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A RPG zine focusing on epic/immortal games for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.
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Update #05 – the Aegis!

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I just wanted to share a little preview art for one of the artifacts that will be featured in Ascension, the Codex of Immortals. Though it is technically Zeus’ shield, he often lends it to is daughter Athena for when she leads the host of Olympus. Here is some more of SickJoe’s wonderful art - the Aegis!

the Aegis
the Aegis

Kickstarter Spotlight

 This update’s spotlight is a RPG book that seems like a match made in heaven for Ascension,  Donn Stroud’s The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion ( for the DCC RPG.

The Lesser Key is a RPG “…supplement that adds religious depth to your home RPG campaign. First and foremost, this book is a collection of tables used to generate messengers of the gods...but it doesn't stop there. Further chapters are strongly supported with content for generating ways to observe a religion, relics, reliquaries, other duties of a cleric, and how to grow and maintain a religion.” 

That sounds right up my alley and I just had to back it!  I am looking forward to how it could add depth to the stories built with Ascension. If your wonder how can I be excited about a supplement for another system, don’t worry Donn’s got it covered: “Much of the book is narrative, evocative, and loose enough to be used with almost any role-playing game. Mechanical aspects can easily be converted on the fly to any OSR or D20 system.”  

That works for me! If your interested, go check it out, but you will have to hurry the campaign ends soon!

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