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Join us in a retro sci-fi adventure! Battle your way through slime and angry robots in a desperate attempt to save ship and crew!
Created by

Robert Maher

511 backers pledged $10,987 to help bring this project to life.

!! CONFIRMED !! 11k Stretch Goal :: New transport destination: Linux :: Backer Submitted Info Nodes

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Hi everyone,  

Since we were so close to the 11k stretch goal, we decided to go ahead and confirm it. We will be adding Linux support and any backer over $10 may submit data to be stored in info nodes throughout the ship. We're very excited to move forward with new motivation and a community of interested fans. 

We would like to thank everyone again for the amount of support and positive feedback you've given us- this month has been truly amazing. In the next few weeks we'll be setting up a website, creating a forum, contacting backers about rewards, running surveys, and, finally, beginning beta testing! 

 Best wishes, 

Tyler, Nigel, and Rob

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    1. Creator Joe on May 29, 2013


    2. Creator H. Elwood Gilliland III on May 28, 2013

      "any backer over $10 may submit data to be stored in info nodes throughout the ship" please elaborate

    3. Creator Jack on May 27, 2013

      Congrats, dudes! Can't wait to play.

    4. Creator paperBigfoot on May 27, 2013

      Rob /Tyler / Nigel,
      Congratulations to each of you on a very promising project! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished game!

      ~Mark~ Paper Bigfoot

    5. Creator Erik Pede on May 27, 2013

      Gratz! =)
      Would have liked to see more money collected to get a Sony version, but hey... you just can't have everything. =P