering why go then? Why spend the time and resources when you've already run a successful Kickstarter?

      Exposure and press. The game has to sell well beyond the initial Kickstarter. There is currently no profit in this for the devs, 100k is a tiny budget, especially for a 4 year dev cycle.

      I love game development, (and art for art's sake can be worth it) but you'd be mad to give 4+ years of your life to something that leaves you exactly where you started, or worse.

      @Mo I hope you've found some private investors or angel investors to help bring ANNE to the finish line and beyond. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next update

    4. DancingGolem on

      @drmandarin Going to trade shows is not "play time" for indie devs, it's a lot of work. Booths don't just happen, it takes a lot of preparation to handle the logistics of shipping, setting up and running a booth across the country (possibly internationally). People to help run the booth, hotels, travel; it takes a chunk of dev time time.

      All of that is just for the show floor, the real reason why devs go to these shows is to make connections, talk to publishers, find investment, negotiate with PR and marketing firms, scout vendors for physical goods, the list goes on and on. As someone who worked their ass off for PAX West a little over a month ago to end up with 3 viable investment opportunities, that was not a vacation.

    5. James Bristol on

      Thank you for the update. Still excited to play this all these years later.

    6. Christopher Rios on

      Thanks for the update. Good to hear things are going well.

    7. Kenny

      Put me in the camp that would rather have updates only when there's something to say :)

    8. drmandarin

      Thanks for the update.
      I'm not sure why you think anybody wants "happy giddy" updates. The sarcasm is unnecessary and unwelcome. If you have something to say, just come right out and say it. I'm sure many of us are eager to hear why you think it's unfair to you that your backers are asking you to communicate with us.
      Whether you're in the mood to provide monthly updates or not is not really the point - ages ago in recognition of how late the project is, and how poorly you were communicating with us at the time, you committed to updating us monthly. It's that simple.

      The last update - "May update" delivered in June - said that it was alpha time. What happened with the alpha? Surprised to see zero news of the results of the alpha in this update.

      It seems that your "new level of busy" doesn't prevent you from travelling all over to attend trade shows, conventions and expos. Difficult also to see how updating your website contributes to completion of this project. Are you by any chance looking for pretty much anything else to do to avoid doing actual work to progress the project? Like a kid cleaning their room rather than studying for their exam it seems.

      Good luck prepping for beta. Here's hoping we get the promised update in December but I'm not holding my breath.

    9. capy bara on

      Can't believe it's been four years already... great to hear we'll finally get to try it. Good luck!

    10. cactuslick on

      Honestly, it doesn't even seem like that long of a silence as far as Kickstarter projects go. Still looking forward to this one.