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A RPG zine focusing on epic/immortal games for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.
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Update #10 - What was one, is now three!

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As we approach the $2000.00 mark and the first stretch goal I am excited to report that Ascension will be expanding into three (3) related zines!  This decision was made in part to allow earlier access to print options and interest from a retailer in selling the zine (see below for more information).  So, the overall project will be:

1) Ascension:  the Codex of Immortals.  This zine will cover general discussion of epic games, epic / immortal player rules and guidelines, and DMing epic / immortal games.

2) Ascension:  Pantheons.  Originally just a chapter in the zine, it is being expanded into its own zine.  This zine will provide, lore, art, and stats for deities, equipment, epic entities and servitors, heroes, and minions associated with a particular pantheon.

3) Ascension:  Allies and Adversaries.  Also, originally just a chapter in the zine, it is being expanded into its own zine too.  This zine will provide, lore, art, and stats for  epic entities and their servitors, heroes, and minions that are not associated with a particular pantheon.  This is were we will cover various celestials and fiends such as the Demon Lords, Obyriths, the Seelie Court, and the Celestial Hebdomad.

The good news!

Everyone who as pledged will get all three zines!  If you pledged at the 1 issue level, you get the first issue of all three zines!  If you pledge at the full year level (Celestial and higher), you get 4 issues of each zine (12 total issues)!  It is really just an organizational change, not a change in content.  You still get all the great content that is promised on the campaign page.  Also, if you want,  we will provide the zines compiled into one PDF.  So you can get issue #1 of "the Codex of Immortals," issue #1 of "Pantheons," and issue #1 of "Allies & Adversaries" compiled into one PDF and we can do this for the rest of the first year's issues as well.  The separation is more for selling the issues at online retailers, not for backer rewards.  Just let us know how you prefer to get it and will get the PDFs to you, our backers, in the format that works best for you!

So why are you doing this?

The reason for the shift is licensing and printing.  By separating the zine into three components I can provide OGL compliant zines through multiple channels (DriveThru RPG, Goodman Games, etc.) and offer print and POD options of those zines now.  I can also publish future issues on the DMs Guild and provide content with WotC Intellectual property (currently limited to Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Eberron, & Ravnica).   Eventually I hope to offer POD versions of this titles as well, but that will depend on future negotiations with the DMsGuild.

Does this mean we can get print copies?

Yes it does!  POD options for the OGL zines will go on sale with the PDF version at, or shortly after, the launch of the PDF issue.  Also, to mark the final 7 days of the kickstarter I will be offering up new rewards with print options.  So keep an eye out for those on Wednesday!

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