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A handy pocket guide to Taverns and Inns for tabletop RPG's. Suitable for any system and for any level of player. Filled with fun!
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You unlocked a stretch goal! The Pocket Companion has levelled up!

Posted by Jason Watson (Creator)

You did it!!  

We have unlocked our first stretch goal! Every copy of The Pocket Companion we send out will now be 50% bigger. With an additional 45 pages we can now add these extras:  

  • 25 more taverns 

We are now able to select 25 more taverns to add to the book! Over the next few days we will be choosing additional taverns to add to the various sections of the Tavern Guide. We are so happy that we get to add more of them! 

  • A Random Tavern Generator 

When Symatt mentioned on twitter about adding a Tavern Generator we knew immediately that we wanted to include one in the book, and now we can! The additional space means we can add a random tavern generator to aid you in your world building.

  • Tavern Games 

We think tavern games are a lot of fun, these games are designed to add additional flavour to your taverns and inns. The tavern games section was suggested by Matt Patton and Ben Schmidt and we are so pleased we can now add it in. 

  • Tavern Cellars and Their Secrets 

We loved this idea. I am a real sucker for a tavern with a hidden agenda or a secret to uncover, so when I saw this suggested by Florian Kastell and Shelley Blake I quite literally said to Louise, “We have to find a way to get this in!” This section will give you some ideas of potential secrets the taverns might have. You can apply them to any of the existing taverns in the guide or your own. 

You have no idea how excited we are to be able to add these extra sections to the book. One thing in particular I love about these extra sections is that it was driven by you, our backers. Through interacting with us and taking interest in our project you have helped us add some awesome extra content.

Some of you have expressed some concerns about how these extra sections might impact the delivery time of the book. Well let me put your concerns to rest, while you have been helping us meet our stretch goal we have been writing and developing these sections in the background. So they are all ready to go! We knew you could do it!  

The Next Stretch Goal

We are currently confirming some things for the next stretch goal and we will be releasing another update soon.

 Thank you once again for your incredible support! 

Wis Save Team

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    1. Jason Watson 4-time creator on

      Hi Dan, that is a great idea! We will have a look into it.

    2. Jason Watson 4-time creator on

      Hi Tim Baker, the taverns in the guide have been selected from our previous Kickstarter. The new content that has been unlocked are brand new chapters and unique to this kickstarter. Regarding PDF copies, we are looking at releasing a digital version of the book but that would likely be towards the end of the year. However, if you have pledged for a physical copy of the book you can opt for a digital copy instead if you would prefer.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Can we get some chultian tiki taverns?!?!

    4. Tim Baker

      Is this content from the original PDF version of the book? Or will this content be unique to this Kickstarter? If the latter, will it be made available in PDF format? Perhaps to the backers of the previous Kickstarter? As an add-on?

    5. Ben Schmidt on

      This is why we the backers pledge money to projects like these. This is one of the best updates ever. Too bad I won't have this in time for my new campaign I'm starting next week... But I'll def use this in it when I get it!