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A RPG zine focusing on epic/immortal games for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.
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Update #06 – Stretch Goal #1: Compiled PDF

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Now that we have cleared the basic funding goal, I would like to discuss some of the stretch goals in this and future updates.  The first stretch goal ($2,000.00) is vaguely listed as a compiled PDF with new cover art. While this is true, it is also a bit more than that. If we reach stretch goal #1, all backers of the Celestial tier or higher will receive  the first year of  Ascension, the Codex of Immortals  in a single  compiled PDF. This PDF will not simply be the 4-6 issues of Ascension’s first year stitched together one after the other. It will be the first year’s content updated,  re-imagined, and reformatted as follows:

  •  New cover art.  I think this one is pretty clear.
  •  Reorganized.  The PDF will be reorganized so that all relevant sections are grouped together (i.e. all information about a particular pantheon will be in one section, not spread over several “issues”) and follow a logical layout.
  •  Updated and edited. Any errors, omissions, and errata identified in the first year of Ascension will be corrected, updated, and included in the book. 

Now, that is all I am willing and able to guarantee will be included in the book; however, it will be hard not to throw in some new content too ;)

Kickstarter Spotlight

This update’s spotlight is the Citadel of Terror! The Citadel of Terror is a 5e or (1st/2nd ed.) adventure, set in a new Dark World for D&D to be released later this year by New Comet Games:

The Citadel of Terror

” a starting adventure module for 4-8 players of level 1-4, written by Paul Riegal-Green. The adventure is set in the Kingdom of Addenshire, on the continent of Draconia, in the World of Darknoth. Darknoth is a dark and dangerous world, born from the ashes of all that has come before and been destroyed.” Sounds like fun! Check it out:

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