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Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
Your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit era games mashed into one! Metroidvania meets Gradius in an exciting, modern pixel art adventure!
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November update: Milestone update and intro polish

Posted by Gamesbymo (Creator)

It's update time!

What a week! Crunched a little bit in order to finish the first draft of the game design document and get the intro as polished as I could. A little tired but hey it's Friday so you can be sure that I will be taking tonight off (or try at least).

Design doc

So as I mentioned before I was hoping to get the GDD done for the 20th but pushed it back a little since I decided that it was best for me to test some features/ideas as I was adding them to the design document. It worked pretty well and I finally completed the first draft of the GDD. Of course it will get refined as the production on the game continues but it's fun to finally have everything down on "paper".

44 pages of that A.N.N.E stuff.
44 pages of that A.N.N.E stuff.

Intro level polish

A first version of the intro was done in February of 2013. I was planning on using it as my demo at GDC and PAX but after having some friends tried it they all said that my previous demo was better and more representative of the game... Hey it happens. You have to be able to take criticism! So I put that intro in a safe and never touched it again until now. Of course back then my design wasn't complete and doing an intro back then was slightly premature since my design was still taking shape. But recently I decided to revisit this "level" while working on the design doc in order to see how I could teach each mechanic and see how everything fell into place. I thought why not spend a little time spicing up the graphics to a more near final quality. Check it out!

It's getting there!
It's getting there!

I will be announcing the release date for the game in the next update. Keep in mind that there is still a lot to be done on the game and that the date may not be as close as you are hoping for but it will be something to look forward to and for me the light at the end of that super long tunnel.

Thank you everyone! Have a good week end and see you next month!


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    1. Cody Marbach on

      Looking forward to playing this once it's done! Keep it up!

    2. Pedro Medeiros on

      May we have a look at the GDD? :)

    3. Ryan Bell on

      The game looks beautiful. I love the polish you have put into this. This is by far my most anticipated game for 2016. Keep it up Mo!

    4. Matt Lee on

      I really appreciate that you have mostly stuck to your monthly update schedule. When projects go on for years, it is important to stay in touch. Thanks for talking to your backers! It looks like the game is coming along great and I'm excited each time we hear from you. Keep up the good work, Mo.

    5. iqSoup on

      Thanks for the update! Keep up the great work!

    6. Scott Jenkins on

      Exciting news! This was one of the first Kickstarter projects I backed, it's been great watching progress along the way.

    7. Ryan McCoy on

      Whooo go Mo! Congrats on your 1st draft! :) Looking forward to see where the rest of your development goes (and of course for the release!!!!)