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A handy pocket guide to Taverns and Inns for tabletop RPG's. Suitable for any system and for any level of player. Filled with fun!
A handy pocket guide to Taverns and Inns for tabletop RPG's. Suitable for any system and for any level of player. Filled with fun!
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    1. Nate Wise 7 days ago

      My bad, i interpreted the update as making a new email would be arriving. I vaguely remember some email about my pledge level, but couldnt find the emails from then either. They may have been autodeleted. No biggie, as long as my pledge didnt jump to 100 copies, i wont worry about it. 😁

    2. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hey Nate, we just looked at our report and it looks like you have already responded to the survey on 24th July? Let us know if this is incorrect and we’ll look into it.

    3. Nate Wise on

      Hey guys, i havent received the survey yet. I checked spam & trash. What email is it coming from

    4. Missing avatar

      Ashlen on

      Wait nvm, I found it, Sorry about that!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ashlen on

      Hey there, I havent received my survey and I just want to make sure I'll be able to get my things? Is there anything I need to do to get this fixed?
      Thanks for your help!

    6. Patrick S. on

      No worries Jason I just wanted to make sure nothing had happened. Thank you for your speedy replies as always and I can’t wait to see how everything turned out.

    7. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Patrick most of the surveys have gone out a part from the VIPs as we needed to put together a different one. The VIP surveys will be going out soon. Sorry for the wait.

    8. Patrick S. on

      So need to ask, should I have already gotten my survey cause I haven’t seen anything yet.

    9. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Ben, project is going well. Really well actually. I’m putting together an update to go out soon. I’m happy to hear the drinks generator was a hit! Speak soon :)

    10. Ben Schmidt on

      How's the project going? How are you guys doing?!
      Btw... I secretly used one or two of the sample generated drinks you posted in an update for one of my taverns and ended up creating an entire menu that my players loved! Run on sentence there... O well.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nimrod Yanai on

      Thank you :D

    12. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Nimrod, sorry for the late reply and thank you Jan for responding. Unfortunately you can’t change anything but we will message you and see what we can do :)

    13. Jan

      You can't yourself. After submitting you can only change your address.
      Every other change has to be done by the campaigns creator.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nimrod Yanai on


      I made a mistake in my survey, I forgot I added funds for some of the extras.
      How can I update my survey?

    15. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Gunnar,

      You can find the different options in Update 2, in the updates section of the Kickstarter page :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Gunnar Sverredal

      In the backers survey I am asked to choose between different artworks. Where can I find info about these artworks?

    17. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Patrick, drop us an email with what you were considering to and we will see what we can do!

    18. Patrick S. on

      Jason just a quick question. Will there be a chance to add funds to get the add on with the awesome glass mug/stein before you all start shipping?

    19. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hey Mudd! We will indeed be sharing some sneak peeks and previews of your upcoming rewards. As we post updates we will share all the developments and progress with you all.

    20. Ben Schmidt on

      Lol @ Mudd... Some people are definitely vicious on these things with their comments.

    21. Mudd

      Where's my Tavern Guide!?!?!?

      ...just kidding...

      (I was reading some insane rants on some other project pages and figured I was safe joking here.)

      I do have ONE request... I'm looking for a tease of the Printed Bar Menu if available... tease me, please me, hug and squeeze me?

      Pretty please?

    22. Kageve Gonswic

      I undersrand, thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to it!

    23. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Jonathan, unfortunately we will not be using a pledge manager for this campaign. However, we will be offering some of these products on our website which is due to be launched later this year.

    24. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Ruggeroli on

      Will there be a pledge manager where I could add the Tavern Rules Poster for £7? I found this project only hours before it closed and didn't know it was an option. (I'm brand new to kickstarter by the way, so I'm not sure if a pledge manager is a normal thing people do.) Thank you! And congratulations on the success!

    25. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      @Patrick S.: Hi Patrick, no worries, it’s still pending on our side but it can take a while to go through 😊

    26. Patrick S. on

      Jason just wanted to check to make sure the payment went through. I saw the email and wanted to make sure cause it should be good to go.

    27. Missing avatar

      Shelley Blake

      How do I retract my pledge?

      Just kidding 😉


    28. Chris Anderson

      Congratulations!!! I’m so stoked to get my hands on this!!!


    29. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      And time is up! Thanks again for all your support over the past few weeks everyone

    30. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      No worries, thanks Cory!

    31. Missing avatar

      Cory Hill on

      Hello Jason, just wanted to message you that I increased my pledge fund in hopes to receive an extra copy of the book. Thanks!

    32. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      45 mins left! Thank you everyone for your support.

    33. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      I know Shelley! Very exciting :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Shelley Blake

      118 mins to go!

    35. Missing avatar

      Alice Petersen on

      Oh no - no more VIPs - oh well - have to stick to my Supp+P2-pledge ..

    36. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Thank you Kenneth! Glad to have you with us again for this project. Looking forward to getting it out there.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Sands on

      I love the original pdf that inspired this. Happy to back!
      Congrats on the project's success!

    38. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi @Mr: the packages include the rewards in the bundle pledge levels that include package 1 or 2 (so supporter/brewer bundles + package 1 or 2).
      There’s more information about the packages in update 7.
      Apologies for the confusion, thanks for getting in touch.

    39. Mr

      I must be really dense today but I can’t figure out what the ‘packages’ are. Can someone explain it to me?

    40. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hey Kageve, it's a choice between the two at this stage on as an additional copy add on. This is purely because the cost of the book is covering the editing, imagery etc. as well as the printing. We can do both so you have one copy while the other one ships, but it would be as a £10 add on. We're just trying to make it as easy and fair as possible for everyone :)

    41. Kageve Gonswic

      Ah, thanks! Reason I'm asking is that Intl shipping to asia may be... pricy, and take a few weeks, heh.
      So is it a choice between physical and PDF or do we potentially get both? Or would it be as like an addon?

    42. Mudd

      You're welcome. 😎
      Honestly surprised that that hadn't been mentioned by anyone sooner, but it appears that the idea might have helped get you past that last stretch goal.
      Just happy that we were able to help with that.
      Now get back to work! 😉

    43. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Thanks MAFStarter! Glad to have you on board :)

    44. Missing avatar


      ah, the curse of the 48 hour email. I thought I could say no when I saw this the first time but..... how could I!
      Congrats on a really successful campaign.

    45. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Hi Kageve, no bother at all! If you pledge at the £10 level then you can opt for us to share it in pdf format instead of a hard copy. We will be launching it later in the year as a pdf too.

    46. Kageve Gonswic

      Hello! Sorry if I'm a bit of a bother but is there a way to obtain PDF version of the tavern guide per chance?

    47. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Thank you so much for your support the whole way through Chris. You’ve kept both of us motivated!

    48. Chris Anderson

      Jason! If I jinxed this one, I think we will have time to have words and right the ship back to the goal, lol! :) Really overjoyed this has done so well!!!

    49. Jason Watson 3-time creator on

      Chris, if you’ve jinxed it then we will be having words 😂

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