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A non-profit, student-run food truck that promotes cultural understanding and diversity through food and film.

Your donations to this project are tax-deductible.

This year, 52 High Tech High sophomores, under the guidance of three teachers, have set out to start a non-profit, student-run food truck called Reel Delicious. Reel Delicious, however, offers more to the community than just delicious food. The truck will promote cultural understanding and diversity through food and film by serving international dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and by screening from the truck (via flat screen during the day and projector at night) original short and full length international films. Reel Delicious will serve up rich culinary and visual experiences to diverse audiences throughout San Diego, from high school students to film buffs and foodies. The truck will be run by students at High Tech High, a school that engages students in Project Based Learning (PBL), a model in which students think critically, communicate effectively, and work together to solve complex, real-world problems. In order to make this truck a reality, we need your help.

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Who We Are

 Meet the Students:

These creative and hardworking students have years of collective experience with Project Based Learning at High Tech High. High Tech High is a public charter school in San Diego, California that was founded in 2000 and designed to promote the development of academic, workplace, and citizenship skills that will serve students in college and a future career. High Tech High proudly serves a diverse student body, attracting students from all over San Diego County with an environment that is not only welcoming, but that also encourages collaboration, creativity, and innovation. High Tech High began with the original Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High, but now has expanded to 12 schools throughout San Diego. 

Meet the Teachers:

Liz, Patrick, and Daisy are three motivated teachers who wholeheartedly embrace Project Based Learning. This project is one of the most ambitious they have taken on, but they clearly see how it promotes the type of learning they strive for and are confident that these students have what it takes to accomplish their goal.

To learn more about High Tech High, go to

Truck Concept

The Reel Delicious concept originates from a desire to start a student-run food truck that accomplishes more than just serve delicious food.

To begin, Reel Delicious exposes customers to different cultures through our culinary creations. Our five signature dishes fuse the tastes of Latin American and Asian cuisines in honor of two of San Diego’s cultural showcases, the Latino and Asian Film Festivals. In addition to our signature dishes, Reel Delicious will serve two to three original dishes inspired by the particular film we are showing. All of these items will be made with quality organic locally sourced food to help ensure the freshness and exceptional taste of our dishes, minimize our impact on the planet, and to support local businesses. 

Furthermore, by showcasing thought-provoking shorts and full-length films, Reel Delicious will serve as a vehicle for promoting cultural understanding through the arts. As part of a film festival, a community event, or at a local high school, our screenings will aim to generate discussion and encourage, as well as support, artistic expression. In addition to our public screenings, we envision Reel Delicious serving as an educational tool for promoting media literacy at schools around San Diego and as a driving force in the creation of a student film festival.

While Reel Delicious is being created by us, 52 students who will eventually move on, graduate, and perhaps even start our own businesses, the truck will have a long-lasting life. Reel Delicious’ mission to promote cultural understanding through film and food will ensure that the truck will retain value as a community asset and that future generations of students can benefit from what we (with your support) have started.

 The Project So Far

We have spent months working towards this goal, and we are ready to take on this ambitious project. Paired with our unique and innovative concept, our preparation will ensure the success of Reel Delicious.

So far we've prepared ourselves in many ways. For example, we’ve:

  • Completed field research on the food truck industry in San Diego. See student work: CLICK HERE

  • Sourced ingredients from local farms

  • Reached out to community organizations to form alliances

  • Took a course on entrepreneurship 

  • Created a business plan with the help of local lawyers and accountants

  • Visited commissaries 

  • Consulted with chefs and restauranteurs

  • Started the screening process of eligible films

Community Partners

Reel Delicious, a project that will serve San Diegans, can only be accomplished with the support of the community.


The San Diego Latino Film Festival, MEDIA ARTS Center San Diego, Pacific Arts Movement, and Dauntless Generational lend their support for our efforts, seeing the true potential of this project as an educational tool and promoter of the arts and culture. Furthermore, we have begun to consider ways of collaborating to support one another’s efforts to promote art and culture throughout the city of San Diego. Through food and film, Reel Delicious will add something new and valuable to San Diego’s art scene and bring people together to experience culture and the arts in a new way.



Likewise, we have received a warm welcome from the San Diego food truck community. A heartfelt thanks to the 18 food trucks that welcomed students to learn what it takes to start and run a successful food truck: Stuffed, Green Go, Recess, Devilicious, Chubby’s, God Save the Cuisine, Mangia Mangia, New York on Rye, Calbi, Crepes Bonaparte, Mariscos El Pescador, Mariscos El Prieto, Mariscos La Sirena, Mariscos German, 9 Seas, Mariscos y Tacos El Kiki, and the Limón Food Truck. A special thank you to Christian Murcia, owner of Curbside Bites, Crepes Bonaparte, and Calbi,and Cruz Vasquez, President of the Food Truck Association of San Diego and owner of Mariscos El Pescador, who helped us to coordinate these efforts and who have lent us their support as we move forward with the project.


Furthermore, Reel Delicious will also support local businesses and positively impact the community by locally sourcing food items for our truck.  Currently, we are working with Stehly Farms, a long-time San Diego business that specializes in high quality organic produce.  Locally sourced foods are an important aspect of this project because they enable us to have an even bigger impact on our community. Using local produce and quality meat helps not only the local economy, but also the environment by preventing habitat loss, water pollution, and automobile use. A special thanks to Nick Brune from Eco Caters who helped guide our thinking in how to start a food business with locally sourced, organic ingredients.


The music committee set out to create partnerships with bands who would be interested in having their music in our videos. The Fu were kind enough to let us use their song We Say Hallo in our Kickstarter video.

The Fu Music:

Jacob and Josh Fu are brothers that love making videos, writing original music, singing covers, and working with their YouTuber friends. They originated in Georgia, and recently moved to Los Angeles. Most of their work is on YouTube! You can check out their channel here:  and their website here:


High Tech High
High Tech High

Our school’s business office has made arrangements to properly handle your donations.  High Tech High is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization, so your contributions to our project will be tax-deductible as allowable by law. 

We continue to seek additional partners in any of these fields. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please email


Reaching our goal to raise  $35,000  will allow us to buy a completely functional, fully outfitted, used food truck. When we raise this amount, we can begin bringing delicious food and great film to San Diego. That said, we hope to exceed our goal so that we can offer even more to our customers in less time.  What would we be able to do with additional funds? Please see our Stretch Goals. 

Stretch Goals

If we exceed our goal of $35,000, we will use the additional funds to bring more to our community at a faster pace and to improve the features on our food truck. For example, we aim to use the truck as a driving force to develop a student run film festival as well as a media literacy curriculum, both of which will require capital to develop and promote. Both endeavors will then serve to inspire and promote the arts to a larger student population in San Diego.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

One challenge Reel Delicious will face is navigating the various rules and regulations for operating a food truck in San Diego. While we’ve conducted extensive research on the food truck industry, the recent expansion in the market has resulted in shifting and increasing policies and restrictions with which we’ll have to keep in compliance. While our whole class has already received our Food Handler’s permits and one of our teachers has received their Food Manager’s Certification, other regulations, such as meeting the California Retail Food Code requirements, can sometimes become a complicated and lengthy process.

Despite these possible risks, we are confident that we will be able to overcome all these challenges with our focus, determination, and resourcefulness. Furthermore, our financial and legal advisors at High Tech High have been of great assistance in ensuring we are proceeding within a sound legal and financial framework.


  • The “Reel” refers to a movie reel, and the “Delicious” refers to the fact that our food is delicious, of course! Our name includes both of our focuses: food and film!

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  • After this year, we will train younger students to run the food truck. After we graduate, we will promote them, and the cycle will continue! We also hope that the media literacy campaign that we started with Reel Delicious will continue to grow and educate people. We also plan to eventually start an High Tech High student film festival, which will continue after our class graduate.

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  • For movies after dark, we will use a projector to project films onto walls and for movies during the day, we will have screens mounted on the truck.

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  • The different committees that worked on this project were: Legal, Logo and Design, Docuwebsite, Finances, Kickback Pledges, Public Relations and Media, Cooking and Recipe Development, Film Crew (and Music subgroup), and Food Storage and Sourcing. Later in the project an Exhibition committee was also established to prepare for our school exhibition.

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  • “Not an option.” - Daisy Sharrock and Liz Perry

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