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Strap in for the ride of your life in this fast-paced Formula 1 simulation that plays 2-4 drivers in under 60 minutes!
Strap in for the ride of your life in this fast-paced Formula 1 simulation that plays 2-4 drivers in under 60 minutes!
164 backers pledged $17,712 to help bring this project to life.

Track PDFs plus Abu Dhabi


Hello racers,

We are releasing scaled up versions of the CFR tracks (to better accommodate the size of the F1 miniatures) via PDFs here:

As a bonus, we have included a brand new track: Abu Dhabi!  

Happy racing!  

The Jolly Roger Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      J Mann on May 19, 2017

      Apparently Jolly Roger Games feels they can ignore us now that they have our money.

    2. Michael Polcen on May 11, 2017

      @Mark. Doug has lots of tracks he's developed over the years but they are not marked up for historical drivers. I can imagine that's a complicated & timely process. If you just want the plain track pdf's, go here:

    3. Mark Wukas on May 9, 2017

      Please convert more of Doug's tracks.

    4. Missing avatar

      J Mann on April 25, 2017

      If the PDFs are an interim measure until they can provide larger boards or smaller cars to all KS backers, then I would agree with you. They have done nothing to indicate that the PDFs are an interim measure. @JollyRogerGames - Please give us one more update clearly stating whether or not new boards or cars will be provided.

    5. Robert J. Finamore on April 25, 2017

      There are certainly some disappoints in the components, i.e. the incorrect board/car sizing and the lack of promised pre-paints on the expansion cars; however, the game is complete and playable out of the box, (and it is a great game). IMHO, you would have zero chance of proving fraud in this case.

      I was the one who originally suggested they provide the track PDFs and I am glad they offered up that option as some folks are taking advantage. I am not saying the publisher shouldn't do more to rectify the situation, but this is a step in the right direction.

    6. Missing avatar

      J Mann on April 25, 2017

      Whether or not you have "the means and desire", $115 plus shipping was SUPPOSED to buy a complete game with appropriate boards and game pieces. Fraud?

    7. Robert J. Finamore on April 25, 2017

      No one is forcing you to pay to get the tracks reprinted. This is just an option for those with the means and desire.

      The track sizing is an annoyance, but the game is still playable out of the box.

    8. Missing avatar

      J Mann on April 24, 2017

      After paying $115 plus shipping for this game, I should not have to pay another $70 - $100 for properly sized tracks.

    9. Robert J. Finamore on April 23, 2017

      You can upload these and order them from at a reasonable cost. I created new PDFs with a full bleed (so there is no white border around the edges). You can get 4 tracks (the 3 undersized tracks + Abu Dhabi) printed for a total of about $70 (plus sales tax if applicable to you) on 24" x 36" matte paper. Glossy paper will bring the total cost up to about $100 for all four.

    10. David B on April 22, 2017

      I printed the tracks out on our pretty nice photo plotter onto glossy photo paper. They are a good amount bigger than original boards.

      This is the original mounted board on top of the 100% printed track:

      Here are the car minis placed on the printed track of Monza just after the start:

      And here is a more macro look at the same thing:

    11. Robert J. Finamore on April 21, 2017

      Another recommendation to the publisher. I know some folks would rather have right-sized miniatures than bigger boards. You must have 3D models of the cars that were used for manufacture. Why not see if you can shrink the models down by 25%, tweak for 3D printing if needed, and post them up on Shapeways for purchase at cost? I have seen other miniature cars available there printed in plastic in sets of 10 for $12-$13.

    12. Robert J. Finamore on April 21, 2017

      Another option that should be cheaper is to print the track at home as a poster tiled on multiple letter sized sheets. In the Adobe Print dialogue, chose Tile Large Pages with 100% scaling. You have the option to choose the overlap you want on the pages and have the ability to also include cut marks. It will then print across 9 letter sized sheets. If you use full sized label stock (e.g. Avery 8165), you can then just cut and piece together the track on a large piece of cardboard of poster board. More work, less cost.

    13. Mark Wukas on April 15, 2017

      @John: I took it to Staples, a U.S. chain that sells office supplies and will do poster and banner work (in addition to regular copying jobs). I have to say that my $60 was well spent. The map is gorgeous AND with a laminate on it, well, wow! Further, the increased size of Abu Dhabi means plenty of room for cars, i.e., no cramming into turns. I hope Jolly Roger will release more tracks of the same quality. For those who don't care, Doug has posted a lot of courses to Happy racing. I'm loving this game.

    14. Missing avatar

      john Rees on April 15, 2017

      Thanks Mark
      I have however learnt a bit more about Mac preview as a consequence. For those equally ignorant :-
      1 Tools
      2 Show Inspector
      (check that 1screen pixel to 1 image pixel is 100% definition in preferences)

      They are all slightly different, as mark says Abu is 24.9" by 32.49"
      The others are 21.4 - 21.56" by 32.4 - 32.49"

      I haven't checked the cost here yet(UK), I fear that a decent production will be just as costly

    15. Missing avatar

      J Mann on April 14, 2017

      $60 to print ONE track...

    16. Mark Wukas on April 14, 2017

      Thank you! More tracks, please!

      I have just left Staples, where the good folks there are printing Abu Dhabi and mounting it on particle board (@ $60). The PDF file is 24"x32" or something huge like that.

      Now, if I could buy driver decks 9-12 and four more speed decks, I'd be a happy guy? Possible?

    17. Missing avatar

      john Rees on April 13, 2017

      Would someone be able to confirm the size of the boards when printed at 100%, are they the same dimensions as the original boards in the game.

    18. David Siskin
      on April 13, 2017

      I would still like to be able to get these tracks professionally made and mounted. Making these files available for us is a nice step, but I don't believe most of your potential customers will be interested in printing their own tracks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kevin W Keller on April 11, 2017

      How much will it cost me to print these 5 tracks? And will a print place print them without authorization.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike Hoyt on April 11, 2017

      Ok, checking track plans at F1 and looking at the courses on GoogleEarth, Abu Dahbi and Bahrain are pretty similar, I'll be able to make it through the weekend using the Bahrain track


    21. Missing avatar

      Glenn Dean on April 11, 2017

      I'm glad you're doing something, but I confess I'm disappointed. Giving us something we have to source and print for ourselves to compensate for producing a product at the wrong size is pretty weak.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Hoyt on April 11, 2017

      That straight at Abu Dhabi is 19 spaces long! And 3 wide. Oh, we be doing some slip-stream slingshoting now!

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike Hoyt on April 11, 2017

      THANK YOU! This helps.

      Are these available to those who are buying the retail version? If so, strongly suggest you jump on BGG and say so, maybe even start a new thread. Car vs Track size is the number one concern and this will help a lot.

      Also, what are the plans for additional tracks? The real genius in this is the HD system and the more tracks we can get with that coding the better. (Think Doug could churn them out in advance of each running of F1 this year?...Ok, fantasy scenario, but one hell of a marketing opportunity. Bahrain is up this weekend!)

      Thank you to Doug, UltraPro and all my fellow Backers for making this game a reality. Let's be careful to not let the relatively minor concerns overshadow what an accomplishment this is. I'm very grateful to have this on my table

    24. Jolly Roger Games Creator on April 11, 2017

      The Abu Dhabi track has been updated so that the preview will no longer show Monte Carlo.

    25. Missing avatar

      J Mann on April 11, 2017

      @JollyRogerGames - Thanks for the fast reply.

      @Mark Wukas - As JRG said, it only appears that way in the preview. If you download it and open the downloaded file it appears correct.

    26. Jolly Roger Games Creator on April 11, 2017

      @J Mann, yes, if you print the files at 100% the tracks will be large enough for the cars.

      @ Mark Wukas, for some reason the Monte Carlo track showed up on the preview for the Abu Dhabi track file but when we printed it here it was no longer present. We are looking into this now.

    27. Ron Emch on April 11, 2017

      What the heck are we supposed to do with these?

    28. Missing avatar

      J Mann on April 11, 2017

      @JollyRogerGames - Thanks. If I put the files on a USB drive and take it to UPS, Fedex or someplace to have them printed should I instruct them to print at 100% or some other percentage in order for the track spaces to be large enough for the cars?

    29. Harold Coleman on April 11, 2017

      I appreciate the effort, but I would rather have scaled down versions of the cars that fit the tracks. I may resort to using Formula D cars.

    30. Mark Wukas on April 11, 2017

      I can download, but Monte Carlo prints in the middle of the Abu Dhabi track. I don't get this at all.

    31. Missing avatar

      Berthold72 on April 11, 2017

      Thank you for the files. The download works for me.

    32. Jolly Roger Games Creator on April 11, 2017

      Please retry the link. It should be working fine now.

    33. Robert J. Finamore on April 11, 2017

      I was able to access the files via the link on my iPhone and download to my own Dropbox. I don't know of it matters that I have my own Dropbox account.

    34. Missing avatar

      john Rees on April 11, 2017

      Hello Chaps
      I get an access not granted message from dropbox via

    35. Kevin Trippel on April 11, 2017

      Anybody able to download this file. I get an error saying owner has not granted me permission to download.