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A RPG zine focusing on epic/immortal games for the 5th Edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.
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Update #02 – Hey! This is a zine why can’t I get a hardcopy?

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Unfortunately, a print run or POD for Ascension is not currently an option, but it is something we really want to provide.  There are several different printing possibilities we are exploring, including doing a limited print run (depending on funding) as a special thank you to backers.  Although it is something we are actively trying to provide, since we can’t guarantee a print option, we didn’t feel we could offer it as a reward tier. The current plan is to send a survey to all the backers after the campaign is complete. The feedback from the survey will help us to determine the best method to provide print and/or POD options to you.  Long story short:  we want to provide a print option, it just isn't possible at this time.  If and when we have more to report, we will send out an update. Thank you!

Kickstarter Spotlight:

As part of my regular updates, once a week I plan to highlight another current kickstarter that I think could  be of interest to you. The first such spotlight is for another D&D 5th edition zine: Love’s Labor’s Liberated (  by Egg Embry, John McGuire, and Leland Beauchamp. 

Love’s Labor’s Liberated, brings the ideals of Chivalry, the power of Enchantment, and the magic of Love to your 5th Edition fantasy campaign with several thematically-appropriate variations of 5e mechanics. Within the zine, you'll find rules for a romance-flavored Cavalier archetype, the Cavalier of Love. For your Enchanter, there's a new spell list that expresses your magics in more evocative ways, and thoughts on how to make your character the paramount paramour. Magic Items forged in the fires of love and loss. Love-themed adventures and more! If you want to feel the love at your gaming table, check it out:

Egg has been very helpful in promoting Ascension on Kickstarter and over at my original stomping grounds at  His project provides some interesting options for 5th edition games.  Take a look, and you just might be surprised how much you like it!

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      Your welcome - thank you for all the help!

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      Thank you for sharing this! John, Leland, and I appreciate it! :-D