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A memoir of a psychotic episode: the before, during, and after of completely losing one's mind.

And Then I Thought I Was a Fish is a complete first-person perspective of what it's like to leave reality behind in toto, and I'm seeking to self-publish and market the book. It's not just a straight retelling of the delusional story I was living, it comes complete with medical reports, professional opinions from people working in psychology and social services, and notes from the people around me who had to deal with it.

The book was born as a collection of rough essays that got some responses interesting enough to make me consider publishing a more fleshed-out work. After the LOLs and OMFGs, a number of people wrote to thank me for describing and explaining an experience similar to theirs, one they'd been unable to communicate to their friends and family. And sometimes it's just nice to know you're not the only one.

Anyway, I'm doing nearly everything here. I did the crazy time, thought about it, wrote it down, planned the marketing, made the websites, designed the layout and cover, animated the video, etc. Some things I cannot do: edit it professionally, make up an ISBN, market without materials, print and bind physical copies, and get an expertly crafted eBook version together. Everything from kickstarter goes into preparing and producing a solid first run.

Thanks for reading!


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