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A RPG zine focusing on epic/immortal games for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.
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Update #04 - What do Empyreal, Eternal and Hierarch backers get?

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Since the limited reward tiers seem to be going fast, I thought I should get this update out ASAP! I only provided a limited amount information about the reward tiers on the precious campaign-page space.  Just enough for you to get the general intent (I hope).  However, I thought I should take a moment to clarify and fully explain what you get with the limited reward tiers: Empyreal, Eternal, & Hierarch

First, a limited reward tier backer gets to select a deity, epic monster, or legendary item/artifact from real mythology or from a D&D setting's mythology (with limitations*).  Then the design team takes that selection and develops game stats, lore, and commissions art for the chosen epic entity or item. Finally, when the entity or item's entry is finished, it will be included in an issue of the first year of Ascension. 

But that is not the whole story.  As part of the reward, the backer may simply request the entity or item that they want and the design team will run with it; or the backer can be intimately involved in the design process.  The backer can review and provide comments on the stats, lore, & art prior to publishing.  The backer may review the art request sent to the artist(s) and help shape the look of the item or entity.  The backer could even submit a partial or complete draft (with lore, stats, etc.) for the design team to review, edit, and commission art for.  We want to work with you.  However, to be clear, HC Gaming LLC retains ownership of all items published in the pages of Ascension and is solely responsible for the final decisions and design of what will be published.

*A note on D&D settings: Ascension will be published through the DMs Guild.  As such we are limited to the IP and settings available on that platform.  As the Guild adds more settings, we will expand our offerings accordingly.  The current settings supported by the DM's Guild are: Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Eberron, Ravnica, & setting neutral material.

Kickstarter Spotlight  

This updates’s spotlight is another RPG zine (and Zine Quest entry): D.I.R.G.E.zine ( )  by Sean Hillman (and contributors).

What is D.I.R.E.zine you ask. It is a black and white zine with a range of contributors providing art, characters, prose, articles, and more, with the goal of bringing greater diversity to the gaming table. Why more diversity? Well I think it is best to let Sean explain that himself, “…role-playing games need to be more diverse. We need more diverse creators. We need more diverse settings. We need more diverse games that take us places we never even knew that we wanted to go. We need more diverse voices. Having a diverse range of ideas will keep the industry alive and vibrant. Ten years from now role-playing games will look much different than they do today and encouraging creators to embrace that evolution will be important.” That seems to be a worthwhile goal to me, check it out:


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