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Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
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December update: Funding, New team members, Release date and more!

Hi everyone!
Even though I am having a great time this holiday season, I am a little bummed, I really wanted to release a video update this month to share some of the exciting news surrounding the development of the game. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the time to do so. A.N.N.E requires my full attention these days, there's a lot happening, lets jump right into it. 
NO25 needs some repairs. (WIP scene)
NO25 needs some repairs. (WIP scene)

Additional Funding

Some of you were aware that I spent a few weeks last summer working on a CMF funding application. For this I received a lot of help from my cousin Dwix aka (Jean-Francois) and my wife Yumi. They both spent a lot of their time outside of their full time jobs in order to help me with the funding application. 

Hard at work.
Hard at work.

We sent the completed funding request in early September and we recently received a confirmation that the project was... Approved for funding!!!! Obviously by supporting this project from the beginning, you have contributed in giving this project some weight and credibility. Thank you for your support once again! At the moment I am busy with filling funding related documents, getting all the planning done and doing a couple of odd jobs like painting the new office space.

Transforming the guess room into the new office.
Transforming the guess room into the new office.

New team members

I am proud to announce that I will be joined by a full time senior programmer starting early next year. Seb has more than 15 years of experience working on different games and at different game studios. I've known him since 1996. We actually tried to work together a few times in the past but we were both too busy with our full time jobs. Now is the time to finally team up! He will be in charge of all the programming for the game in order for me to focus solely on art and assembling the remainder of the game. I cannot wait! 

I am also looking for a freelance pixel artist / animator. Tasks will involve a mix of cleaning up sprites, creating new sprites and animating new and existing sprites. If you are interested, send me a quick word and rate at jobs@[MY WEBSITE]! 

I will also be welcoming interns and hiring testers locally throughout the year in order to get all the help I can get! 

Quick level art by Pepo! Now it's time to clean it up and put the A.N.N.E art direction on that sweet environment.
Quick level art by Pepo! Now it's time to clean it up and put the A.N.N.E art direction on that sweet environment.

New audio direction

I am very excited to announce that the soundtrack is now being composed by the talented team over at Basiscape. I have been in touch with Sakimoto san for a while now and last summer he has introduced me to Higashihara san with whom I started working on new songs for A.N.N.E. We have been working together now for more than 3 months and although my Japanese is not that great we manage to understand each others and the soundtrack is coming along very well! I know some of you may have questions regarding this change, but I will talk more about that at a later time. Just know that it was the right decision for me to make.

Here is a mini sample/medley taken from the game's introduction. Unmastered work in progress!


Game progress overview

The past few months were mostly spent on planning and game design. But that being said here are some highlights from 2015: 

  • The Game design is pretty much done. Some mechanics were added, some were modified. I cannot wait to reveal more details throughout the year.

  • Programming ?%. Although pretty much all of my features have been coded already, most of them have been coded in quickly and roughly in order for me to test my ideas and finalize my game design and vision for A.N.N.E. I can't wait for Seb to implement these features properly with all the small details and polish that it needs.

  • Environment art is 60% done. Although most of it is still lying dormant in photoshop files, with some newly acquired level editing tools, assembling them inside game is a real breeze. Although all the worlds are well defined visually, the remaining 40% is mostly sub areas, and more sprite variety throughout the game environments.

  • Enemy art is 50% done. Lots of enemies left to art away but with me not having to focus on programming anymore and with the help from a kick ass artist, this should go pretty quick. 

    I believe that once A.N.N.E goes Beta, I will need a minimum of 6 months simply to balance, fix bugs, polish the game based on all the precious feedback from the beta testers. That brings us to the one thing you were all waiting for… Drum roll please, and now the... 
All the fun things you can do... Thanks to Pepo's help!
All the fun things you can do... Thanks to Pepo's help!

Release Date

My target is May 25 2017.  With the help from the Canadian Media Fund, being able to work with a programmer full time and with an additional artist to help out on the game, I am confident that this is the final stretch and that we can remain on target. More info on the console versions coming later this year. 

Once again, thank you so much everyone. I understand that the release date is still in a little while but for me it’s a big relief to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I will take a look at messages and feedback later next week. It is time for me to enjoy a bit of time away from the computer. 

Happy new Year!


Just in case you've missed it, I released the following video earlier this year.

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    1. Gamesbymo Creator on

      Thank you everyone for the great comments! If I had to completed this game by myself it would probably take more than an extra year and a half. More cool stuff to announce throughout the year! Keep an eye open :) Happy New Year!

      @Phi Dinh congrats for the baby!

      @Gary MacDonald it's understandable. But I am hoping that by the time it comes out, it might pique your interest once again. Thanks for backing the project and sorry for the delay.

    2. Brian Emerick on

      I agree with Jonathan Robertson. Can't wait!

    3. Phi Dinh on


      My (upcoming) son will have turned 1 by your release date. This will be a nice birthday present for the whole family to enjoy.

      You the man Mo, keep up the good work!


    4. Ryan Bell on

      Sweet congrats on the success and keep moving forward! :)

    5. David Anderson Bell III on

      I hadn't watched that video until now.

      Keep at it man. Good luck.

    6. Neil Dawson on

      Thanks for the updates Mo!

    7. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Thanks man! This is one of my most anticipated games! Happy New Year! :)

    8. iqSoup on

      Thanks for another great update! I really appreciate your honesty and openness regarding the current state of development. Keep up the great work and it will all pay off when the game is finally complete.

    9. Nolan McBride on

      Glad to hear you're getting some extra help (financially and with add'l developers)! Delays are delays--I just hope you continue to make the game you always envisioned. That's more interesting than just putting out a fun (but forgettable) game quickly. Stay positive and keep working hard.

    10. Daljit Chandi

      I've backed some pretty high profile games on Kickstarter, yet this is the one that I am looking forward to the most. While I lament the far off release date, I'd much rather a delayed game than one that's never completed!

    11. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      As sad as it is that the game development is taking 3-4 years longer than everyone anticipated, the fact that you keep going and turned this project to be so much more than we expected is really something. Too many projects on crowdfunding flopped because those who thought they could make a game realized all too late that it's much harder than expected.

    12. Jonathan Robertson

      Game development takes a lot of work and not everyone is willing to accept the risk of a project like this. I'd like to believe that the very best games and game ideas are the ones that are released, but it's very possible that this isn't true.

      As long as you're continuing the development of ANNE, we won't have to wonder how great it is - we'll know one day.

      It's so obvious that this is a passion project for you (even if it doesn't feel like it every moment of every day) and we (as your backers) wanted you to have the freedom to pursue your dream without having to worry about money quite so much.

      We saw it also. Your passion and how great this game could be. Many of us still see that and look forward to the release and also to learning more about your journey on the way there. And in some small way, these updates and comments let us share the journey with you.

      Thank you for these updates and for your continued work on what I (and I'm sure, most of us) still believe will be an incredible gaming experience.

      We believe in you and your vision for this project :)

    13. Christopher Rios on

      It's looking awesome. I hope you and your family had/have a great holidays.

    14. David Clarke on

      I don't mind the long development time. As a casual game programmer and artist, I understand exactly how long a project like this can take. We all know how long FEZ took to make.

      This kind of game is exactly what I want to play, and since I plan to still be alive in 2017 (or 2018, if it comes to that), I don't mind the release date at all.

      Maybe it's because I'm an old man? Once you pass 30 years old, a year or two doesn't seem like a long time to wait any more.

      Keep up the great work!

    15. Missing avatar

      Remy Legault on

      J'ai vraiment hâte de jouer! Le jeu a l'air super!

    16. Missing avatar

      flight16 on

      I'm a little sad the release date is so far off, but I appreciate you posting it, I'm still excited for the game to get here! I'm glad to hear you were able to take on more help.

      Thanks for the update, keep at it, and don't burn yourself out. I can't wait for it to play!

    17. Gary MacDonald on what a bummer. I'd already pretty much lost all interest in this now and this kind of puts the nail in the coffin for me.