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A turn-based strategy game for two players about spying, bribing, and loyalty.  A boxed-copy cartridge release for the Nintendo DS.
A turn-based strategy game for two players about spying, bribing, and loyalty. A boxed-copy cartridge release for the Nintendo DS.
1,305 backers pledged $90,118 to help bring this project to life.

All Packages Are Away

The last two days were busy:  Yesterday, two mail vans came by to pick up a total of 861 USA-bound packages, and today I spent three hours processing the remaining 302 international packages at the post office (thanks to Wanda, the counter clerk who helped me with this mountain of mail).  I left the post office with a receipt that was 26 ft (8 m) long, and an international postage bill of $4,927.95.

A few VERY important things for backers:

  • Those who are receiving Soundtrack Anthology album downloads (including all Limited Edition recipients) should check their package carefully for tiny download code slips (pictured below).  And please follow the instructions on the slip.  If you try to download the album now (before October 31), you will download nothing and waste your code!  We want you to hear the interactive music in the game before you hear any linear versions.
  • Packages were sent Priority Mail and should arrive in 2-3 days for US residents and 6-10 days for international residents.  Some people got theirs today!
  • For the 44 people who are getting just the photocopied memos:  we haven't forgotten about you.  You'll receive a shipping-info survey soon, and your memos will be sent out in a few weeks.

Now, some additional news:

For those of you who missed out on the campaign, the regular edition of the game is available for mail order purchase right now:

And if you're going to PAX Prime this weekend in Seattle, Tom and I will see you there as part of the Kickstarter games program.  We'll be selling copies of Diamond Trust at our table in the Kickstarter room at the Grand Hyatt (Building E), so stop by, try the game, and save on shipping.  If you bring your DS, we'll even be able to upload the game to you wirelessly (it will remain playable on your DS until you power-off).

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    1. Ryan on

      Soundtrack's coming out tomorrow! Yay! :D

    2. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      @Louise Simpson: From Lauren, Jason's wife: We didn't send one to you because you chose no reward. It sounds like you thought you chose a reward though. You pledged $68. Which reward would you like? Please send me an email instead of posting here.

    3. Missing avatar

      Louise Simpson on

      Did mine get sent ok? I still haven't got mine yet, but my son received his over a month ago at the same address (I donated after him though). Just want to make sure it's on its way. Thanks!

    4. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      @NotBlaine: From Lauren, Jason's wife: Since you responded to the Kickstarter survey after the initial deadline of August 14th, yours didn't go out with the first batch. I sent yours out with the second batch on Thursday September 13th. It takes about 3 business days. So you should get it by tomorrow, 9/18.

      @KeithHanson: From Lauren, Jason's wife: Please check your email. I am just about to email you about resolving this. Thanks.

    5. Missing avatar

      KeithHanson on

      I have also not yet received mine.....Jason, is there a process for those of us who are still waiting? Is it possible to track or see if it was scanned anywhere? Thanks for the feedback...

    6. Missing avatar

      NotBlaine on

      Still waiting on mine :(. How are Europeans getting it before someone who lives in Pennsylvania?

    7. David Shannon on

      :D Mine arrived today (UK)
      Love all the additional stuff that was included in the limited edition version. Top marks for presentation guys :D

    8. Robert Grosso on

      I won't be worried about the package yet until this Friday, since I didn't get it yet. Then I will be concerned if I am missing it.

    9. Matthew Volke on

      Got mine yesterday in Nevada. Thank you!

    10. David Sherman on

      I got my package 2 days ago and I've managed to beat the AI @ level 30 so far. I really love the dynamic music, I can't wait to sample the linear tracks!

    11. Zackary Rhodes on

      Just got the package in today. Congratulations and Thank you!

    12. Daniel Velázquez

      Got mine today and am very happy to have contributed just a bit to make this game happen.

    13. Josh Gunderson on

      Got mine yesterday. Well done.

    14. Marc Mackin on

      I got my copy last night, Thank you so much. The special inclusions were pretty awesome. Didn't know what those little envelopes were until I started feeling them and then opened one up. Pretty cool... Thanks!

    15. Donnicton on

      Received mine yesterday, looks like I'll be giving it a spin this evening.

    16. Klawzie on

      My copy arrived today! Just fired it up and am giving it a go!

      Been looking forward to this for awhile! A few years ago, I was flying to or from Australia and I saw a review about it in the in-flight magazine. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the magazine with me and I couldn't remember the name of the game I wanted to play - but I recognized it when I saw it here on Kickstarter. :D

    17. Erik Harrison on

      Wow. Mine arrived today. Believe it or not, I can't play it, because my DS was stolen and needs to be replaced. But the feelies! Easily the coolest experience I've had with a game without having to play it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Klainbaum on

      I just received one in NY. The packaging and inclusions are great, thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian G on

      Received my two LE games today. Unfortunately I don't seem to have received the soundtrack code slips. :( I checked both the USPS envelope and game packages very carefully.

      Very lovely packaging despite that though.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Klamerus on

      Got mine in the mail today too. Really awesome packaging. I'm glad the game could finally come out.

    21. David Simpson on

      The packaging is amazing! Thanks for making a wonderful product with such care! AWESOME!

    22. Adam Prenger on

      What the game is packaged in is so cool I almost don't want to open it! Must, look, inside.

    23. Scott Ferguson on

      Just pulled mine out of the mail box, thanks! Glad I could help make this little DS game a reality!

    24. Missing avatar

      Nathan Lazaroff on

      and now we play the waiting game... so excited!

    25. JU on

      It looks so.... neat. Good work - now I'll just have to wait. :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Sam Snyder on

      I just got mine 10 minutes ago.

    27. sillygoatgirl on

      The bike wagon filled with mail....
      that's my personal favorite.

    28. Samuel Batista on

      Thank you for this update, can't wait!!!

    29. Gordon Miller on

      Wow, well done getting through that so quickly.

    30. Ryan on

      So I might get mine today or tomorrow? Yay! Thank you for all your hard work! (I wish I could say thank you in person, but I couldn't get a ticket to PAX this year.)

    31. Haegemon on

      PAX Prime: I R Sad that they don't have ticket limits to stem scalpers. Selling out of con in 4hrs, and only announcing the sales on twitter = dbag-dlux move.

    32. David Sherman on

      JEEZ, I will not be at PAX this year. I would have loved to swing by and say, "hi!" Congratulations on getting all that in the mail.

    33. Tim Ellis on

      Looking forward to getting in a lot of games at PAX this weekend! Can't wait!

    34. Aaron Kaluszka on

      Mine arrived today as well!

    35. Albey Amakiir on

      "If you try to download the album now (before October 31), you will download nothing and waste your code!" Surely the code won't be used up unless the date has hit?

    36. Joey Chiu on

      I was wondering when the games would be shipping out. It's gonna narrowly miss my friend's birthday, but he'll still get a helluva present. Can't wait to play this with him. Thanks for all your hard work!

    37. Nancy on

      Got mine today! Thanks so much! And thanks for mentioning the little slip of paper - I would've totally not seen that had you not sent an update...

    38. Missing avatar

      Ben Whelan on

      Wow, impressive job by you and your family! It must be a relief to finally have it all done and dusted - I'm eagerly awaiting mine.

      Great stuff!