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Defcon YUM! is a one a day gourmet internet bakery. Every day we offer one new item. We bake it fresh and ship it priority to you!

NEW REWARD UPDATE ($40, $70, $100)!

Check out the brand new Defcon YUM! dog tags! Available now at some new in-between reward tiers, you get two stainless-steel diamond-engraved dog tags and two 24" chains. One of the tags features Chewmee and the other says Defcon YUM! These are available at $40, $70 and $100 (Note: These are mockup images, not photographs of the final tags. The actual tags will look just like these, just less photoshopped! Also, the $100 tier doesn't list the tags because I can't edit it anymore, but at $100, you will get them! Backers at the $25 level can bump to $40, and backers at $60 can bump to $70 to get the tags. $100 backers get them as a bonus!)

Update: We FINALLY have a mockup of what the wristband will look like (to anyone who was confused by it being called a "wristlet", we are sorry!) Here is what we are thinking!

Update: We just launched the new website, where you can see all the cookies available currently! Check it out!

What is Defcon YUM! you ask? Clearly, you are not one for watching videos. Very well then. Defcon YUM! is the very first one-a-day internet bakery. Every day, one delicious gourmet pastry is for sale, and after that it is gone! All orders are baked by our highly trained engineers the next day, and shipped out to you via Priority Mail. Sorry, domestic only right now!

Popular items are likely to come back on future days, whereas failed experiments will be dropped! This freedom has allowed our engineers to create some fantastic pastries, such as these:

The Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie

Amazing cookies! Just as good as they look. - Mike

So good, regret only getting one batch! - Jason

It is by far my favorite cookie ever.. in all the world. - Cory

The Cinnamon Hazelnut Biscotti

I don't like biscotti usually, but these were delicious!! - Sarah

The Chocolate Overload Espresso Brownie

There was just the right amount of Espresso flavor. - Alan

These were delicious! Wished we ordered more! - Christina

These Brownies were bad ass! - Benin

And more! And more to come in the future! But we need your help!

In February 2012, Defcon YUM! opened the doors for a two week public trial period. There was no real marketing outside of word of mouth, as the trial was mostly to test the waters and the feasibility of the project. Things went far better than planned, and it was decided that Defcon YUM! could not open again until it was fully established for business and being run out of a real bakery.

For the past 5 months, Defcon YUM! engineers have searched tirelessly for a solution to this dilemma, and finally we have it! An affordable privately owned bakery has agreed to house the operation, and the process of incorporating the business is all underway. Now, we just need a little boost to get started. A little push.

Businesses cost money to operate, and Defcon YUM! is no exception. Up front costs such as incorporation fees, license fees, rent and supplies all hinder progress, and that is where you can help, my friend. $10,000 is the magic number, and if it can be raised, Defcon YUM! will be free to operate without worrying about these payments in our slow opening months. Your contributions will allow the cookies to flow unimpeded, and will help usher in a new age of tasty revolution!

Of course, your contributions will not go unnoticed. As you can see to the right, there are plenty of wonderful rewards for pledging to the cause. So please, look over there, pick a reward tier, and send us all your money!

Don't worry, it's a no risk setup.

Thanks to how Kickstarter works, you will only be charged if the entire goal is reached before the deadline. Otherwise, you keep all your money, and Defcon YUM! still goes into business, just at a slower and more careful rate. If the goal is hit, then its full steam ahead, everyone hop on the cookie train!

Please, go visit the website at for more info! 

Perhaps you should meet the engineers?

Regina Stanton - Baker, co-founder. Gina is an actual certified professional pastry chef. She has the hat and everything. Gina is in charge of the crazy complicated stuff at Defcon YUM!

Mike Stanton - Co-founder. Mike is in charge of many non-baking tasks like the website, marketing, buying and shipping. He has experience with the logistics of internet sales, and has been shipping original artwork from his website for the past 3 years. He also likes to eat the cookies.

Nicole Stanton - Baker, co-founder. A marine biologist by training, Nicole is the cookie specialist here at Defcon YUM! She dreams of one day being able to combine her two skills and sell cookies to fish at an underwater bakery.

So that's it. The good engineers at Defcon YUM! and myself want to bring the most delicious pastries you've ever tasted. We have a bakery. We have a timeline. We have a plan.

We want to offer you choice, freedom, originality and all those things. We want to be your shining cookie light in this time of great darkness. We want you to join us on this journey through the night. The skies darken, thunder crashes, and one lone cupcake stands in the rubble! Your hero! Your savior! Your - Oh, I'm sorry, are you still here? Well, go then, and know this...

The threat level is set to...


  • This is a problem we are trying hardest to solve. Unfortunately, our pastries are baked with the intention of you receiving them within 2-3 days. Currently, there isn't an international shipping option that will hit this timeline for a reasonable price, and we don't want to send you old cookies! We are working to find a solution though, promise!

    Last updated:
  • Once the project ends (September 9) we will survey all backers to find out what kind of cookies you want. They will be baked that week and sent right out to you! You can also choose to get some of your cookies then, and some of them as coupon codes to use when the site is live!

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  • Backers can choose batches (12 cookies) of the following: Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies, Chewy Lemon Snowball Cookies, Cinnamon Hazelnut Biscotti, Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Overload Espresso Brownies, Chewy Cracked Molasses Cookies, Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Hazelnut Crinkle Cookies. Backers at a high enough reward level get more than one batch and can mix and match batches!

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  • The prices of cookies in this Kickstarter are not representative of final sale costs. They are a bit higher so that we can actually save some of that money and use it to get things rolling, and we thank you!

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  • Prices vary slightly for different types of cookies, but during our trial period, a batch of cookies cost between $8 and $12. Shipping goes on top of that because we have to ship heavy cookies to you priority mail to make sure they get there in two days or so. Final prices are yet to be determined, as pricing and shipping procedures will be two things that require some tweaking to get right!

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    Limited edition Chewmee Defcon YUM! postcard, signed by the founders, and a big thanks on our website!

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    Limited edition founder wristlet. Only available to Kickstarter backers! +postcard

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    One batch of cookies from our beta selection (your choice) + wristlet, postcard

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    One batch of cookies from our beta selection (your choice) and two Defcon YUM! dog tags! + wristlet, postcard

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    Three batches of cookies from our beta selection (your choice of 3) + wristlet, postcard

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    Three batches of cookies from our beta selection (your choice of 3) and two Defcon YUM! dog tags! + wristlet, postcard

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    Six batches of cookies from our beta selection (your choice of 6) + wristlet, postcard

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    Work with Defcon YUM! to create a custom item! Help with the recipe, name and description, and get a free box whenever its sold, plus discount codes for your friends!

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    One year subscription! Every week, pick one upcoming item to have baked just for you, all prepaid!

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