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A memoir of a psychotic episode: the before, during, and after of completely losing one's mind.
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Peter Welch

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And they're off


It turned out to be a bit of a hassle: the rules for sending international mail from the US actually changed in the midst of my several trips to the post office, but all the books, with a couple of exceptions that I'll take care of on Monday, are winging their way over land and, in a few cases, multiple oceans.

If anybody started following along after the contribution deadline, further news and means of purchase will show up at The eBook is available for purchase at Indie Aisle, and with any luck, somebody like Penguin will pick me up and you'll see me again on the New York Times bestseller list. Or, if somebody gets me a movie deal, running naked through the streets of LA after a cocaine party. I'd be doing it ironically, of course, since I don't do drugs anymore.

So that's all folks. It's been fun. Thanks one more time for your support, money, and especially compliments. I love compliments.

Holy Fudge Monkey!

The books are here!

They conveniently arrived a few days late and just after my roommate went to Atlanta for a wedding, and the delivery guy bolted as soon as he dropped off the pallet. I don't blame him. On the bright side, I finally found a use for the Maxim subscription that mysteriously started showing up last year, as a door stop for the building entrance.

Three flights, 400 pounds, and more exercise than I usually get in a month later, they sit in my living room. 

Anyway, the rest of my weekend will be spent packing all this up, then getting them off to the post office and shipping them around the world. I'll get some estimates for how long they'll take to ship so you'll know when to worry.

In case you're wondering, those are indeed original Nintendo games on the shelf. How cool is that? Not as cool as the fact that they belong to my girlfriend. 

Books are being printed

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eBooks are out!

So after a couple of rounds of edits, the eBooks are winging their way to anyone who dropped the cash.

If you didn't drop the cash or started following too late and really want to give me money, the eBook editions will be available shortly at I can't guarantee their quality yet; they may be trying to reformat the files despite the fact that they're already formatted, but I'll know soon enough.

Meanwhile, I have my official quote from the printer and the cover template, and I'll be sending out the design and text files tonight. In a decent world, they'll be sent to everybody early next week.

Hey Y'all


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