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A RPG zine focusing on epic/immortal games for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.
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Update #05 – FUNDED! (again)

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We did it! In just a bit less than a week Ascension, the Codex of Immortals is funded! Hopefully it sticks this time! Now maybe I can stop checking Kickstarter every 10 minutes. Not likely – there are still great stretch goals to go after. Personally, I know it is ways off, but I would like to get to the $5,500 goal and be able to make six issues per year.  I think if we do that, we will have the core rules for playing gods down and we can focus on options, divine realms, Immortal adventures, and of course more epic monsters in the future issues. So, if you want to see Ascension soar – please spread the word: The Immortals are HERE!

Now a little analysis of the funding that got us to our goal. Let’s look at the reward tiers.

  •  Initiate. 4 backers. Not very popular, but a good starting spot to get your foot in the door.
  •  Temporal. 2 backers. The least popular tier, but a good option for those you can’t afford the whole year.
  •  Celestial. 44 backers. Yes, this makes sense, at only $10 why not get the whole year! This is by far the most popular option.
  •  Empyreal. 2 backers.  This is a limited offer tier so it will never be a large number, but only two remain so act fast! 
  •  Eternal. 7 backers, but 28% of the funding! This is also a limited tier, and they are almost 3/4 gone. If you want to pick a god to be in Ascension – time may be running out!
  •  Hierarch. only 1 backer, but 35% of the funding! There is only one of these and it is gone. Can’t wait to see what pantheon the backer wants to explore!

PS: 2 of the backers didn’t choose any reward (just encase you were wondering)

Kickstarter Spotlight

No spotlight with this update, hopefully next time.

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