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Join us in a retro sci-fi adventure! Battle your way through slime and angry robots in a desperate attempt to save ship and crew!
Created by

Robert Maher

511 backers pledged $10,987 to help bring this project to life.

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New ports for Rex Rocket!

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Greetings backers!

We now have playable Mac and Linux builds of Rex Rocket! They are available through Steam as well as Humble Bundle! We have to thank Ethan Lee for doing the ports for us using FNA an amazing cross-desktop-platform solution.

The iPad version is currently undergoing the last stages of testing and should be ready very soon. Last but not least, we've been hard at work on our second game, Blossom Tales!

In case you didn't hear the news, FDG Entertainment has decided to fund us so it's happening! You can check out a daily stream of Rob and Tyler working on this colorful adventure here:

Thanks again backers!
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Oregon Trail in outter space?!? If that sounds like your thing then, check out this awesome project from the folks over at Schell games!

Toejam and Earl is finally back!

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Hello backers! 

We’ve got a few things to cover, but first….some amazing news!!! We’re excited to announce that FDG Entertainment has agreed to fund the development of Blossom Tales and a second game we’re planning called Holo City! It’s hard to put into words just how surreal this feels for us, especially after the failed Kickstarter campaign, but we’re incredibly excited that you’ll all still get to go on Lily’s vibrant adventure soon. : ) 

We could also use plenty of volunteers to beta test Rex Rocket for iPad and Mac. We only have room for 1,000 testers so please send us your e-mail if you’re interested! Note: only for iPad and Mac, not iPhone, iTouch, etc. 

Lastly, those who pledged enough to receive the signed hard copy of Rex Rocket can expect those in the mail soon as we've already shipped them!

Holo City
Holo City

Thanks again to all of you! More Blossom Tales news coming soon. ;) 

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Support our next project Blossom Tales!


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Our next project!

Greetings backers!  

It's been a while since you've heard from us but we hope you've been enjoying Rex Rocket! We love that people are having a blast completing the game, collecting the optional secret upgrades, and even attempting speed runs. The Steam discussion forums is pretty active so check it out if you need help or just want to chat about the game. Also, those of you who pledged enough for the signed DVD Hard Copy of the game can expect them soon as we're putting them in the mail this week.  

Lastly, we're excited to announce that we will be launching another Kickstarter campaign to help fund our next game project, Blossom Tales! It will be another retro-inspired title but this time in the vein of classic ARPG's like A Link To The Past and Secret of Mana. You can check out the Kickstarter page here: 

This game can't happen without your support so please check out the KS page and help us out! : D

Rex Rocket Rewards!


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