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A 3-D board game, the only one of its Kind! You must complete your Quest, Survive the perils of the Board, and battle other Knights!... Read more

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 21, 2012.

A 3-D board game, the only one of its Kind! You must complete your Quest, Survive the perils of the Board, and battle other Knights!...

About this project

Hello......I have been told by some professional Gamer's and some Kickstarter pro's that my presentation of this Game is not done very well...I am sorry that I do not have the right equipment to make an impressive demo! Please look further and look at the detail on the game, I promise you will get more than expect!

         Thank you for looking at my game. I invented this game many years ago. I made 5 of them and gave them away as gifts, This is the only one left. And NOW we are trying to bring it back in a BIG way! This game is truly fun to play, there are so many twists and turns and strange things both good and bad that happen to you during game play!

I have much of the work done, the graphics, the layout, and the manual. I spoke with a company here in the states to put this game together. There are a lot of pieces and molds needed to be made for some parts, and there is a minimum order. I would like to make the 500 order number happen!

As a proud American I would like to see the game made right here in the good old USA

Thank you in advance for any support you can give :-)

Adam C Covella

About the Game Play!

Plays up to four players, two players may decide to choose multiple Quests.

Each player will choose a Quest, the Quest will not be so easy as other players can upset your game by gathering items you need! The task then becomes for you to get what they need so you can trade.

With each and every spin of the " Sword on the Knights round table"  there will be activity. you may land on a "GOOD FORTUNE" space where you can receive a card that gives you something you need, or helps you move faster, or saves you from some peril that is waiting for you. You may land on a "TREASURE CHEST" these chest also contain items you need and "GOLD"  anywhere from 5 gold pieces 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 gold pieces. The more gold you have the easier the game will be, for instance: You may land on the " MERCHANT "  space he has  lots and lots of useful things to buy, such as weapons, armor, food, healing plants. These items will help get you out of trouble if you land on the " BAD FORTUNE "  space, or worse yet, the " MONSTER " space. All items can be:  BOUGHT, SOLD, TRADED. 


Is 3 levels each player can move up and down each level as they need to in order to complete their Quest. There are many perils along the way, One of the interesting perils of the board is the unassuming " Nun " space, to show your knights piety to the church you have to make a donation. Unfortunately the nuns frown upon cheapskates, and don't allow change to be taken from the donation plate! This could cost your knight a 5 gold piece card or a 500 gold piece card depending on the lowest gold card in your purse!

There are sink holes on the 2nd level and if you land on it you must drop to the next lower level. The top level has trap doors which do the same. There is a swamp about 6 spaces long if you land in it you may only move one space per turn until out! There are three meeting places one per level where players must meet in order to do a trade, and there is a " BUY, SELL, TRADE " store on the 2nd level. players can unload unwanted items for Gold or buy items sold by other players that they may need or want! OH YEAH, lets not forget about the many " WATER "  spaces through out...these cards are all to funny, some good, some bad, some just make the other players laugh at you...

THE RULES: The rules make it fair and fun, for instance someone with an item from your Quest must make a deal with you or someone else as not to block you from playing. The game can be played 1 or 2 ways one winner, who ever completes their Quest first, or FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, AND LAST!

I wish all of you viewing this game can understand that it will be of the highest quality. Truly a game where people say WOW! Unfortunately I am not able to show all the samples of ART WORK and such...THIS IS WHY I need kickstarter, Lets make it happen together! I promise and awesome game on time, made in the USA!

Thanks Again for you support!



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