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A turn-based strategy game for two players about spying, bribing, and loyalty.  A boxed-copy cartridge release for the Nintendo DS.
A turn-based strategy game for two players about spying, bribing, and loyalty. A boxed-copy cartridge release for the Nintendo DS.
1,305 backers pledged $90,118 to help bring this project to life.

Manufacturing Progress

I've spent the last month or so wiring money around to get all the various manufacturing steps done.  And it's almost done.

  • The cartridges have been made by Nintendo in Japan and shipped across the ocean by freighter.  They are waiting in LA to be picked up, as soon as the shipping company receives the payment I just sent them today.
  • The printing (manual and cover slip) is totally done.  I have the 1000 LIMITED EDITION cover slips in my possession right now for signing and numbering here with Tom in Ohio (I'm visiting my parents, and he's in Ohio too).  They look great.  Lauren and I have numbered about 400 so far, and Tom and I are meeting to sign them on Monday at his studio space.
  • The packager (who will assemble the boxes with all printed parts and the cartridges, and shrink-wraps each box) is lined up and ready to go, as soon as the cartridges are released from the shipping yard and we're done signing the cover slips for the limited edition.  The plan is to have the 125 cartons (6000 units) arrive at my house by freight truck the week of August 6.
  • I have all the special items and packaging materials (secrets!) for the limited edition ready for when all the manufacturing is done.
  • Lauren has been ordering loads of flat rate mailing envelopes and Customs Declaration forms from the post office (you can only order so many per order).  They're piling up in our storage room.

I think that about covers where we're at.

And in the midst of all this, I've also been busily finishing up my next game... which will be announced soon.


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    1. tim1002 on

      If the survey is on our hands then, I guess, that manufacturing is done and everything will be shipping soon.

    2. Dude Wellen on

      Woo just got the shipping info survey! Excited.

    3. Missing avatar

      Reis Mahnic on

      (edit: my apologies, did not read previous comment)

    4. Missing avatar

      Reis Mahnic on

      Does anyone know: when should we expect to send our shipping information?

    5. Ryan on

      Awesome! I'm totally excited, though I'm probably going to have to wait longer for mine to ship since I ordered the "one limited and one regular" level. But hey, I've waited this long. I'm just glad that this is actually, really happening. :D

      (Quick thought: Can I pay an extra $5 to have my two games shipped separately, so that I'd get my limited edition earlier and my regular edition afterwards?)

    6. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      I CANT WAIT :D the excitement brews... have you done a Q&A yet on the process of making a DS game? if not is there a possibility of maybe having one i'd be super interested

    7. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      Regular edition will probably NOT be available on store shelves, unless some miracle happens. But they will be sold mail order through my website, probably starting in October or a bit later.

      Preview shots... well, I really want the Limited Editions to be a surprise. I've worked really hard on them and put lots of thought into them. So... I don't want to spoil anything.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gary Kurkewich on

      any chance we will get to see some preview shots

    9. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      Surveys haven't gone out yet.

      I'm waiting until everything is done manufacturing-wise before I send them out. The idea is to wait as long as possible before sending the surveys (so that people don't have a chance to move between the survey and the actual ship date).

    10. Missing avatar

      Sam Snyder on

      Thanks for the update. Any idea when the survey is coming out or did that already happen. Can't remember.

    11. Tom McLeod on

      Yours is pretty much the only project I've funded so far that is a) doing everything right, and b) doing it all on schedule. Thank you! I can not wait to play this :) (and your next game). You will now go down in my list of trusted kickstarter developers(it's a very exclusive club).

    12. Matt Nolan on

      Can't wait to hear about the next game!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ben Whelan on

      Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that things seem to be moving along smoothly. Good luck with the final few steps - home stretch now!

    14. Donnicton on

      Make sure no fingerprints on the limited edition please! :P

      Great news, will standard editions be available on store shelves at any point?