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A turn-based strategy game for two players about spying, bribing, and loyalty.  A boxed-copy cartridge release for the Nintendo DS.
A turn-based strategy game for two players about spying, bribing, and loyalty. A boxed-copy cartridge release for the Nintendo DS.
1,305 backers pledged $90,118 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Doug K on

      Well done, Jason! I'm yet to regret giving you money for any of your games.

    2. Antonio Garcia

      @Scott: Well, once someone pays for a copy of an item, they are free to sell that item to someone else. Me? I'm keeping my LE. I haven't opened it yet, but I'm sure I will in a month or so once I have the time to dive head first into it all.

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Stewart on

      Sadly I have seen that some copies of the game have been listed on eBay. I am still not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing. I am disappointed that some were in this only for a chance to make money but I am also anxious to see what the secondary market will pay for this great game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thibaut Girka on

      @Albey Amakiir, giving misleading information may be more interesting than giving no information. Moreover, if one of your agents has been successfully bribed without you knowing, and you haven't successfully bribed any of your opponent's, you'll have no “second turn”. Thus, defending against bribes might be interesting too.

    5. Albey Amakiir on

      So, I was playing it with a friend, and he asked what the point of doing anything on the normal turn was. Once you have bribed someone and can take a turn to change your move, there's no point in doing anything before the move change, because you can still change everyone's moves. For that reason, and because it's far more expensive to defend against bribes than to bribe, it's pointless to pay your guys anything. I didn't really have an answer for him. Can anyone enlighten me?

    6. Missing avatar

      kilicool64 on

      Finally got my copy. This is awesome. How did you get all this stuff. Click here to see a photo.…#

    7. Missing avatar


      Got my package a few days ago, wonderful game experience, and loved the special items inside the envelope !

    8. Michele Mazza on

      twin limited edition delivered to milan, italy!
      I wonder if jason will elaborate on the nature of the unique items inside.
      have they actually been used?
      I especially like the traveller's cheque from 1967.

    9. Missing avatar

      Gary Kurkewich on

      crap i didn't realize what the package was and just tore off the top of the envelope :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Joaquin on

      My postman has just delivered my copy right now here in Mexico! Congratulations everyone (specially to Jason) for making this project possible and real.

    11. Missing avatar

      Thibaut Girka on

      My limited editions have finally reached my mailbox, here in France!
      Great work on the packaging! Now, trying to find someone to play with :p

    12. Tom McLeod on

      Mine got to my house right after I got to college lol, going to have to wait until october to play but I think it will be well worth the wait ^_^. Thanks so much for being the best kickstarter project I've backed yet!

    13. Albey Amakiir on

      Ok, I gave in and opened it at work. :P
      The back of the game says "For sale, rental and use only in USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America". I'm glad DS games aren't region-locked. :P

    14. Albey Amakiir on

      No, Albey! Don't open the package at work! Patience!
      A package has reached Sydney, Australia! :D

    15. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      Also, just got back from a very crazy PAX where I was showing the game (my first PAX ever), so I'm slowly catching up with communications.

    16. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      Great to hear that people are getting their copies! International folks may need to wait a bit longer, because the packages have to go through customs in your countries....

    17. Ryan on

      Got my copies today! Limited Edition #322 sounding off! Thank you Jason! :D

      i'll be playing against the AI tonight, and hopefully I'll grasp the game enough to teach the mechanics to a real human (or two) tomorrow!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Whelan on

      Wow, got mine yesterday - thanks so much! I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't got it yet, but the Limited Edition is fantastic - I really enjoyed opening it and going through all the bits.

      Thanks so much for running a great Kickstarter campaign! The communication has been great, and it's amazing to have the game in my hands with no problems.

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott Stewart on

      I got mine yesterday and just wanted to thank Jason for not only making such a great game but also for communicating so well. Thanks again.

    20. Tim Ellis on

      Got my Limited Edition today, woo-hoo! Can't wait to play this weekend at PAX.


      If you want to see what was inside my particular Limited Edition envelope, I made a short video:…

    21. Chris Meichtry on

      Woo, got my game today!

    22. Haegemon on

      Got my copies yesterday. Still debating on opening the Limited envelope.

    23. John Holder on

      Got my copy too! The special items were very well thought out and neat. Love it.

    24. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      Woo Hoo got Mine Too... get it Mine...

    25. Missing avatar

      Kent Falconer on

      Just got my copy here in flyover country! And I love the "special inclusions" you put in there! Great work!

    26. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      Gah with this update i'll be hunting my mailbox daily :D cant wait!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      I live in California, 45 minutes from Davis, and I got my limited edition copy today!! I am very pleased.The surprise was awesome.
      Jason, you are the bomb. Thank you! :)

    28. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      nope havent gotten it yet and I live in florida

    29. Pat Ashe on

      Has anyone got their copy of Diamond Trust Of London yet? Super excited to get it. How long is the estimate for UK delivery?

    30. Tom McLeod on

      @Peter, this is my most recently backed project, and is the first I'm getting anything for too. I think Jason knows what he's doing a bit more than some others... >.>

    31. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      I've never received anything physical from KS this will be my first :D i'm so excited

    32. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      We're shipping via US Postal Service.

      Also, if you're moving in the next month or two... well... the postal service should forward your mail, right? But if you don't trust that, then you should use a STABLE alternative address (like the address of a parent or friend) to receive the package for you. Hopefully we'll ship most of them out by the 23rd. But I'm doubtful that they'll be delivered by the 23rd....

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Sauro

      Is it being shipped via USPS or a parcel service? I have different preferred shipping addresses for each.

    34. Missing avatar

      Duncan Keller on

      Hi Jason,
      I'm moving on the 23rd, do you think you'll ship by then?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ben Whelan on

      Any news on how things are progressing? Just curious, I can't wait to check out the goodies in my LE!

    36. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      No plans for the e-shop right now.

    37. tim1002 on

      Is there plans for putting it on e-shop later on?

    38. Antonio Garcia

      @Stephane: You should be able to send Jason a message with the "send message" link at the top.

    39. Stephane Brochu

      Emailed you at the address on your website. I can't seem to be able to send you a notice in Kickstarter (suspect that it's for project creators only). As I said in the email, I can always send you the shipping through Paypal.

    40. Antonio Garcia

      @Jason: Good choice. Sure, we would all love to get some of the content early, but listening to the music in the game BEFORE we listen to the anthology is definitely the way to go.

    41. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      No, the download will come later, about a month after the game ships. We spent a TON of time working on this interactive music engine, so that's how I want you to hear the music first. I worry that if we send you the Anthology album at the same time (or before) the game, you'll listen to the music that way (linear versions) first. I want to give you plenty of time to hear the music generated in the game before you get a chance to hear the linear versions!

    42. Missing avatar

      Hiu Pan Chan on

      From your update #3: "A private digital download of the Anthology album will be added as an automatic bonus for everyone who gets the limited edition."

      Will we get the download before we get the game? Just wondering... while we wait for shipment.

    43. Antonio Garcia

      I'm ok with Jason signing some of the regular editions (either in person at an event, or as part of the mail order part of his site, for an extra "food and shelter" fee hehehe), since those wouldn't be XXXX/1000 serialized AND they wouldn't include the crazy extras he'll include in the LE ones.

    44. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      Well, there will be lots (thousands) of regular editions left over after the Kickstarter rewards are filled. Those will likely be sold mail order through my website. Since there will be so many of them, they will indeed not be "special" at all. I really want to keep the Limited Edition limited... thus, there are only 1000 copies and there will be only 1000 copies, ever! That was the promise.

      But if you catch me in person somewhere (indieCade this fall or GDC this spring), I'd be happy to sign your regular edition for you! : )

    45. Steven Davis on

      Jason -

      Since there were only a couple of us (relatively speaking) who did not get here in time to get the limited edition perks, would you consider signing and serializing for the rest of us even with numbers above 1000?

      I, for one, would be happy to pay a kicker for a signed copy, if possible.

      After all, it looks like all editions are pretty limited!



    46. Jason Rohrer Creator on

      Yes, that's correct. A survey will be sent around to collect information. But that will happen later, right when we're about to ship the games out, so that we don't need to worry about people moving or changing addresses between now and then.

    47. Jonathon Self on

      Ah. Neat. :) Thanks!

    48. SuperMario420 on

      He will contact you once shipment is ready with the survey. This is what I've heard.

    49. SuperMario420 on

      You will get a survey to fill out for Jason to know where to ship your game or games.

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