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We're AirGlow, we're a few bronies that enjoy making great apps for everyone! We need some funds to get us started on making games.

We love making games. We want to be able to give everypony an absolutely superawesomazing playing our games. Fun should belong to everypony, regardless of platform or age. AirGlow Labs is made up of a only 3 high schoolers: Sam, Eric and Ethan, known on the internet as Pringle64, Nitrouspony, and Swirlz respectively.

It started only 2 years ago. We were all in the 8th grade, excited for the new summer.  We liked playing games on our phones. Mainly our iPhones. I had the idea of making an app for iPhone, we all agreed. We spent our summer investing in programs for developing on iPhone, but we had barely any programming experience at all. We all kinda strayed away from the game concept until we discovered Flash.

Everyone's played flash games before: they can take an afternoon from you. So I thought: "Why don't we just make flash games?" So I downloaded the trial of Flash Professional CS5. I was opening a new project to see what I can do. Then I noticed a little icon that said "iPhone" I was very surprised. I opened it, and instantly knew we could make games. But then again, even Flash was slightly above our level. 

A few months later, one of my friends tried Flash again because he was bored, and surprisingly, he picked it up right away. We then had an idea for a game to make: Equestria Daily: the Game. We went to work. In under two months, Nitrouspony released a game "demo" on his DeviantArt. With that came a post about it on Equestria Daily. A lot of ponies came to play it, a lot more than we expected from a Flash game. For another two months, we went to optimize the game for mobile platforms; which needless to say, was not easy. Eventually it was done, and we released the game onto the Android Market, and App Store.

Equestria Daily: the Game -  Equestria Daily has gotten so many emails that they have come out into the real world to enslave us all. It's up to Cereal Velocity to stop them! He uses a pistol and machine gun to try and "delete" them.

Overall, this game was simply fun to make and great practice for all of us. 

Draco Chase - We have other games that we are working on right now. The only one that really has anything done past a concept is Draco Chase. It's a very simple 2D side scroller game. Unlike EqD: the Game, there are only 2 buttons, one for jumping, another for attack. The character is constantly running on an infinite stage. Certain combos on the controls make up special attacks. There is no story in this game, just simple fun and action.

However, at the moment, our current development platform, as aforementioned, is Adobe Flash. We all know quite well how wonderful that platform is: ESPECIALLY for mobile. A lot of the poor reviews for Equestria Daily: the Game was for that reason alone. We know it's time for another platform.

We're not making any money right now (we're all 3 still in high school) and we want to give everypony a better experience than Flash. We've decided that Unity 3D is the best bet for noobs like us, to deliver a cross-platform experience. But, mobile licenses are not cheap. But we did come across a website called that gives us a pretty hefty discount. Now we know we can make a game, there's no turning back. We want to an impact of some sort through the talents we have.

All funds will be put toward buying Unity 3D licenses: specifically the Unity Pro, iOS Pro, and Android Pro licenses. We've already tried Unity for Desktop, and it's perfect for us: We ask you to donate so we can afford the licenses. Thanks!


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