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As David and Sarah strive to have the relationship they've always dreamed of, they are forced to face the implications of the lives they've chosen. Read more

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As David and Sarah strive to have the relationship they've always dreamed of, they are forced to face the implications of the lives they've chosen.

Maria Mealla
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Greetings future friends and loved ones!

Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are Maria and Alejandro, two independent filmmakers lucky to live in the beautiful San Francisco. We met a little over a year ago, at a film co-op in the city (Scary Cow Productions). From our very first conversation, we became partners in film and crime. Truth is, both of us coming from small town backgrounds, arrived in this city by chance (fate perhaps?) at the same time, with the same goals and dreams, and feeling equally lost, yet with matching passion and determination. As story tellers, we quickly learned to stop talking over each other, and complement our work instead. We've made three shorts, they have been fun.

So we wanna make a movie. A long one this time. And we have a pretty good start.

The story:
Women and Cigarettes is a love story of two characters confronting social standards and judgements in completely different circle's of society. David, the middle son in a wealthy and successful family, supports himself as a door to door makeup salesman. He meets Sarah, an aspiring photographer, who supports herself as a stripper. Both fearful of judgement as they fall in love, find themselves entangled in a web of lies, rumors, and misconceptions that they must overcome if their love is strong enough to keep them together.

What we have:
*A finished script. And it's gooood.
*An amazing and talented production and post production team working for pure love of the art and food.
* Each other.

We had a very successful table reading on February 20th, got great feedback and made some excellent adjustments to the script. We are planning on a 5 week shoot, all of August and the first week of September. Right now, we are in the early stages of preproduction; location scouting, auditioning, scheduling, getting our shot list together... Things are going swimmingly.

What we need:
*Location fees.
*Equipment rental fees.
*Actors. Alive, well fed and sheltered.

This is where you come in. You get to help us tell the story. We have a tight team of passionate people who produce amazing work, but we need to make sure all of these costs are covered before we catapult ourselves into production. In exchange, you get to be updated and involved in a unique and personal way.

And on top of that I (Maria) and I (Alejandro) will love (yes, LOVE) you (uhuh baby) FOREVER.


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