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Help me build my Angry Bird art car. Get a homemade Angry Bird. Keep your family and friends safe from those green pigs!

The good part.

This summer, I want to take my electric golf cart and turn it into a big, fuzzy, red Angry Bird to drive at Burning Man (and maybe around town, too).

It'll be covered in red fur, and will have eyes and a beak on the front. With proper funding, I'll install lights and a sound system to play the Angry Birds theme song, sound effects.... or whatever else suits the mood.

The better part.

On the back, I want to install a slingshot, and make a bunch of stuffed birds, so you can actually shoot the birds at buildings (and all those crazy green pigs!). So practice your aiming skills. You just might have the chance to show them off in real life!

The best part.

As a thank you for helping me fund this project, I want to give you something incredibly unique that's perfect for every obsessed Angry Birds fan. You could get handmade glass Angry Birds earrings. You could get a hand-sewn Angry Bird of your color choice (WAY cuter than the ones sold in stores). You could even get both and a whole day with the Angry Bird Art Car.... on the Playa, in the city, wherever, whenever! I will NOT be selling these lil' guys ever again, so this is the only place and time to get them.

Share with all the Angry Birds people you know.

Beg your parents and/or significant other to get you an Angry Bird.

Save the world from green pigs everywhere.

Please SHARE this on Facebook and anywhere else you think might help.

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    I will scream your name at the top of my voice whilst driving at full speed (5mph) across the playa.

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    I will name one of the stuffed Angry Birds that are going to the Playa after you.

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    Glass Angry Birds earrings or keychain (photos up soon!). Red Birds at the bottom (unless otherwise desired?), combined with black, yellow, white, and green beads.

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    Baby Birds! Custom-sewn, adorable little guys the color of your choice. Perfect for small children!

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    A 1 hour, life changing, crazy trip around BRC.

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    Custom-sewn Angry Bird. Color of your choice. See main project photo and movie for sample!

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    - Earrings or Keychain - Custom-sewn Angry Bird - A whole day and night at Burning Man (not Fri or Sat), or two days in the real world, to do whatever you want with the finished Angry Bird Art Car! No questions asked, as long as it comes back in one piece. : )

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