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A Batman fan short film that takes place in between Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises"

A Batman fan short film that takes place in between Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises" Read More
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Batman: Puppet Master is a short fan film set in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight universe. The story is meant as a sequel to The Dark Knight and will bridge the gap between that film and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. This is a film created by fans for fans and will deliver an exciting storyline that will introduce fans to new versions of Mr. Zsasz, The Ventriloquist, and Edward Nigma (aka The Riddler), who fans were expecting to appear in Nolan's third Batman film.

We've spent nearly a year honing the script and have a crew and actors in place. We're currently seeking funding to help cover the costs of production (equipment, locations, ect.) and would love for the community to help us realize this project. This will be a film that any Batman fan - both hardcore and casual - will surely love! If you wish The Riddler had appeared in Nolan's third Batman film - this will be the Batman film you've been waiting for!


Following the events of The Dark Knight Batman has become a wanted criminal after assuming responsibility for both Harvey Dent's crimes and Dent's murder. When Gotham P.D.'s manhunt yields no results it attracts national attention and outside law enforcement decides to step in. 

FBI Special Agent Edward Nigma is brought in to assist Gotham P.D. Nigma is the best of the best - a man who has caught many of the world's most notorious criminals, fugitives, and terrorists. He's a man that lives for the hunt-for solving the case. Nigma's investigation soon leads him to believe that Batman may be innocent of the charges against him, but Nigma also discovers a much greater challenge than catching Harvey Dent's murderer. He wants to unmask the Batman. But for Nigma it won't be enough to just catch Batman, he wants to outsmart him, he needs to be the one to figure out Batman's secret identity - it's the only way to prove he's the world's greatest detective.

For Nigma, the ends justify the means and he soon sets about playing both sides of the law in a deadly bid to wear Batman down and reveal the man behind the mask. Nigma enlists the help of a number of Arkham Asylum escapees, turning Gotham city into his own private chessboard. As Nigma's obsession grows Batman finds himself forced to confront Nigma on his own terms in a dangerous game that could leave Gotham burned to the ground...

CHARACTER VIDEOS - COMING SOON! - Find out more about the films characters straight from the actors!



Below are bios of some of the key crew members. We invite you to view the director's reel and the cinematographer's reel by clicking on the links in the lower right.

Bryan Nest (Director) - Originally from Portland, OR, Bryan Nest has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Telemedia Communication from Oregon State University, where he produced and directed a live television talk show and made music videos.  After working for a local news affiliate for several years he transitioned into filmmaking and obtained an MFA in film directing from Chapman University. Bryan has made several short films that have won over a hundred awards at various film festivals. He currently works as an editor for one of Hollywood’s premiere trailer houses. He is best known for walking around saying "I am Batman," although he clearly is not.

Chris Wiltz (Writer) - A Detroit native, Chris Wiltz is the creator of the horror-comedy web series Semi-Dead which has won several awards at the first annual LA Web Fest (including writing and directing) and Audience Choice awards for writing and directing from Stay Tuned TV. He is also the co-writer of the online sitcom and comic strip Me and My Old Man which was a winner at the second annual LA Web Fest and is currently being developed for television. Chris graduated from Chapman University in 2007 with an MFA in Screenwriting and was a part of the 2009 class of USC's Cosby Screenwriting Fellowship. His short films have won several awards including a 2008 Student Emmy and placing top honors in the 2011 Producers Guild Short Film Contest. Chris currently has two animated feature films slated to be released in 2012 and 2013 and is currently developing live action projects as well.

Christin Mizelle (Producer) - Christin Mizelle spent the first eighteen years of her life on a 300 acre farm in Virginia, which has provided much inspiration for the stories she would like to pursue throughout her career.  From there, Christin attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where she received her B.A. in Film Studies.  Christin then worked for two years at the local ABC news affiliate in Richmond, VA before continuing her education at Chapman University.  While studying producing at Chapman, she produced several short films, ranging from a post-apocalyptic drama to a warm-hearted comedy.  Since graduating Christin has been the production coordinator on 2009’s Sundance Documentary Grand Jury Prize winner, We Live in Public, and the 2010 documentary, Cool It.  Christin currently works as a Producer's assistant at 1019 Entertainment.

Ethan Cushing (Producer) -Ethan Cushing completed a Master’s in Fine Arts in Film Production with an emphasis in directing at the Conservatory of Motion Pictures at Chapman University. He received his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; it was there that a general interest in filmmaking transformed into an undeniable love for the entertainment industry. That love for the industry has taken him across the United States from The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City to Warner Brothers' Without a Trace in Los Angeles. Most recently, Ethan co-produced the feature film The Forgotten Ones starring Serenity’s Jewel Staite and Twilight’s Kellan Lutz. He also associate-produced the feature film The Lost Tribe, which was acquired by Voltage Pictures, producers of the Academy Award winning film “The Hurt Locker. His credits also include the creation and production of several seasonal television shows and short films. Ethan’s award winning short film, Negotiations, played at festivals across the world, including the Short Film Corner at Cannes.


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